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Payment methods available at NZ online casinos

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It is definitely worth knowing what payment methods your casino offers. Beforehand, you must know what payment providers are available to players from New Zealand, how they work, and what you need to know to pick the best ones for you. We’ll help you learn all about the payment providers that are available, so next time you are searching for a new casino, you will know what to look for payment-wise and how to spot the best suited for you as a player.

One of the most overlooked elements of New Zealand online casinos is the payment providers that they offer. While a casino might offer loads of games and great bonuses, if there is not an easy way to get money in and out of your account, making the process elongated, or they do not offer a broad enough selection that can work for you, then your experience could end up being very frustrating.


paypal payment method

PayPal is a payment provider that is big in the casino world and for many other online services. Launching back in 1998, it has established itself as the quintessential payment service online, outside of credit or debit cards. Whether you are looking to buy food, clothes, book flights, or anything else online, you will often find the PayPal symbol there to help you. With this considered, you may already be familiar with them, and many of you reading this may already have an account with them. In this case, PayPal would be the ideal option for you as it would be an easy transition to using them at online casinos, with an account already set up, in place, and ready to fund your casino experiences.

However, even if you do not already have an account at PayPal, the beauty of the service is that it is so simple to get started and use that you would have no trouble getting going. First, you only need to head to their site and register your details on their platform. Then you can choose from one of three options to use your service. You can either link the account to a card or connect an account to your existing bank account, and PayPal will operate a direct connection between these and the casino you are trying to fund. Alternatively, you can charge your PayPal account via alternative means or even be paid directly into it. Then you can use your PayPal balance to store and withdraw funds and use the PayPal account directly.

One of the biggest perks of the service is just how easy it is to use. You get much versatility from using the service, and it is super-fast to conduct transactions.  Not only this, but it is free to use and very secure. Some transactions are even insured, so if in the unlikely account that something goes wrong, in some cases, you can still claim your money back. Another perk is that with just one PayPal account, you can fund many different areas of your life with just one service. The only downside is that finding PayPal at New Zealand Casinos is a bit hit-and-miss, and there is no guarantee that you will find it at all casinos. The main ones, though, will usually have it as one of their options.


poli payment method

POLi essentially is like the Oceania version of PayPal. The firm launched in Australia in 2006 In Australia and is now considered the leading debit service in the nation. It, of course, spread quickly to New Zealand too and is equally popular there. The platform is used in the country by everyone from government agencies to airlines, and online retailers.

The nature of the platform is one that eliminates the need for a credit or debit card and makes them a great alternative for people out there who do not possess them. Instead, it is linked directly to your bank account. When you make a transaction via POLi, the system will automatically bridge the gap between the casino and your bank account and you will be able to complete it in a little time of 60 seconds, with the transaction being completed in just 5 steps. 

The service is available to use for most New Zealand-based banks, is free to use, and is supported by most modern services, giving you carte blanche to use it on your phone, laptop or tablet, while also being super secure and safe to use. There have been a few controversies in the past about POLi, mostly due to its use to enable illegal gambling.  However, as long as you ensure your casino is legitimate and you have read reviews that provide an honest reflection on the casino and can confirm it is trustworthy, then POLi only serves as a way to facilitate your day-to-day casino transactions in a much more fluid, secure and straightforward method.


paysafecard payment method

One of the best and most widely available alternatives to using a bank account or card online is a Paysafecard. These little beauties mean that you can, essentially, fund your online casino account with cash and are ideal for those of you own there that are very security conscious and don’t live sharing personal and financial details online.

The way a Paysafecard is essentially the same as a cash voucher and just as easy to use. All you need to do is head out and find your local Paysafecard retailer, with them available at most major supermarkets, convenience stores and various other real-world locations. You then just buy a card worth the value that you want to fund your casino account with via any means you prefer. You have the option to buy cards offering the value of:

  • 10 NZ$
  • 15 NZ$
  • 20 NZ$
  • 25 NZ$
  • 30 NZ$
  • 50 NZ$
  • 100 NZ$.

Once you have chosen the value you wish to fund your account with, you then log onto your favourite casino and direct yourself over to the cashier section of the website and choose the Paysafecard option. On the back of your card, there will be a unique code that you enter and when you do so the funds will be transferred from the card onto your casino account and you will be ready to play. That’s all there is to it.

Of course, the Paysafecard is one that has lots of benefits, but also some disadvantages to it too. The first major issue is that you can’t withdraw using the card, so you will have to find another alternative to get money out of your account, which means you will essentially need to use an alternative banking method for this.

Secondly, you are limited to the confines of 10-100 dollars to fund your account so if you are looking to play with more you will need to use two cards.

And thirdly, of course, it is less convenient as every time you want to fund your account you have to go out and find your local retailer.

However, the lack of convenience can be a benefit as it means you can better manage your bankroll and stick to the value of the card you use. While also, it is the most secure way to fund your account as there is no banking attached to the system, with at most you could ever lose the value of the card alone, and your banking systems will never be compromised. What’s more, is that Paysafecards are one of the most widely found payment methods at online casinos. Pretty much every online casino will offer this as an option and so it means wherever you sign up at, you could use this as an option.


neteller payment method

Another very frequently found option at online casinos is Neteller and this, like Paysafecard, will be found at practically every casino online, as well as loads of other retailers too. Known as an e-wallet, it is one of the most recognizable brands at online casinos and its core market is definitely casinos. This has targeted its area of online financing for much of its 20-year history and shortly after its launch in 2000, it was processing payments for over 85% of the casino and betting operators in the world.

What you need to do in order to use Neteller is that you use your bank account or debit card to fund your Neteller account, and when you will have a Neteller balance which you can then use to get money in and out of your casino directly, with both deposits and withdrawals available to conduct via the provider. As opposed to cards from your bank account, there are 40 other ways to fund your account and then store funds ready for when you want to use it to play casino games.

Neteller uses 128-bit encryption technology, which means that security is of the highest standard and you are never at risk of fraudulent behaviour when you use the service. The platform is also one of the quickest ways by which to add money and withdraw money from your online casino. However, this comes at a price as you will need to pay between 1% to 5% of the amount you deposited to Neteller for the privilege. This is a considerable fee, but it goes towards usability and peace of mind.  Often, using Neteller may exclude you from bonuses.


skrill payment method

Another widely found and big-name e-wallet is Skrill. This provider works in essentially the same way as Neteller and in fact, the two, who were formerly competitors, have been owned by the same company now for several years.

With this considered, then much of their service is interchangeable and whichever one you use, will provide you essentially the same service. Although Skrill would be considered to be a bit more wide-reaching as opposed to Neteller and can be used to serve many more of your needs outside of gambling too, which is, of course, a good thing. There is also a Skrill Premium service that can award you a few more benefits also.

Again, the biggest perks are the very fast service that will get your money in and out of your account in some of the fastest times available at online casinos. An additional benefit is as long as your account is continuously active, the service is free to use. However, if your account stagnates then you might incur fees of around $3 monthly. As is the case with Neteller though, using Skrill can mean you become exempt from bonus deals offered by casinos.


As opposed to these, there are several others that you might find online. Most commonly, the option for Visa or Mastercards, but some people feel uneasy using these options.

This comes down to you as a customer, but PayPal is likely the most tried and trusted and all-inclusive service. However, it is not as widely available as some of the others, so you will be limited in casino choice.

Online casinos already use high-quality encryption software and instil strict security protocols. These pretty much guarantee your account will not be compromised. With this considered, the payment provider you choose will simply provide higher levels of peace of mind and convenience.


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