Updated Updated: August 6, 2023

Blackjack free online with real money in NZ

Updated Updated: August 6, 2023

Blackjack online pretty much synonymous with casinos and ever since the online casino world erupted at the turn of the millennium, the online blackjack crowd has grown and grown. It’s one of those games that you can just sit down and play and due to its popularity, you can easily find free games and real money games across the internet.

Play blackjack online in NZ

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It’s our mission at Betpal to give you all the inside information and basic knowledge about online casinos. This particular blackjack strategy guide has been written with the online version of the game in mind. We’ll be looking at all the popular types of online blackjack games available in New Zealand and we’ll also be offering our expert advice on rules, playing tips, bonuses, and everything in between.

It’s a full in-depth blackjack guide that will you more confidence for when you next step up to the blackjack table, whether on your own or at one of the many live dealer games available at the top NZ online casinos. So, let’s jump in and start with the origins of blackjack and what the game is all about.

Blackjack online – overview

The game of blackjack, or a game that resembles the blackjack we know today, dates back to the 17th century and is an old Spanish tale. It’s hard for historians to pinpoint an exact date and some people have even found links dating back to France and even the ancient Egyptians, so the true history of the game is a little blurry.

For now, I think we can all agree that the game has been around for many centuries and it eventually made its way to the casinos of the USA and then the rest of the world.

One thing we do know is that the game is now loved across New Zealand but what does the game itself entail? How can we win money from it? We all want to know how to consistently win at blackjack, so let’s take a closer look.

How to play free online blackjack

Many players opt to play free blackjack games before they play with real money and we fully support this idea.

Even experienced blackjack players learned their skills and tested out strategies on these free games first, before going to play with their hard-earned money.

It makes complete sense and especially if you’re interested in playing any of the variants of the game. Understanding the rules first will give you the confidence to play with real money later on.

You can even find these free-to-play blackjack games for pure enjoyment, no need to deposit, no need to sign up to a casino, and no need to hand over any personal information.

  • No registration or sign up details
  • No risk to your own money
  • Practice and learn the basic blackjack strategy
  • Perfect for casual entertainment
  • You can’t win real cash prizes
  • No access to bonuses and promotions
  • Not all variants of blackjack are available in free mode

Where can you play online blackjack NZ for free?

You can play free online blackjack at any of the following NZ casino sites, remember that you can also make good use of the basic blackjack strategy as well.

It’s a great way to understand how this strategy works and how you can keep that all-important low house edge intact when you do play for real money.

Players can also enjoy playing blackjack socially and the best online blackjack app available at the moment has got to be the Online Blackjack Multiplayer app. For now, we are all about the online casino sites in New Zealand and here are our top three sites for you.

Nz online casino offering free blackjack

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How to play real money blackjack

Playing for real money on the online blackjack tables is for those players looking to win real cash prizes. In fact, the prizes available can be huge if you play progressive blackjack games.

But what else can you gain from playing real money games? First of all, you can claim big bonuses to boost your bankroll, not to mention all the regular deals and offers that paying players receive at online NZ casinos.

Players also get access to the full range of blackjack collections including the live dealer games that offer a full live casino atmosphere.

  • Lots of cash prizes to be won
  • New player promotions and blackjack bonuses
  • More variants to play and enjoy
  • Live dealer blackjack available to real money players
  • A risk to loose your money
  • T&Cs connected to blackjack bonuses
  • Faster games means you need bankroll management

Where can you play online real-money blackjack in NZ?

The list of casinos available to online New Zealand players has grown in the last few years and so we’ve made it our mission to pick out the best ones.

We hope our hard work enables you to quickly pick out your casino of choice, a casino that you can trust and enjoy the best blackjack games at.

If you’re looking for big bonuses then we also review all the best new player deals that allow blackjack wagering, so keep on reading to find out the sites that we recommend at Betpal, your official online blackjack NZ playing expert:

Best NZ sites to play online blackjack with real money

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Advantages and disadvantages of online blackjack


✅Fast Games: Online blackjack games are a lot quicker and so if you’re looking for as much blackjack action as possible, online is the place to play. Players get a time limit on most online games and so you don’t have to sit around waiting for people to decide. Online games are a lot more fluid and you can expect to play around 200 games per hour on average compared to around 50 per hour offline.

Blackjack Bonuses: One of the biggest advantages of playing online is the huge number of bonuses available to players. From new player sign-ups to the regular monthly deals designed to keep your blackjack bankroll topped up. Many online casinos offer bonuses tailored towards table games, so playing at blackjack-friendly casinos can make a huge difference to your playing experience and more importantly, your casino bankroll.

✅Favourable Rules: The online casino world can afford to relax its overall rules slightly due to lower overheads and the fiercely competitive market. By shopping around, you can find favourable blackjack rules to take advantage of. The rule to always remember is that you should always opt for 3:2 payout games and whenever possible, you should be choosing this over the 6:5 payout games.


Higher Loss Rate: Due to more games being played per hour you are prone to losing more money. Using the basic blackjack strategy will allow you to reduce this amount but the best way to keep your overall loss rate down is to create your own money management strategy. Play with money you can afford to lose and walk away when you reach your personal calculated loss limit.

Wagering requirements: Free bonus money is very rarely 100% free and this is due to the terms and conditions connected to the bonus. You can find player-friendly T&Cs but you will be looking at roughly 30x to 50x wagering requirements on average.

If you multiply this by the bonus amount and take into the average blackjack game contribution wagering, you can start to see the bigger picture. Bonus money should be thought of as increasing your blackjack fun and not as a clear way to win more money from the game.

Blackjack, strategies & consistency

blackjack live dealer

The aim of the game in Blackjack is to finish with a ‘21’ hand before the dealer, this guarantees a win for you, or a hand as high as possible without going bust (over 21).

You reach 21 with the use of the cards you are dealt and all the cards in the deck represent values, which we will look into in more detail later on in this guide.

The crucial detail about blackjack is that it comes with a low house edge and this makes it appealing to players everywhere. The lower the house edge, the more chance you have of winning.

Playing online blackjack is all about practice and forming a solid understanding of what you should and shouldn’t do with the cards that you hold. With the use of the blackjack basic strategy, you can get yourself up to a level of playing that gives you a great chance of success.

As with all casino games, there is no guarantee of winning every time but follow our guide and you’ll gain more consistency at the table consistency is hugely important in a casino game like this.

Types of blackjack games

Classic Blackjack: The most popular type of blackjack played with 1-8 decks and offers one of the lowest house edges in the blackjack collection.

European Blackjack: Played with two decks and the dealer does not reveal his second card until the player makes his decision on how to play.

Atlantic City Blackjack: Played with eight decks and the dealer stands on a soft 17. Players can also split their cards up to a total of three times.

Progressive Blackjack: Similar rules to Classic Blackjack with an additional bet to be in with a chance of winning the progressive jackpot.

Blackjack Switch: Players get to play two hands at the same time with the chance to switch the top cards of each hand to improve their chances.

Perfect Blackjack: Typical blackjack card game rules but with an additional side bet that pays out if the player or dealer lands a perfect pair of suited cards.

Live Blackjack: Play along with a professional dealer in a live casino atmosphere streamed straight into your computer or mobile device. Multiple variants of the game are available.

Blackjack Rules

How to play Blackjack Step By Step

  1. Making A Bet: To make a bet on blackjack, you need to select the chip amount and then place it on the table. You can mix chips to make your desired bet amount and then hit DEAL to begin the game.
  1. Single or Multi-Hand: Online blackjack gives you a lot of variety and one of the biggest features includes the multi-hand game that allows you to play multiple hands in one betting round. Or, you can just stick to the single-hand round and play the traditional way.
  1. Card Values: The card values are simple to understand and can be described as so:
    • Picture cards are worth 10 points
    • Ace cards can be worth either 1 or 10
    • All other cards are worth their face value
  1. Busting: Busting occurs when you exceed the card value of 21 and this can only happen if you decide to hit and take a third card. You can’t go bust from your initial two-card hand.
  1. Hit & Stand: The two main options after your initial cards are hit and stand. Hit is when you want to take another card and stand is when you are happy with your original cards.

Advanced Rules & Tips

The basic game for beginners is only based around the hit and stand actions but there are many more actions available to you, depending on the type of game you are playing. Here are the most common options:

  • Split
  • Double Down
  • Surrender
  • Side Bets
  • Insurance
  • 21+3
  • Perfect Pair 


No, the much-talked-about card counting technique can not be used online at all, it simply does not work due to the RNG factor of the online casino game design.

The one thing you should always remember as a beginner is to follow the blackjack basic strategy. By doing this you will ensure that you have the best chances of winning.

No, the live blackjack casino games are not rigged at licensed and regulated casinos. This is why we demand that you only sign to licensed casinos as this will ensure that you will always play fair and legal games.

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