Updated Updated: August 16, 2023


Updated Updated: August 16, 2023
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Neteller casinos – a list of New Zealand sites accepting Neteller payments

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Neteller is one of the most frequently used payment methods at online casinos. Over the years, this sleek e-wallet has become a standard option, and you’ll find very few casino sites that don’t offer Neteller.

On this page, we have a closer look at the pros and cons this payment method offers, and how Neteller fares against the competition. Read on to find out everything worth knowing about Neteller.

What is Neteller?

Neteller is an online payment service provider allowing businesses and individuals to make fast and secure payments and transfers through the internet. In other words, we’re talking about an e-wallet. And Neteller happens to be one of the biggest ones around.

Neteller was founded in 1999 and is owned and operated by Paysafe Financial Services Limited. The company is regulated by the FCA, which means that the company maintains the highest standards when it comes to security standards and Anti-Money Laundering protocols.

Since its inception in 1999, Neteller has grown rapidly and placed itself among the top players in the industry. Today, the company offers its services in a wide range of countries and currencies. Neteller offers efficient online payment solutions to both private persons and businesses and offers competitive fees and an excellent user interface.

How to use Neteller at an online casino?

Using Neteller at an online casino is quite easy. The first thing you need to do is create an account. To register an account, you need to visit the Neteller website. From there, click Join for free to start.

You’ll be asked for personal details such as your name and e-mail address. Neteller will also ask for your address and phone number. The registration process shouldn’t take more than a minute, and when you’re done, you’ll immediately receive your SecureID – a unique six-digit code that you’ll need to make online payments.

Once your account is set up and good to go, deposit your money and you can start making online payments. You deposit money into your Neteller account using a bank account or a credit or debit card. You can also deposit funds from other e-wallets and a wide range of alternative payment methods. 

The general flat fee for uploading funds to your Neteller account is 2.5%, which is significantly more than competitors like Skrill. On the Neteller website, you can find a chart displaying the fees of all available payment options.

Once your account is loaded with cash, proceed to your favourite casino and make a deposit. Here’s how you do it:

  • Go to the casino and click the payment page
  • Choose Neteller
  • Choose the amount you’d like to deposit
  • Confirm by entering your Neteller e-mail account and the Secure ID

Once you’ve verified the transaction the funds will be immediately available in your casino account.

Sending and receiving money with Neteller

When you send money to other Neteller accounts or any other account for that matter, there’s a flat fee of 1.45%. You should also keep in mind that the minimum fee is $0.50 (USD).

There are, however, no fees when you receive funds from a merchant. In other words, any withdrawals you make from your casino account to your Neteller wallet are completely free of charge.

Once the money is in your Neteller account, it gets a bit trickier. Neteller offers a few different withdrawal options, but not a single one is free of charge. These are the methods and their associated fees:

  • Bank withdrawal: Flat fee of USD 10
  • Net + prepaid Mastercard: 0-1.75%
  • Money transfer: 1.45% min. a fee of USD 0.50

Conversion fees

Whenever there’s a need for currency conversion, Neteller charges a flat fee of 3.99%. It’s worth noting that this is the rate for non-VIP members. If you become VIP member, the exchange rates can drop as low as 1%.

The VIP membership

If you’re into cryptocurrencies, Neteller is a payment method you want to have a closer look at. 

By buying or selling cryptocurrency through this payment provider, you can qualify for VIP membership. Some of the VIP perks include discounted deposits and withdrawals, lower exchange rates, multiple currency accounts and higher ATM withdrawal limits. There are five different VIP levels, and the benefits increase significantly with each level.

It’s worth mentioning that increasingly more online casinos have started incorporating cryptocurrencies. If you sign up with such a casino, you’ll get the chance to hit two birds with one stone.

The app

Considering the times we’re living in, it’s no surprise Neteller has an app. The app is available on both iOS and Android, and you’ll find it on Google Play or App Store. 

The Neteller app is a great way of getting easy access to your funds, reviewing payment history and managing transactions on the go. And just as you’d expect from one of the world’s leading e-wallets, the user app is very straightforward and user-friendly.

Neteller and online casino bonuses

Neteller might be the wrong choice for players looking for online casino bonuses. Unfortunately, many casinos do not offer welcome bonuses such as free spins on the first deposit to players depositing with Neteller. We, therefore, suggest that you read the bonus terms carefully before you start. If a bonus isn’t eligible for players who deposit with Neteller, it will always be clearly stated in the bonus terms. 

Is Neteller really free?

Well, yes and no. As long as you stay reasonably active, this payment method’s completely free of charge. To keep using Neteller for free, you need to log in or make a transaction within 12 months. If your account stays inactive for more than that, Neteller will deduct a service fee of $5.00 (USD) every month. To avoid this fee, make sure you log in to your Neteller account every once in a while.

Is Neteller safe?

This will always be the million-dollar question when it comes to online payments. And rightfully so. Whenever you make online payments, you need to be sure that you’re dealing with a trustworthy payment provider and Neteller belongs to one of the safest providers in the world

First and foremost, this payment provider is regulated by the FCA. The Financial Conduct Authority is a financial body that oversees 58, 000 financial businesses in the UK. FCA works independently from the UK Government and is financed through fees it charges members of the UK’s financial services industry. Essentially, the FCA regulates financial firms and is tasked with maintaining the integrity of the UK’s financial markets. 

Being regulated by the FCA is, therefore, a seal of approval. In this case, it means that Neteller adheres to the same security standards placed on websites dealing with banking and share trading. These strict policies consist of several crucial and mandatory safety measures. For starters, Neteller uses industry-standard encryption to protect any sensitive information. In this case, the encryption’s provided by VeriSign – a subsidy to world-renowned cyber-security firm Symantec. Furthermore, Neteller also has a highly secured data centre where all information is stored.

In conjunction with these two fundamental security measures, Neteller monitors all account activity 24/7. This close monitoring is carried out by computer systems, as well as live security agents. Last but not least, you’ll be pleased to know that Neteller has customer care around the clock. 

Is Neteller a good option for New Zealanders playing casinos?

If you prefer e-wallets as your payment method, Neteller is a strong candidate. 

This is an internationally recognised company that follows the highest possible security standards. Safety is naturally the primary concern when you’re handling money online, and you need to know that you’re dealing with a trustworthy service. From a safety standpoint, Neteller is one of the best options; there’s no question about that.

If we look at the fees, Neteller is similar to its competitors. However, the deposit fee of 2.5% and the flat fee of $10 for bank withdrawals do cause us to raise an eyebrow. With that being said, transfers from merchants are free, and if we are to compare the fees with the ones associated with card payments, the difference is manageable. Furthermore, getting a VIP membership is always possible, especially if you’re interested in cryptocurrency. This is also a unique feature that sets Neteller apart. And once you’re a VIP member, the fees instantly become favourable. 

Another strong argument for using Neteller is the app. Quick and easy access through your phone can be priceless as it often makes managing funds that much easier. This is especially true regarding online casinos since many of us play on mobile.

Last, we must acknowledge the accessibility and flexibility of using this payment method. Neteller has become mandatory in the online casino NZ industry, and you rarely see casinos not offering this payment method. That means your choice of casinos is not restricted when you use Neteller.

In summary, there are no downsides to using this payment method. However, remember that you’re likely to miss out on some bonuses if opting for Neteller.

How to use Neteller?

  • Sign up to Neteller and verify your account using official ID documents
  • Connect your bank cards and other payment methods
  • Transfer money into your Neteller wallet using your preferred method
  • Make a deposit at your online casino using the Neteller banking option. You can try it at a $1 deposit casino
  • Enjoy your online casino experience
  • Withdraw any winnings back to your Neteller wallet
  • Transfer back to your bank, spend on other online services, or withdraw cash using the Net+ prepaid Mastercard option

Neteller withdrawals

You will have no fees to get your money from the online casino to your Neteller account. The fees will come when you would like to send your Neteller balance to any of the possibilities below:

Withdrawal methodNeteller fee
Merchant sites$0
Net+ prepaid Mastercard0 – 1.75%
Money transfer1.45%. Minimum $0.50
Bank transfer$10
Member wire$12.75

Other Neteller fees

  • Neteller will charge 3.99% on top of exchange rates. The VIP members can enjoy a reduced fee of 1%.
  • Inactivity fees are in place and you’ll be charged £5 a month if you do not log in or make a transaction in any 12-month period.


Absolutely. The company is regulated by the FCA – an independent regulatory body that oversees the UK’s financial markets. This means Neteller follows the strictest security procedures.

Both yes and no. As long as you stay reasonably active, you won’t encounter any charges. If you don’t log in or make a transaction for more than 12 months, Neteller will start charging a monthly fee of $5.00 (USD).

That’s hard to say, as it depends on several factors. All e-wallets have some unique features, fees and policies. For instance, there might be differences in transfer fees and exchange rates. Since Neteller also has a VIP program giving members significantly beneficial rates, this question gets even harder to answer. We suggest you compare Neteller to other industry-leading e-wallets and decide for yourself.

You certainly can. Neteller offers both virtual cards and physical cards. If you’re interested in a physical card, you can order Net+ prepaid Mastercard from the Neteller website. This is a contactless debit card which you can use on ATMs and shops all around the world. There are currently eight different Net+ currencies, and there are no annual fees.

The question is, which ones don’t? Most online casinos offer Neteller as it’s one of the most used payment methods within the online gambling industry. Very rarely do you come across casino sites that don’t offer this payment method.


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