Updated Updated: August 4, 2023

Responsible gambling

In our role in functioning and operating within the online casino world, we take responsible gaming very seriously. Due to this, we ensure that all our visitors are using our services within the parameters of reason, and making sure that they play safely at all times. This means we promote online gambling only as entertainment that should be used and enjoyed in moderation.

Within the parameters of safe, responsible, and moderate gambling, we know that online gambling will be as much fun as possible and ensures that all online bettors are doing so in a way that won’t cause them any harm. The optimal word here is control. We have compiled this page to assist you with this and ensure you are playing in a safe gambling environment.

On this page, you will find helpful responsible gambling tips, third-party sources, and more to ensure that you are always playing responsibly. By doing this, we know that you will have the best possible time online gambling, not to mention, overall, a more successful experience.

18+ policy 

As per the rules of New Zealand, users can participate in sports betting, scratch cards, and lotteries at the age of 18. However, only those only 20 years old or over can play online casino games, such as poker, blackjack, roulette, etc.

It is by these rules that are site abides by and if you are not of these ages then you should not be using our site and we kindly ask you to leave our site now. The reason for this is that one of the most crucial parts of responsible gambling is ensuring that players are of the right age to safeguard younger, more susceptible people best.

When it comes to the casino operators that we share, they will also require you to provide electronic age verification and also in some cases, backup documentation to further ensure that anyone playing on their site is of the legal age in the region they accessing from. If you are found to be under the legal age, you might have to forfeit your winnings and legal action may be taken.

How to bet responsibly? 

If you are curious about what exactly you can do to ensure further that you are betting responsibly and are having the optimal experience, then the following list can help you;

  • Set time limits- ensure that you keep an eye on the time and set limits. Then, regardless if you are up or down, walk away. You can set time limits at most online casinos and sportsbooks.
  • Set financial limits – another essential element of gambling to measure is, of course, your financial limits. Set yourself a budget and stick to it. Again, you can find ways to manage this at many online betting venues.
  • Never consider gambling as a source of income.
  • Make sure gambling does not start affecting your personal life. If it is, you should reign it in and find a more suitable balance.  
  • Take regular breaks and know when to walk away.
  • Never gamble when drunk or on drugs.
  • Gambling should be enjoyed alongside other activities, but it should never be your sole leisure activity.

Recognize a problem 

If you are looking to find out whether you have a problem, then answering the following questions can be a very good spirit level.

  • Do you spend money online gambling that is outside your limits?
  • Do you lie about the level of your gambling to your friends or family?
  • Do you gamble when you are in a bad mood?
  • Do you ever ignore other elements of your life so that you can gamble instead?
  • Do you ever borrow money to gamble?
  • Do your friends or family ever say they are concerned with your gambling?
  • Has any of your relatives or friends suggested that gambling might have become problematic for you?

If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions, then you may have a gambling problem and you should seek help from one of the many organizations or services out there that have been set up to assist in this area.

Self-exclude from gambling 

One of the first ports of call you should look towards is self-exclusion. This will be offered across the gambling section and will prohibit you from accessing gambling spots for at least 6 months.

One of the best widespread exclusion tools that can restrict you from a large number of operators is GAMSTOP. When this is in play, as well as blocking you from casino sites and making an account, it will also prevent any marketing offers from being sent to you within the time frame.

There are other multi-operator self-exclusion schemes too which can help ensure that gambling services in real-world venues also exclude you from using their service.

Reach for help 

If you need more support the following organizations can help provide you with this:


BeGambleAware offers information to help players become more informed about their gambling habits and choices. They provide information to help educate both players and their families about gambling habits and better highlight what can be considered problem gambling. They can also provide other places for further information, help or support.


GamCare is another service that is very useful in providing gamblers, their friends and families information about problem gambling or those concerned that they or someone they know may be gambling excessively. You can also find support that effectively helps remedy or provide treatment for those not participating in responsible gambling.

Gambling Therapy 

Gambling Therapy is a 24/7 support forum where players worldwide can look for assistance and support from someone from the service on hand to respond to users’ queries. The service is secure and confidential. 

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