Updated Updated: August 6, 2023

Online Roulette Games and Gambling Sites in NZ

Updated Updated: August 6, 2023

Playing roulette is one of the most enjoyable and easy-to-learn casino games of them all. At its simplest, you pick a colour or number and wait for the roulette ball to come to a stop on the wheel.

Best online roulette gambling sites in NZ

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There are lots of other fun bets and strategies to look into if you are looking to understand this casino game in more detail.

The beauty of roulette is that it’s perfect for playing online with plenty of variants now available, and we should also not forget to mention that all the top Kiwi casino sites are offering live dealer games as well. All in all, online roulette has been and always be a casino classic. In this guide, we’ll be looking at the rules, playing tips, different variants, real money and free-to-play games, and lots more.

So, read on and we’ll show you everything there is to know about online roulette and the best online roulette gambling sites NZ has to offer.

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Online roulette overview

As with most casino games, the online world opens up a lot more chances to try different versions. Most online NZ casinos will give you the chance to play any of the games listed below, we’ll let you know exactly which ones later on.

The European and French roulette versions are by far the most popular as these offer the lowest house edges. Be sure to check out the live dealer roulette games as well.

Trust us when we say there is really no better experience than playing within a real casino atmosphere from the comfort of your own home.

Play free online roulette games

Playing casino games for free is a useful way for beginners to learn the ropes of any casino game and roulette is no different.

For starters, you can play these games instantly without having to register an account or download software. Better still, the ‘free’ part means that you don’t need to give over any banking details to fund your bets, it’s all free-play money.

Most of all though is the fact that you can practice each of the roulette strategies and find out which one is most suited to your playing style and more importantly, your budget.

Be sure to take advantage of some of the top sites in NZ as they come with fantastic casino signup bonuses that can be used on their range of roulette games.

Free online roulette pros & cons

  • Instant play and no sign-up required
  • No banking information needed
  • All fun and no cost
  • Practice strategies and understand the rules
  • You can’t win real money prizes
  • You can’t boost your bankroll with bonuses
  • You won’t be able to experience live casino roulette

NZ sites to play free online roulette games

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Play roulette online for real money

Once you’ve gotten to grips with how the roulette game works and you understand all the betting options and strategies, you’ll be ready to play with real money.

You will notice a greater range of roulette games when you open up the real money casino lobby. The various different roulette games available means that there is something for everyone.

There are micro-limits to high roller tables and everything in between.

Playing with real money also means that you get access to the casino loyalty program and so every wager you make could also be helping you towards your next bonus offer or loyalty prize.

You’ll also get access to the live dealer suite of games which is out of bounds to non-registered players. So, as you can see, there are many advantages to playing with real money but we recommend only doing so when you fully understand how the game works.

Real money roulette pros & cons

  • Access live dealer roulette games
  • Earn points in loyalty programs
  • Unlock bonuses and promotions
  • Bigger variation of games
  • Risk of losing your money
  • Bonuses come with restrictions
  • The high house edge on some modes (American roulette)

NZ sites to play online roulette games for real money

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Types of Roulette Games

European Roulette: The roulette game with the best odds and so the European version is always seen as the most popular roulette game of them all.

French Roulette: Similar to European Roulette but with additional side bets that include the famous La Partage and En Prison betting options.

American Roulette: The one roulette game that comes with a double-zero pocket on the wheel which increases the house edge to 5.26%.

Mini Roulette: A small version of the roulette wheel with only 12 twelve numbers and a special 50% wager return when the ball lands on zero.

Live Dealer Roulette:Immerse yourself in a real casino atmosphere as you play along with professional dealers via HD streaming video links.

Advantages and disadvantages of online roulette


Bonuses: Playing online allows you to take advantage of various casino bonuses that will boost your NZ bankroll and playing experience.

✅High Odds: Picking and winning a single number will give you odds of 35 to 1, and so it is possible to make some big wins if you pick up a couple of winning lucky numbers.

Easy Rules: The rules of roulette make it an easy option to jump in and out of, and so it’s one of those games that you can enjoy whenever the moment strikes you.


❌Completely Random: The game of roulette is completely random and so there is no way to predict the outcome of the wheel through strategies and systems.

Quick Games: Roulette is a fast-paced game and you can quickly burn through your bankroll if you don’t keep your betting stakes under control.

Online roulette game rules

roulette live dealer

Roulette, as we keep saying, is an easy game to play but if you’re new to casinos or you just want a top-up on the rules, keep on reading for our easy step-by-step online roulette guide.

How to play roulette online – step by step

  1. Pick out your bet on the roulette table
  2. Choose a suitable chip size for your bankroll
  3. Place your chips on the table before the time limit ends
  4. The dealer will now spin the ball around the wheel
  5. Wait for the ball to stop and for the dealer to announce the winning number and colour
  6. Any winnings will be automatically credited to your bankroll
  7. The betting round starts again!

The ultimate guide to playing online roulette

Next up we want to explain all about the different types of bets, the various betting strategies, and the advanced tips used by experienced players.

Understanding these bets and odds and sticking to one of the strategies will give you the best chances of winning when you next spin the roulette wheel online, it’s never guaranteed but it’s all about keeping that house edge as low as possible:

Types of bets

The collection of bets on a roulette table can be split up into two sections known as the inside bets and outside bets.

You can find all these bets on all types of roulette games; however, the French roulette table comes with an additional section of bets known as the ‘racetrack’ which can be found above the standard betting area.

Bet NameBet ExplanationOdds
Inside – StraightCovers one single number35-1
Inside – SplitCovers two adjacent numbers17-1
Inside – StreetCovers a row of three numbers11-1
Inside – CornerCovers four square adjacent numbers8-1
Inside – Six-LineCovers two rows of six numbers5-1
Inside – First Four/BasketCovers 1, 2, 3 and the zero/double zero numbers8-1 (6-1 American Roulette)
Outside – ColumnsCovers 12 numbers in a column2-1
Outside – DozensCovers three sets of 12 numbers2-1
Outside – Odd/EvenCovers all odd or even numbers on the wheel except zero1-1
Outside – Red/BlackCovers all numbers of that colour on the wheel except zero1-1
Outside – Low/HighCovers all the low half or high half of the number range1-1
Racetrack – Voisins du ZeroCovers 17 numbers on a specific section of the wheel17-1
Racetrack – Tiers du CylindreCovers 12 numbers on a specific section of the wheel17-1
Racetrack – OrphelinsCovers eight numbers across the wheel35-1
Racetrack – NeighboursCovers one number and two on either side of the racetrack35-1


You can find several recommended roulette strategies available online but before you try one of these out, let us remind you that roulette is a game of chance and there is no complete strategy that will keep you winning on every spin.

These strategies are designed to manage your bankroll and to show you how to increase your betting stakes when the time is right.

Here are the top strategies to look out for if you want to further your knowledge of roulette:

  • Beginners: Paroli and D’Alambert
  • Middle Sized Bankroll: Fibonacci
  • High-rollers: Martingale, Parlay and Labouchere

Expert top tips

First and foremost, you should be playing roulette to have fun but as with all casino games, there are ways to keep your chances of winning as high as possible.

  • The first rule should be to always play on the European and French roulette tables with a single zero.

The double zero on the American table instantly doubles the house edge to 5.26%, so always try and stay clear of this game if possible.

  • Managing your money is another fundamental rule when playing roulette.

As we said, it’s a fast-paced game that can quickly make a big dent in your bankroll. Don’t chase your losses as this will only cause your bankroll to reduce even further, just step away and play again later or another day.

  • Play the odds that give you the highest chance to win.

Lastly, roulette is a game that offers some great odds with the outside betting section offering payouts of 1-1, so stick to these bets and although the payouts won’t be huge, you will find yourself winning more than if you try to hit the big time with the inside bets.

It’s a case of being sensible and playing to the odds, the 35-1 straight number bets are tempting but you’ll have a lot better chance of winning with the red/black, even/odd, and low/high outside bets.


We recommend that you play European roulette online and the French roulette online tables. Both of these come with a much lower house edge than the American version, and so you have a better chance of winning in the long run.

We recommend that you try to play a few spins of a free-to-play roulette game first before you play with your own money. Understanding the rules and testing out strategies for free will give you more confidence when you eventually do play with your NZD’s.

We have listed the best online roulette site options for you above, although there are several other suggested options for you to try as well here on the Betpal site. 888 Casino, Casumo, and Party Casino all offer a great range of online roulette games with fantastic bonuses to claim as well.

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