Updated Updated: July 28, 2020

Privacy Policy

This page has been created to help our users become aware of how we collect data and how that data is then processed. If you access our site, make use of our content and accept the cookies on our site, then you will be agreeing to the following terms on this page.


Cookies are small text files that remember the activities of our website users. These files will contain statistical data that can be used to make users experience more personalised which ultimately, enhance our visitors’ experiences on our site. The cookies will remember what you like to see and then ensure that you get shown information and content that is related to your tastes and preferences when you return to Betpal.com.

There are a handful of different types of Cookies that we use here at Betpal.com

Functional Cookies

These cookies will save data such as usernames, language preferences or users’ demographics. As such, it can be personal information about who you are and where you are from to ensure you get the right content for your region but cannot identify you.


Analytics Cookies collect data with the goal to improve and fix any technical issues that emerge on our site. For example, if something causes the site to crash, these cookies will remember why and allow us to remedy this issue.

Session Cookies

These cookies will only remember the moves across your site. They will then be removed immediately after you leave our website.

Personal & Non-personal information 

When it comes to any personal information that is collected from you as a result of these cookies, this cannot be done without your first sharing your approval for it happening. This means that usernames, your age or email addresses, will only be collected if you choose to share them with us.  

In terms of non-personal information, this is done to better improve the service we offer and make sure you get the optimal experience every time you visit our website. This can include a users’ location, time zone, or device used to view Betpal.com This will thus provide you a more personalised experience when you return a second time to Betpal.

Email marketing 

If you want to stay up to date with Betpal, then you can sign-up and opt-in emails from the team of experts that operate Betpal.com. The types of emails that you would then expect to receive will contain information about changes to our website, as well as informational-orientated newsletter and promotional content. By opting-in to the mailing list, you have formally agreed to receive emails of this nature.

When it comes to safety and privacy, this stretches to how we collect emails and how we store them. These will be stored on GDPR. Furthermore, we only use the information that you share with us in terms of emails, to receive the information you have agreed to receive. As such, you won’t receive anything from us via email that you weren’t expecting.  

You are fully entitled to opt-out of our email service, simply by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” button that can be found in our communications. Of course, this means that the information previously sent you will no longer be sent to you and you can miss out on important site updates or promotions.

Policy updates 

These policy updates are prone to change and we reserve the right to update our privacy policy without prior notice. With this considered, we recommend you return to this page on a regularly so that you are aware of what you are agreeing to. With us pledging to provide you with a safe online experience with our website.

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