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TAB is an online betting venue that is catered directly to sports and horse racing betting fans in New Zealand. It is not often that you will find a website that specialises directly for New Zealand players – with most casinos focusing on the global market and New Zealand often plays second fiddle. This is definitely a USP in TAB’s favour as any New Zealand players will no longer have to just be an afterthought and the whole dynamic of the website is built with New Zealand players in mind.

Specifically, sports betting fans in New Zealand as their website offers no casino games at all, instead, they have put all their attention into sports betting and this makes it the quintessential website for New Zealanders who love to make money from betting on their favourite sports. This is what their brand is all about and they should be on the top of your list if you are looking for a place to bet.

Likely, you would have heard of the TAB brand as they were already in existence as a real-world sport betting location and so they are tried and trusted by hundreds of people across the country already. The transition into online betting was the logical next step for them and they are the logical choice for New Zealand sports betting fans. In this TAB NZ Sports & Racing review, we took a look at every nook and cranny of the website so you know what you will get and why you should become part of their sports betting service.

Bonuses and promotions

No welcome bonus but several on-going promotions available

TAB nz promotions

At first, the lack of welcome bonus might take you back and you might feel a sense of disappointment as this has become the cornerstone of online betting but you shouldn’t fret. This is because TAB offers plenty of bonuses but they simply require you to scratch below the service and hunt them out. In doing so, you might be pleasantly surprised by what you might find as they have something for most sports so whatever it is you like to bet on, TAB will provide you with a bonus that fits your needs.

At any given time, you will find around 10 different bonuses that you can use to help subsidise your betting behaviours with them changing all the time. 

Many of these are centred on the main product they offer on their platform, horse racing, but they are far from limited in this respect. In our case, when making this TAB Sportsbook review, we found options for various different popular sports. With options to bet on rugby, cricket, soccer, basketball, darts and more too, with these bonuses coming in a selection of different formats.

What types of promotions TAB is offering?

These include mainly bonus back deals where if you place a set amount of money you will get a bonus bet, cashback if a result doesn’t end your way, and plenty more ways by which you can get more bet for your buck when using TAB.

Of course, reflective of different event, seasons or other periodic factors, the nature of these bonuses can be different. As such, while we have mentioned a selection of bonuses that are on different sports at the time of writing, these may vary quite a bit but one thing that is for sure is that you will always find something by which you can claim when using their platform, it is just a matter of seeing what they have on offer for you from month to month.

Loyalty and VIP

While they have new and different bonus deals from month to month, they do not have a loyalty or VIP program that you earn points with over a progressive period of time. As such, while there are frequent prizes up for grabs, you just have to claim them independently. This is not to say that rewards to loyal customers won’t ever happen or they might not roll out a loyalty scheme at some point, but currently, there is not one in place.

Payments and banking

As we have mentioned above, payments at TAB is one of the sportsbook’s weak points and you do not have a huge selection of methods by which you can get money in or out of your account. This said, there are enough for you to get by with by it is a matter of having to select from a small number. In this section, we will detail what is available to you.

Supported payment types

When you are at TAB, you can use one of these payment methods:

  • Credit/Debit Card ($2.15 fee applicable)
  • Bill Payment from your Bank
  • In-Store with Cash or Cheque

As you can see, very limited but you do have the possibility to pay in person which removes any security threats that you may be concerned about. 

Minimum and maximum deposit

When it comes to funding your account, you must deposit at least $20 per time due to their lacking payment methods though, this should be no problem as to make it worthwhile for the effort you would likely be looking to deposit larger sums at one time. In terms of the limits on the maximum deposits though, these are not specified and instead are reflective on your level of verification at their websites and your location.

Minimum and maximum withdrawal

There are no clearly stated maximum withdrawals but there is a minimum of $5.00 which shouldn’t be an issue for most players as it is a very low amount.

Deposit and withdrawal times

These have been said to be reflective of both your method and your bank. Of course, in terms of payment, these should be fairly immediate unless you use a cheque. However, when it comes to withdrawals, these can vary a lot more.

Firstly, if you withdraw via your bank account, then the time limit you are waiting will be dependent on your bank. Of course, you can also deposit in person which may be immediate. One thing to note though is the TAB have stated that they cannot process withdrawals if the funds that you wish to withdraw have not been betted with. This is a common AML process instigated by many different platforms.

Casino & betting range

As we have mentioned, TAB has a one-track mind in regards to their betting service with their focus being purely focused on sports betting and horse racing.

Due to this heavy focus on just one element, they have been able to properly concentrate on this and made it the best possible it can be and this definitely shines through. While they cover all sports, which will discuss shortly, it is immediately clear to see what is their most specialised area and this is horse racing.

Horse racing and greyhound

tab.nz.co site navigation

On their site, they have a whole section of their website dedicated to this area of betting.

You will find countless races to choose from to bet on. These include the main disciplines, so thoroughbreds, with flats and jumps, and harness, with action from across the globe detailed on their site and offered for their players to indulge in every single day with the possibility to look ahead to events in the future too and bet on all the races from each event. Alongside horses, they also have the option for greyhound racing too. Within this section, you also have the pick 6 option, scratchings, jackpots and plenty more to feed your betting appetite. 

Sports betting

The second section on their site is dedicated to a wider selection of sports and when we say wide, we mean very wide. In total, they have over 20 different sports to bet on and this include s everything from Aussie Rules to MMA to Volleyball with all the major sports available to bet on.

TAB.co.nz have quick links too to some of the biggest betting markets available, such as the EPL, NBL, ICC or other major national and international sporting events happening across the globe. While they also have a bet-in play section to get involved in the action as it happens. All of this considered, you will never have to look elsewhere to bet on any of your favourite sports, with TAB being the go-to for all your sport betting needs.

Special features

One of the stand-out special features is their Watch and Bet feature. While this is a fairly common occurrence at sportsbooks, it is still sometimes overlooked by casino providers but not at TAB. They have a full schedule of sporting events that you can bet on and then view the action unfold.

While adding a bigger entertainment value, you also have the opportunity to bet reflective of the action you see happen before your very eyes by combing this with the bet in-in play feature. All of their streams are crystal clear and run incredibly smoothly to prevent lag, bad quality or anything else that might hamper your overall viewing and betting experience.

Security and trust

There are two main factors that make TAB a sports betting website that you can absolutely trust.

  • The first one is the fact that there are plenty of real-world, brick and mortar venues across New Zealand that back up the online counterpart. This means they have a proven track record first of all, while also meaning that if something untoward does happen then you always have a human counterpart to get in touch with to resolve any issues.
  • The second factor is that TAB NZ is licensed by the New Zealand Gambling Commission who monitor them to ensure that they are always meeting the highest standards and nothing goes unchecked. To cap all this off, they also practice the highest security standards and use top of the range encryption software to further ensure that nothing bad ever happens on their casino in regard to your personal and banking information.    

Customer support

Another element of TAB that lets them down is their customer service. Mainly this owes to the lack of a live chat service in which they can contact someone and discuss issues in real-time.

This said, they make up for it with two phone numbers– one for New Zealand-based callers and one for international callers – so you can still speak to someone directly. Alongside this, they have an in-depth FAQ page that will help with most issues and an email address which will serve less pressing queries. Finally, you can get in touch with them by sending an email to their customer support.


To place a multi-bet at TAB it is super easy. Simply click on the different options you want to bet on and they will be accumulated on to a one betting slip. You then add your wager for each bet and it will calculate the total payout for each bet and the total automatically.

To cash-out at tab simply go to your account cashier and withdraw your funds onto your bank account, permitting you have wagered the money deposited once you can get it within a couple of days with lengths dependent on your bank. You can also cash-out in person by going to one of the TAB real-world locations.

To open a TAB account simply go to their site, register with your personal and banking details and then you will be good to start betting immediately. However, you need to verify your identity and address or otherwise, you may be limited in certain areas.


As you can see from this review, for New Zealand players who like to bet on sports, TAB is the perfect option for you. They have all the sport betting options you need and plenty of bonuses to use on them, plus the experience to back it up. Of course, they aren’t perfect with no casino games, limited payment options and fairly sub-par customer support but these elements won’t be an issue for most users who have a one-track mind and simply want an efficient way to bet on top sporting event and reap the rewards. If this sounds like you, then TAB will be perfect for you.
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