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Updated Updated: December 13, 2020
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If the thrills of normal gameplay aren’t enough for you then maybe you need to think about spicing up the gameplay by participating in the VooDooDreams NZ’s tournament that are available for you to play and partake in every single day. There will be at least one happening per day and you will need to go head to head with other players in the form of Duels.

During these duels, the aim of the game is to make sure you come out on top by securing the best result. You can also use spells to enhance your likelihood of success. If you are successful, then you will earn stars and climb the leader board. As such, it is a little bit different from the more straightforward tournaments that can be commonly found at most other casinos.

How to Participate

Getting involved in the VooDooDreams tournaments is simply a matter of being a member of their casino and then actively starting a duel by clicking on the “Start Duel” option available.

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This is essentially all there is to it but of course, you will need to ensure you are playing on the right games relevant for that tournament in question.

You can monitor the process you make in these tournaments via their leaderboard which dictates all you need to know about your progress in the tournament as it plays out. As such, participation and eligibility are based reflective of your choice to opt-in and there is no pre-requisite other than a need to be a member of VooDoo Dreams.

Terms and Conditions

Being a concept that revolves around the various different tournament, the exact terms and conditions will vary from event to event. As such, you will need to make sure you pay attention to these before you opt-in to ensure that you know exactly what you are getting yourself in for before you participate in any Duels.

Go to VooDoo Dreams to start participating in these exciting weekly events!

Good Luck & Have Fun!

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