Free Daily Camel Race at Party Casino

This campaign has expired!
Updated Updated: August 10, 2023

Party Casino wants its players to have a good time and all through this month, this will manifest itself via Camel Races.

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This is because in their latest promotion, they will be offering users the chance to get involved in one every single day and for doing so, win themselves surprising rewards that they will absolutely love.  

How to get involved

The events surrounding participation in this event are slightly sketchy and you can only find out the exact details of the event and how to get in by being a member of Party casino.

  • Pick the camel you think will go the distance and hit “Start Game” to play.
  • Play the daily Camel Race mini-game and, depending on where your camel finishes, you could win a free bonus

This means you can pick up their welcome bonus on the way into the casino, play with that and then begin getting involved in this new promotion too.

However, you have plenty of time to do this as this promotion will be running across the month and so you have loads more camel race opportunities to get involved in this.

What we do know is that the bonuses and pries will vary from day to day so this means that what you can get win will be continuously changing.

Terms and Conditions

What we do know is the terms and conditions that Party Casino have outlined for this deal. These are as follows:

  • Promotion ends 30.07.2020
  • Real money players online
  • 1 pick per player per day
  • Claim within 24 hours

About Party Casino

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Party Casino has long been at the front of the casino pack thanks to their great promotions and this is just the latest in a long line.

Go to Party Casino now to begin benefiting from these sooner rather than later. 

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Good Luck & Have Fun!

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