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Updated Updated: August 10, 2023
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While the sports season has come to a temporary stop at the moment in time, the world of e-sports is continuing to happen. If you have not been interested in e-sports before then perhaps now is the best opportunity to do so as there is very little sport happening otherwise. Furthermore, there are two great deals at Betway that might further encourage you to delve into this modern way of sports betting. Whichever situation best describes you, Betway is the best place to bet on these in the coming month.

These two deals involve different levels of expertise, but both involve e-sports.

1st Promo: E-sports Objectives

If we first begin with the promotion that will better prepare you for betting on e-sports, then it is called E-sports Objectives. The promotion will see you enter the world of e-sports and benefit from getting your knowledge and skills betting on e-sports better and better.

It works via a tier system where the difficulty becomes harder and you must complete tasks in order to earn rewards. There are three levels – bronze, silver and gold.

These are how each level works:

  • Bronze – Win an esports double and get a £/€/$5 Free Bet, Plus 5 Bonus Spins on our NiP Online Slot.
  • Silver – Win an esports treble and get a £/€/$10 Free Bet, Plus 10 Bonus Spins on our NiP Online Slot.
  • Gold – Win an esports Accumulator and get a £/€/$15 Free Bet, Plus 15 Bonus Spins on our NiP Online Slot.

As you can see, it requires you to bet at different levels and then if successful prizes and progress are yours. However, once you are getting properly to grips with how the world of e-sports works then you may want to consider having a look at the other e-sports promotion that Betway are offering.

2nd Promo: High odds on CS: GO

This is more tailored towards one area of e-sports and requires a much more niche knowledge. It will focus on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – better known as CS: GO.

The aim of this promotion is to place a bet with the highest odds on CS: GO. If the bet wins, then as well as your pay-out, you will be entered onto the special Leaderboard for this competition.

When the competition comes to a close, the bet with the highest winning odds at the end of the Season 11 of the ESL Pro League and thus, at the top of the leaderboard will take home a grand prize of $1000 in cash.  

If you fail to finish right at the top of the pile, don’t worry too much as there is 50 prizes in total to give away, with amounts awarded reflective of where you finish.

Ultimately, there are two great promos there for e-sports that can cater to all knowledge and skill levels of e-sports betters. Head over to Betway now to start getting involved in these e-sports bets.

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