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Updated Updated: September 29, 2020

Pandas and Christmas aren’t your typical combo but this is no ordinary Panda, this is the Royal Panda. And his highness is blessing his casino disciples with a gift every day in the Royal Panda Christmas Calendar. The idea is very simple and those of you out there who have ever had an advent calendar will know exactly how the concept works but the twist, of course, is that all prizes will be casino related.

For those of who you aren’t familiar with the concept, essentially the way it works is that for each day of December leading up to Christmas Day on the 25th December, there will be a door for you to open on their interactive calendar. Click on the door and behind that, there will be a prize for you to enjoy. However, the Royal Panada calendar goes even further and there will be prizes scattered out over every single day of December, meaning 31 prizes to collect in total.

These will be anything from cash bonuses, free spins or other on-site perks, such as points such as Panda Loyalty Points, for you to make use of their service. While a very special box on Christmas Day promises a very special prize for all their casino members, the contents of which we aren’t aware of yet but it promises to be something very special so make sure you don’t miss out on that one.

We are now just shy of halfway through the month which means that is still two weeks left of daily prizes up for grabs so don’t waste another second and head over to Royal Panda.

Plus, an extra perk is that you will also be able to claim the no deposit free spins when you sign too, which permits you an extra free prize on top of the Calendar too.

Go join the Royal Panda for Christmas and don’t miss out on enjoying prizes for the rest of the month.

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Happy Christmas

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