Which Games are Most Profitable for Online Casinos? [Top 4]

Updated Updated: December 23, 2020
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Playing at an online casino is fun whether you play for real cash or no, the entertainment is superb due to the advanced technology and quality offered by top software providers.

But one won’t deny that the party reaches the sky limit when you hit the jackpot and your bank account will see some extra zero’s.

But does a casino give out money for free? Not quite. Some types of games provide them with better profit than other variants. What are the most lucrative games from a casino’s perspective?


Keno has a horribly high house edge varying between 20 and 30% in most online casinos. It’s one of the worst possible games to play as far as the house edge is concerned.

Imagine you bet 100 NZD. You multiply it 20 times (the estimated house edge percentage) and then get a 20 NZD loss for the bet. This way the casino gets significantly richer!

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The Big Wheel

Although the game can be featured under different names, its rule and potential of winning are often similar.

The house edge of this game varies between 11 and 24%, which, as a result, can lead to individual losses of 11 NZD or 24 NZD for a 100 NZD bet. Think about how much money the casino can make!

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Selected Pokies

We would never advise you to avoid playing online pokies or state it’s impossible to earn good money when playing these games. Actually, quite the opposite! However, you should always remember that pokies vary in terms of the RTP rates.

The regular house edge for slot machines ranges from 3-10% and you should probably make your game choices within these brackets.

Bear in mind that playing pokies is also faster than some other games, so your losses will also occur more often!

And with Betpal.com you can start playing with a welcome bonus: check out NZ online pokies real money games.

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American Roulette

The game, also called a double zero roulette, features a house edge over 5,2%. You might think it’s not that bad considering rates of keno or the big wheel but when you take into consideration the European roulette, you will change your mind.

European roulette wheels only have one zero space, whereas the American one has two. This means that the European’s game type features almost a twice lower house edge which orientates around 2.7%.

From a player’s perspective, it’s a more convenient and profitable choice, hence why casinos can generate more money from players choosing the American variant.

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