What Are the Best Games For Kiwis to Play Through a Wager?

Updated Updated: August 2, 2023
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Online gaming is a great way to spend some of your free time. But where’s the fun if you’re not bringing something back home? A win from time to time can elevate your experience and bring more to the game.

True – sometimes it’s all about having luck on your side; some strategising is involved too. Some games will give you better chances at a win than others. Many online casinos with NZ Dollars know this and try to incorporate these titles into their arsenal. 

Read on and see what games will let you relish through a wager!

Table Games

It can come as a surprise, but table games can have better odds than slots. Many people seem to be afraid to take on this type of game because they fear the challenge.

We believe that table games are a dangerous field where only the big players enter. And because of that, people stick to slots and other types of games. 

We are here to tell you that There’s nothing to be afraid of! There are a few rules to be learned, but table games are easy to grasp overall.

For all Kiwis interested in these games, here are the top choices for your wager.



Many connect this game to their luck. And as much as that plays a part, you can still get something through your wager by playing smart. Here is how! 

You choose a number or a colour on roulette, and the dealer spins the wheel. Usually, players go for numbers. So if your number comes, you win.

It’s hard to guess, but here’s a trick – betting on red or black!

If you choose a colour, there is a 50-50 chance of getting the most out of your wager. However, always take note of the green zero. This gives the element of risk in this game – with the American version having 0 and 00, whereas the European version has only 0.


blackjack icon

Another game all Kiwis can try is blackjack. Contrary to many opinions, this game is one of the easiest you can play. Unlike poker, where you have to play against many other players, here you just need to beat the dealer. 

Most online casinos have a 1% house edge on these games, giving players plenty of room to fully enjoy their wager. 

And the best part is that even newbies can jump straight in. Because there is only the dealer and yourself, you can ask them to walk you through the game and grasp the important pieces. 

Afterwards, you just have to strategise and beat the dealer’s number with yours – one not higher than 21, of course. 


craps table icon

Another game where your chances are 50-50 is craps. All you need to do here is roll the dice and follow the game. Like most casino games, it’s hard not to think that there isn’t any luck involved. 

But this game requires some strategising too. You need to know the rules and follow the other players to attain the most out of your wager. 

The table can look intimidating for beginners. But once you understand the essentials, you will see that it’s quite simple. Plus, it has one of the best odds of winning compared to other table games.


All NZ punters relish spinning the reels, especially those with no deposit free spins attached. It’s mainly because they let you play and spin the reels a couple of times without wagering your own money but still have the same opportunity to win.

Kiwis know the golden rule – the higher the RTP, the better your chances!

Unlike table games, the more money you put on a slot, the more you raise your odds. So couple this with games with a higher RTP, and you have a winning combo!

Here are some slots that you can try out:

  • Legacy of Dead – a Playn’GO slot with an RTP of 96.58%;
  • Odin’s Gamble – designed from Thunderkick with 96.17% RTP;
  • Mega Joker – one of the highest RTP slots everywhere: 99.0%;
  • Avatars: Gateway Guardians – Yggdrasil slot with 96.3% RTP.
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