4 Ways to get Casino Comps for New Zealand Players

Updated Updated: August 2, 2023
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What’s better than playing at your favourite online casino? The experience of casino comps! If you are a New Zealand player, the odds are that you are looking for ways to get and make the most of casino comps. Who wouldn’t love to get some rewards back?

ℹ️ For those who do not already know, ‘comp’ means ‘complimentary’ and it refers to free products and services for players in the casino multiverse.

While you are not likely to find casino comps at all the casinos in the country, there are more than a handful of casinos and ways to get something back every time you play. You will discover some of the biggest hacks about casino comps here.

Casino Comps – How They Work

As a way of encouraging players, the house gives comp points as incentives after spinning or placing bets. You can exchange these points for the desired reward available. It is noteworthy that casino comps may present in different shapes and forms, so do not expect to always find the traditional term.

For example, a term like ‘loyalty points’ is still a form of comp. You can find comps anywhere on a casino – its homepage, bonus section, and so on. Once you understand the concept behind this, it becomes much easier to get comp points.

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Getting More Comp Points

  • Play for real money
  • Calculate the value of comp points
  • Read the fine print
  • Get to high VIP or loyalty level

One of the first things you should find out about a casino is if they have a comp program in place. You could even have earned some points without knowing. If you are still confused about the whole ‘comp thing,’ here are some key things to know:

Play for real money

You can only get comp points when playing for real money. Thus, demo mode or free plays do not give you comps. This implies that high rollers usually accumulate more points in a shorter period than other regular players.

Calculate the value of comp points

Comp calculations vary from casino to casino. Each house has its unique way of calculating your comp points and their value. For instance, a casino could give you one comp point for every NZ$20 wagered while another could give you a point for every NZ$50 wagered. What matters most is that you understand the value of the comps at the online casino of your choice.

Read the fine print

Reputable casinos always display all the terms and conditions related to comp points clearly on their website. For example, there might be some game restrictions on comp points and some games might carry more points than others. We advise players to always take an extra minute or two to go through these terms rather than getting carried away by the excitement.

Get to high VIP or loyalty level

You may get a better bargain for your comps based on your VIP or loyalty level. In other words, those who are at a higher level usually tend to get more value for their comp points than those at lower tiers. You may find different comp calculators to help you. Some of them determine your points based on your game score, bets, and duration of play.

Exchanging Your Points

This is perhaps the most exciting aspect of the whole thing. Having invested your time and efforts, it only makes sense that you should get another chance to win. You can exchange your comp points for a reward that has no wagering requirements. Again, your reward depends on the casino, so in exchange for your comp points, you could get:

  • Real cash
  • Casino spins / Super Spins / Mega Spins
  • Reload Bonuses / Deposit Bonuses / No Deposit Bonuses
  • Merchandise, avatars, and several other rewards

ℹ️ Always remember to pick your rewards carefully. Also, do not bet more than you can afford to lose.

Recommended Comp Programs for NZ Players

888 casino comp points

888 Casino offers one of the best comp programs currently on the market for NZ players. Wager $10 and you’ll receive 1 Comp Points. 100 points collected are exchanged into $1 cash.

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