Taxes On Online Casino Winnings In NZ

Updated Updated: September 15, 2020
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More and more New Zealand players decide to play casino online these days. It’s no surprise, considering the convenience of this particular type of entertainment. But is it as straightforward as it seems to be? What about legal obligations, such as paying taxes on casino winnings?

Do I Have To Pay Taxes On Online Casino Winnings In NZ?

First of all, online casinos used by NZ players are not licensed or regulated by the NZ government. This means that your winnings are not subject to taxation in New Zealand, as operators of your choice are not based in the country but overseas. 

The Gambling Act 2003 clearly states the rules of gambling in New Zealand – no online casinos are allowed to be registered as NZ operators, hence officially there is no such phenomenon in the location. But using foreign online casinos is not illegal either – hence you can play with trusted operators and not be bothered about any taxes!

What Countries Do Have To Pay Taxes On Winnings At Online Casinos?

Taxation on gambling wins differs from country to country. One good example of the country that’s strict about taxes on winnings generated at online casinos is… Germany. For online casino and online poker, general VAT law applies and the gross gaming revenue is taxed at 19%, sports bets are taxed at the rate of 5% of the stake and lotteries are taxed at 20% of the stake. 

Most of the time, however, online casino players can enjoy tax-free entertainment. However, it’s always recommended to ensure that’s true to one’s particular case before gambling real money!

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