Debunking Online Casino Myths

Updated Updated: August 2, 2023
busting casino myths

Online casinos will leave you high and dry. Online slots are ragged. Gambling operators withdraw money from your bank accounts without your knowledge… the list of global myths related to online gambling is never-ending.

It’s about time to debunk those most ridiculous ones!

Myth 1: Online Casinos Always Find A Way To Not Pay Out Your Winnings

Legitimate online casinos are overseen by the law and need to adhere to it at all times, otherwise, they will simply lose the license to offer gambling services to players. Having said that, it’s clearly their responsibility to allow players to withdraw their winnings as long as they comply with the terms and conditions of a site.

Many players wrongly accuse casinos of not letting them pay out their won cash but they tend to ignore casino withdrawal rules. Remember to always take into consideration minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts, as well as find out what wagering requirement of your chosen bonuses are. Otherwise, you might end up being forbidden to cash out your winnings!

Myth 2: Online Casino Games Are Rigged

This is definitely one of the most popular accusations. Users like to complain that games are designed in this way so that they always guarantee victory to a casino. If that was to be true, why would we then hear constantly about great winnings of thousands of players worldwide? Hitting pokies jackpots and smashing poker tournaments? 

It would be a lie to say that online casinos will always let you win – all in all, it’s a business like every other. When choosing a game you should always take into consideration a house edge, which determines a casino’s advantage.

Other than that, remember that in the times where bad publicity is worth more than money, quality casinos would never risk offering rigged games. Both game suppliers and gambling operators spend big money having their games audited for reliability and accuracy to ensure both safe and fair gaming fun.

Myth 3: Online Casino Bonuses Are A Scam

The crowded online casino bonus space has triggered many players to criticise their legibility and value. As virtual gambling operators compete between each other more and more to win players, they are now offering tens of different promotions, welcome bonuses and deals. And these, indeed, can be lucrative and useful… provided you have read their terms and conditions.

They say there is no such thing like a free lunch. And this couldn’t be more true. Free bonuses have always strings attached, meaning wagering requirements or other important rules will always be part of the promo

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