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Updated Updated: August 2, 2023
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The competition between online casino operators has grown to the level that it’s no longer enough to simply offer a hefty welcome bonus for new players. It takes more to attract a new audience to a casino and requires extra creativity to ensure the players can count on an immersive casino experience, once registered on a site. And Duelz Casino knows everything about it. Except for a generous welcome offer it has prepared a real deal for players who look for a gamified experience.

Duels at Duelz – How Does It Work?

Having a great looking site is key but their users need more than that. Duelz takes the game to the next level and offers users a chance to compete and communicate with each other during a game in their chosen Worlds or ‘Arenas’. New Zealand players can take advantage of it right away by simply becoming a member of Duelz Casino.

Every player is different, and so is each duel. You won’t have to rely on a predetermined that decides how the characters move on your screen. You will have total freedom to choose your duel will look like. Duels take place between two players, one-on-one, and last for about 10 minutes.

Duelz Worlds - AKA leagues, AKA arenas
Duelz Worlds – AKA leagues, AKA arenas

During this time, you will have to defeat the other users with the help of your… spells. Some of them will help you protect yourself or make yourself immortal and, alternatively, you will be able to gain more power for three minutes. Obviously, the player who defeats their opponent first wins the duel. 

What Can I Win?

The prizes consist of plenty of great deals. Expect stars or many free spins to use on different slots. The mentioned stars can be used to unlock different types of treasure chests. And each of them contains something extra:

  • The Bronze Chest – 5 spells (requires 3 stars to unlock)
  • The Silver Chest – 7 spells (requires 3 stars to unlock)
  • The Gold Chest – 9 spells (requires 4 stars to unlock)
  • The Diamond Chest – 15 spells (requires 4 stars to unlock)
  • The Epic Treasure Chest – at least 13 spells (the amount can vary, it requires 5 stars to unlock)

Don’t worry, there are plenty more surprises waiting for New Zealand players. Don’t wait and get your chance to win your next duel at Duelz!

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