High Stakes Poker Episode 7, S9: Adelstein and Bellande Go Head-to-Head in $335K Pot

Updated Updated: January 26, 2023

The drama and excitement continues on High Stakes Poker, in which episode seven saw a great battle between Garrett Adelstein and Jean-Robert Bellande over a giant $335,000 pot. The pot in question is easily the biggest of season nine so far, but who took home the prize? You’ll find out below.

Episode seven of HSP was interesting because the minimum buy-in has been set at $100,000, but the decision was reached to raise the buy-in stakes up to $250,000. Over $2.3 million was played on the table during ep. 7 and the players gambling with all that big money were the likes of Krish Menon, Tom Dwan, Jennifer Tilly, Bryn Kenney, and of course, Bellande and Adelstein.

There’s no doubt that HSP is increasing the interest in poker around the world, as you don’t have to look over someone’s shoulder in a casino to see all the action unfold. Online poker in Canada, especially, is worth looking at for any amateur players wanting to compete in tournaments for major prizes.

Adelstein gets a big payday

One of the first rounds of the episodes kicked off with Menon betting $1,000 from the early position using the 4 of Hearts and 4 of Diamonds. This was followed by Adelstein who raised to $4,000 from the middle position with the hand of King of Spades and 10 of Spades. It’s worth mentioning that Adelstein’s style is to over-bet with major bluffing, but the L.A. native also runs oversized river bets when he is feeling confident.

Dwan made the call from the late position using the 8 of Hearts and 8 of Diamonds, then Bellande called on the button with the Queen of Clubs and Jack of Spades. After Menon also called, the four poker competitors on HSP witnessed the flop of Jack of Clubs, 7 of Clubs, and 9 of Diamonds.

This is when things got intriguing. After Adelstein made a $9,000 bet, Menon folded but Bellande and Dwan both called. The turn arrived and it was revealed as the Queen of Spades, giving Bellande a top two pair. Adelstein kept going bigger, and made a $20,000 bet, which Bellande called but forced Dwan to fold.

With the pot at $85,500, the river came as the 3 of Hearts. Adelstein didn’t rush things but eventually made a huge $125,000 bet. Bellande looked shocked for a second, but composed himself to call the bet. Once Adelstein turned over his cards, his look of pure joy said it all as he gathered up the massive $335,500 pot.

Kenney makes his mark

The next round featured Bellande, Adelstein, Jennifer Tilly, and Bryn Kenney this time. Bellande raised from under the gun up to $2,500 with the hand of 3 of Hearts and 3 of Clubs, with Kenney choosing to call with the Queen of Hearts and 4 of Hearts in the late position. Tilly was the small blind and held the Ace of Clubs and 8 of Spades, while Adelstein called as the big blind with the 6 of Clubs and 5 of Clubs.

When the flop arrived as the Queen of Clubs, 2 of Hearts, and 5 of Diamonds, it was Bellande who bet $6,000, which made Tilly fold but Kenney and Adelstein both called. When the turn came as the 4 of Spades, everyone left at the table checked.

The river was revealed as the 10 of Spades, and Adelstein looked like he was bluffing again after a $40,000 bet with just a small pair. Kenney was wise to it all, and with his two pair, he called the bet and ended up with the very generous $109,000 pot.

Make sure you catch episode 8 of High Stakes Poker season 9, which streams exclusively on PokerGO on Monday at 5pm PT.