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Betting on fantasy sports

Betting on Fantasy Sports in Britain

If you are at all familiar with the world of online fantasy
sports, then you will probably have already heard about fantasy sports betting
and the role that it plays in the world of gambling. Recently, it seems to have
become more and more popular, with people from around the world signing up to
see whether or not they can benefit from the industry.

Today, we are going to be taking a look at betting on
fantasy sports in Britain, to see if we can uncover the best sites to use and
the best strategy to use when building your own fantasy sports team.

What are Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy sports are played by millions of people around the
world. In their simplest form, they involve building virtual teams with real
sportspeople, and the performance of the virtual team is then affected by the
real-world statistics of said players.

People who enjoy playing fantasy sports regularly can track
the performance of their virtual team using either a browser or a mobile
application, and they can choose whether they want to compete among strangers
or people who they know. There are naturally benefits to both of these options,
and only you can decide which you would be better suited to.

Daily Fantasy Sports

In the past, fantasy sports were played alongside actual
sporting leagues. This made them incredibly time consuming, as some sporting
leagues can go on for months. Naturally, some people find this quite tedious.

This has since led to the introduction of Daily Fantasy
Sports, a subset that quickly became one of the main options for people who
enjoy fantasy sports. With Daily Fantasy Sports, you can pick a team for just a
day or a handful of days, dependent on the sport. This works because of the
types of contests that are available in the world of Daily Fantasy Sports,

  • Games for
    Because Daily Fantasy Sports is still quite a new subset in the
    gambling industry, beginners are constantly entering the platform. One of the
    main things that beginner’s games have in common is the fact that they have
    quite a high salary cap, enabling players to build relatively strong teams
    straight away. It is worth noting that the payouts can be quite low for
    beginner’s games.
  • 50/50
    50/50 games are a great option for people who want to play games
    where the odds are already stacked in their favour. The idea of playing in a
    50/50 game is to end up in the top half of the group. The higher you are on the
    scoreboard; the more bonuses you can access.
  • Head-to-Head
    Perhaps the most authentic form of Daily Fantasy Sports,
    head-to-head games pitch you against a single player.
  • Guaranteed
    Prize Pool Games:
    Guaranteed prize pool games are quite similar to 50/50
    games in that you only receive a payout if you reach somewhere near the top of
    the scoreboard. The higher you are; the more money you earn.


Different Types of Fantasy Sports

There are dozens of different types of fantasy sports for
people to play online, and many new sports are growing in popularity. Millions
of people around the world are choosing to play fantasy football online, and
the sport is big business. If you are new to the world of fantasy sports, then
fantasy football is a good starting point.

Lots of British fantasy sports players are also choosing to
invest their time in American football, NBA, NHL, MMA, NASCAR, and a range of
other sports, including eSports.

Betting on Fantasy Sports

Placing a fantasy bet is easy given the number of fantasy
betting sites that are now available in the world, with more and more appearing
on an annual basis. With traditional sports betting, you are betting on the
actual outcome of a real sporting event, whereas with fantasy sports you are
betting on your team being better than that of an opponent.

Your team’s own skill level will be determined by the
real-time skills of the players who you have chosen to have on your roster. You
can wager real money, and you can try to earn money with your team against
individuals or as part of a league that plays across the entire season.

A Step-by-step Guide

We understand that the world of fantasy sports can be a
little bit difficult to wrap your head around when you are new to them, and
this step-by-step guide should help. We are going to be focusing on fantasy
football, given its current popularity. Some of the main steps that you need to
be aware of when playing fantasy football include:

  1. When you first sign-up to fantasy football, you
    will have to select the style of game that you would like to play.
  2. After you have selected, you will need to create
    your own 11-man roster. You will have a salary cap to work with, and this will
    determine how much money you can spend on the players who you would like to
    have on your roster.
  3. Naturally, your team will need to be laid out
    like a standard football team. You will need a skilled goalkeeper, several
    defenders, several midfielders and two forwards, but you have the added
    advantage of two outfield utility players.
  4. This set of people enable you to work with
    several different formations, and you can gain points for the formations that
    you choose to use.
  5. Once you have created your roster, you will be
    able to decide whether you would like to play on your own or as part of a
    league. There are pros and cons that come with each of these options, so make
    sure that you do your research.
  6. You earn points as you are playing fantasy
    football, with goals, assists and clean sheets all being among the highest
    earners. If you are playing Daily Fantasy Sports, then things like tackles won
    and both on and off target shots will also be counted towards your score.
  7. You will be able to keep track of your
    performance using either a browser or a mobile application. We would advise
    that you download an application so that you can see how well you are
    performing while you are on the go.

British Fantasy Sports Operators

There are dozens of fantasy sports bookmakers operating in
the United Kingdom, with many of them offering both mobile applications and
aesthetically appealing websites. In Britain, fantasy football is paving the
way and proving to be far more popular than other sports, and Daily Fantasy
Sports are quickly becoming the norm. Some of the main competitors for
Britain’s fantasy sports lovers include:

  • DraftKings
    DraftKings is an American company at heart, but their UK platform has
    been live for several years now. Naturally, things on the DraftKings UK website
    have been tailored to meet the needs of a British audience, with Fantasy
    Premier League being among their many offerings. They also offer a variety of
    American sports, including NFL, NBA and NHL.
  • PlayON: One
    of the first operators to enter the British market, PlayON offer a plethora of
    different fantasy sports options. Their fantasy football contest formats are by
    far their most popular, with daily, weekly and single matches being available.
  • Sportito:
    Sportito is one of our favourite fantasy sports websites for a few
    different reasons. It focuses on football, but it offers live updates on
    matches, stats and injury news, allowing you to tailor your roster to real-life
    events. It is worth noting that there is no salary cap when you play with
    Sportito, meaning that you can include any players on your roster.

Building a Strategy

Building a strategy when you are new to playing fantasy
football can be quite difficult, as you need to have some knowledge regarding
the statistics of the players who you are looking to place on your roster.

This could include statistics on their goals, crosses, off
and on target shots, tackles and interceptions. Each of these subject areas
will count towards your finishing score if you are playing Daily Fantasy
Sports, and they are all important.

We would recommend that you keep an eye on your budget when you are building
your roster. Make sure that you have specialists across the field, including in
your corners to threaten your opponent’s goal. Your defensive midfielders
should be carefully considered, as their actions will increase the points that
you have on the scorecard.


How do you play fantasy sports?

Playing online fantasy sports could not be easier. You
simply have to select a website that you think you would like to use and follow
its sign-up process. Once you have an account, you will be able to build your
roster and start playing with other real-world players.

If you are looking to earn real money, then you might be
asked to verify your identity before you can make any withdrawals. Make sure
that all of your details are correct during the sign-up process.

Are fantasy sports gambling?

Whether or not fantasy sports are classified as gambling is
a bit of a grey area that causes much discussion and confrontation. There is an
element of chance that would point to them being a form of gambling, but there
is also an element of skill that cannot be seen in other gambling fields.

On one hand, you could argue that you’re essentially
gambling on the skills that a real-world player will be showing at any given
time and that on its own would be a form of gambling. On the other hand, you
have to have an intimate working knowledge of your chosen sport and its
players, which would point to it being a skilled activity and not a form of

We believe that its best to look at fantasy sports as a form
of gambling, just as DraftKings and FanDuel do. These two industry leaders are
both in agreement that fantasy sports are gambling-oriented, and often use
gambling-related terms like “wager” and “betting” when they are referring to
the sport in interviews.

In the United Kingdom, betting on the outcome of fantasy
sports is considered to be a form of gambling and it should be treated as such,
as it is covered by the same body of regulations. Make sure that you check the
terms and conditions that are present on any site that you are thinking about

Are Daily Fantasy Sports legal?

Whether or not Daily Fantasy Sports are legal depends on
where in the world you are. In America, there are certain states where they are
legal and certain states where they are not. In the United Kingdom, fantasy
sports are legal, but they are classified as a form of gambling, meaning that
they are covered by the same restrictions.

We would advise that you check with your local governing
body before you start betting on fantasy sports, just in case you happen to
live in an area where they are illegal.

Can I play Fantasy Premier League?

If you have found yourself wondering how to play Fantasy
Premier League, you will be happy to hear that it is quite easy to do just
that. A lot of different UK-focused fantasy sports website offer fantasy
Premier League and a number of top Premier League players that can be added to

Can you win money playing fantasy football?

You certainly can win money when you are playing fantasy
football, and there are plenty of free fantasy sports for money available out
there. But, how do you create a fantasy football league for money?

Simply put, you have to place bets on your own team winning.
This might be on their own, or it might be as part of a league.


As you can see, the world of fantasy sports covers a lot of
different areas. It gives people around the world the opportunity to create
their own rosters, and the performance of their roster is based on real-world
statistics and events. Naturally, this means that people who are familiar with
their chosen sport are probably going to be better off.

In the United Kingdom, Fantasy Premier League is by far more
popular than some of the other options that are available. We would advise that
you start your way there and then perhaps work your way around some of the
other sports.

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