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Betting on darts

Betting on Darts in the United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, the sheer popularity of darts is
enough to catch the attention of any smart bookmaker. Naturally, this explains
why so many are now offering a range of betting markets, covering everything
from small tournaments to tournaments with massive prizes. Today, we are going
to be uncovering betting on darts in the United Kingdom, as well as sharing
some of our favourite betting on darts tricks and tips.

The World of Darts

Darts is unlike many sports that people enjoy placing bets
on because it involves sheer precision. A good eye and a steady hand are all
that you need to play, and everyone can enjoy a game of darts in their local
whenever the urge to arises.

Now, the world of professional darts isn’t quite as relaxed,
as professional darts players are quite literally expected to hit winning
targets every single time they launch an arrow. This turn-based sport might
seem too simple to really become enveloped in at first, and yet it truly
captivates, with people watching it intently as they wait to see whether or not
the right points of the board are going to be hit.

From the Pub to the Premier League

Darts has quite a cheesy reputation as a pub sport, and yet
anyone who truly follows the sport will know that it has been transformed into
something entirely different over the past few decades.

If you aren’t familiar with the words of darts, then you
might be imagining a bunch of alcoholics competing over £30. But, the reality
is very different. For example, the Premier League offers a total prize package
of £725,000 and fills arenas. This sounds insane, and then you realise that the
World Championship offers a total prize package of £1,500,000. A lot of the
people who have won this prestigious event have won more than once, and you
might want to keep that in mind when you are placing your bets.

Like all official sports, darts is ruled over by a number of
different governing bodies, including the PDC and the BDO. The former is what
really adds a layer of prestige to the world of darts, as it comes with Sky TV
coverage. Now, a variety of betting markets are held by both of these governing
bodies, but a lot of the best odds can be found surrounding the former.

Betting on Darts

As we delve into the betting zone, darts becomes a little
bit more complex. Darts betting today covers a range of different events across
the year and there are tournaments held almost constantly, but some of the
major events are definitely worth starting with if you are new to betting on

For example, the Premier League that spans the breadth of
the United Kingdom, the World Championship at Alexandra Palace and the Grand
Slam of Darts in Wolverhampton are all worthy of your attention. These prestigious
events attract the best players from around the world, so you know that the
competition will be evident.

One of the best things about darts is the many ways in which
the sport is evolving. Now, tournaments are being held around the world, with
the industry growing in North America, across Europe and even in places like
Japan and Africa.

Darts Betting Markets

There are quite a few different darts betting markets for
you to choose from, but we would recommend sticking to Most 180s if you are new
to this side of the gambling field. One of the best things about Most 180s is
the fact that the darts betting odds are quite incredible.

Unfortunately, the odds in darts are usually impressive
because the risk is high. It just takes one flawless move for an underdog to
steal a competition. We see outsiders come and blow experienced professionals
out of the water frequently, and you have to try to weigh up whether or not
that will happen.

We would highly recommend that you take a look into the
statistics of both darts players before you delve into the Most 180s market. If
you get to know a little bit about their habits, then you might be able to
predict the outcome of the match with some accuracy. Sometimes, darts players
are paired up with people of different skill levels, and you can really use
this to your advantage.

Our Favourite Betting Fields

When we take a look at the bets that are currently being
offered by bookmakers, we can see that there are plenty of different things to
bet on in the world of darts. Some of our favourite betting fields include:

Betting on the Winner

Who doesn’t enjoy betting on who the winner of a tournament
will be? If you are looking to place a fun bet that might work out well, then
you should go ahead and think about betting on who you think will be the winner
of one of the world’s most prestigious darts contests.

If you are going to do this, we would recommend that you
pick more than one potential winner. The winner could be an old and experienced
darts player on a winning streak, or it could be a young competitor full of
fire who has risen as an underdog in the field.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is quite possibly the most popular form of
betting when it comes to betting on darts. Most major bookmakers in the United
Kingdom will give you the opportunity to place handicap bets, with many
covering all of the rounds in a number of different competitions, both locally
and internationally.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to tell you who you should
bet on if you are placing a handicap bet. We would simply recommend that you do
your research before you place your bet. Try to make sure that you know how
well each player is currently performing and what their recent track record
looks like. You should also try to anticipate how they format their games, as
some really take over when matches are quite long and others fare better in
short matches.

Nine Throws

If you already know about darts, then you will more than
likely already know what we mean when we are referring to nine throws. Have you
ever seen a darts player make their 501 disappear with just nine arrows? This
might sound impossible, but a lot of the world’s best darts players (and the
darts players at international competitions) are more than capable of achieving

Betting on nine throws can be a little bit risky, but the
odds are often incredible. We have seen the likes of 20/1 and 30/1 as odds on
nine throws, even when the match has been between two of the best players in
the business. If anyone is going to be able to achieve nine throws, it’s these

Darts Betting Tips

Now that you know what sort of bets you can place on darts,
you should probably think about developing your own betting strategy. It’s
never wise to start placing bets without a strategy behind you, but a good
strategy will take you far.

To help you build your strategy we are going to be sharing some
of our favourite darts betting tips today, they include:


Before you even think about placing a bet, you should think
about who you are going to be betting on. If you don’t know who you should bet
on, then we would highly recommend that you do some research before going any

When you are researching darts players, you should take a
look into their statistics and try to see if you can spot any recognisable
patterns. For example, some darts players perform incredibly when they are playing
longer matches, whereas others seem to lose their way when they are involved in

You should also look at whether or not they have any habits
with regards to what they hit, or patterns when they are playing. Do they tend
to come through time and time again, or are they an underdog that only performs
well at times? How do you think they will perform against their competitor?

We would also recommend looking into the social media
profiles of each player. Any injuries can really throw a game of darts, and you
might be able to spot injuries on social media profiles.

Back to Lay

Placing this kind of bet can feel a little bit
counterproductive to start with, simply because you are actually betting on who
you think will lose the match and not who you think will win. Generally
speaking, the odds are really good for these kinds of bets, and you can stand
to win a lot of money if you are smart about the bets that you place.

If you can see that you picked wrong, then you can also cash
out while the game is in play. This is useful because it means that you won’t
lose quite as much money as you otherwise would.

Form Outsiders

If you are looking at the BDO World Championship, then you
can bet however you want to. One of the best things about this event is the
fact that it is known for producing underdogs, so selecting outsiders can work
out incredibly well for you.

Chances are, you will experience better results when betting
on the BDO World Championship if you are researching the players you are betting
on. If you aren’t, then you might struggle a little bit.

Correct Score Dutching

We would recommend that you avoid Correct Score Dutching
like the plague if you are new to betting on darts, and focus your attention on
learning more about the sport and betting on the sport. But, if you know enough
to get by, then you should definitely consider it.

During the early stages of a contest, a lot of the players
who are set to play each other are on different skill levels. This can make it
easy to guess what the outcome of each match will be. Correct Score Dutching
involves guessing what you think the likeliest score of the match will actually
be. You can make multiple selections, and you only need one of them to be right
to stay in the green.

Avoid the Old Favourites

Once upon a time, the same people won darts competitions
again and again. Some of these people still play darts at a professional level,
and that can make it very tempting to bet on them. Unfortunately, the tables
have since turned and there are a lot of young competitors who are able to beat

The International Platform

If world darts is something that piques your interest, then
you will be happy to hear that lots of British bookmakers offer wonderful
betting odds for the darts events that can be found happening around the world.


What does “each way” mean in darts betting?

Each way betting is quite unique, as it involves betting
both on who will win a tournament. But, you will also receive a payout if they
finish in one of the placed positions.

Where can I bet on darts?

There are a lot of different bookmakers online who will
allow you to bet on the outcome of darts, including William Hill darts betting.

Can I bet on international darts events?

Yes! A lot of British bookmakers will now give you the
option of betting on international darts events.

Is betting on a tournament winner difficult?

Years ago, betting on who the winner of a tournament would
be was easy. Phil Taylor is a perfect example, having dominated the
Professional Darts Corporation for more than a decade. Unfortunately, the
playing field is much more level now and underdogs are appearing all over the

Can I live stream darts as I place bets?

A lot of bookmakers will give you the option to live stream
darts as long as you have placed a bet of some kind. You do just need to
remember that there is a slight delay between the actual event and what you are


As you can see, darts is no longer a sport that is played by
drunk people in pubs. It sells out storied stadiums, and some of the available
prizes are incredible. We would highly recommend that you start following the
sport if you are thinking about placing bets, as statistical knowledge will
only improve your bet placing ability. Just remember, the underdog can steal
the game away in a matter of seconds, so sometimes even your best judgement
isn’t enough.

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