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Betting on Boxing made it easy

Boxing is popular all around the world, we can bet on big-timers like Anthony Joshua or Tyson Fury when they take on the worlds greatest boxers. Whether you are a fan or not we all have heard of the greatest boxers in history, Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, you name them. Because boxing is a traditional sport we can find it all around the world, and it is not strange with all the excitement the sport has to offer us. In boxing there are a few things to keep track of and some things that you just have to know before a fight and we are here to help you understand all different factors that come in to the world of boxing.

Just recently our UK fighter Anthony Joshua lost his belts to the Mexican Andy Ruiz Jr, this was a big happening as Joshua previously defended his belt with no problems multiple times. It was a real game changer and now we have a new undisputed champion of the world, how will Joshua bounce after that? No one knows, but we hope he comes back swinging for the belt again. If not our favorite boxer Tyson Fury just finished his last bout and came out winning. He was struggling for a long time with mental issues and depression, so his comeback has been magnificent, no one thought he could do it and we are all waiting for his next super fight, everything points towards Deontay Wilder with whom he just recently fought a draw in his largest fight since his comeback. We were many who thought Fury was the winner but hopefully he will succeed in the future to acquire his lost belts. With the 2 both having really entertaining boxing styles the 2nd bout should be as interesting as the first, if not even better. We believe that now that Tyson has found his way back after hitting rock bottom nothing will be able to stop this mean machine.

How to bet on fights

If we wish to place a bet on a boxing fight, first we need to know how to do it. So we are going to explain all the markets you may come across, as well things to keep in mind when betting on and watching the sport. As the sport is big worldwide we know that the bookies have a really good overview of it, and due to this almost all oddsmakers offer some odds on big fights around the world. Down below you can find the most common markets to place your bets on:

Moneyline: Also known as the outright winner market. It is the most popular market when it comes to fighting, this is where you pick a winner of the fight regardless of type of win. If you have chosen one fighter to win on the moneyline it means you win in all outcomes where your pick is the winner, it doesn’t matter if he wins by knockout or decision.

Over/Under betting: Before every fight bookmakers release a number of rounds they believe the fight will go for. So for this bet you can bet against their line and decide if the fight will go over or under the set amount of rounds. A simple bet like the moneyline with 2 options to decide between, good for newcomers.

Method of victory: A little bit more advanced for the people who are really into boxing and have good knowledge of the fighters and their styles prior to the bouts. You decide what method the winner will win by, it may be by decision, TKO, KO etc. Here you have to pick both a winner and the method of his win.

Live bets: In boxing, it is quite popular to place live bets as the fights go on, this makes the fight way more engaging as you can follow the fight and how it goes. For live betting, you can normally place on the above markets, with the most popular bets being on the round winner and the method of victory because you can see how the fight plays along while watching it.

Round betting: This is where you place a live bet on a specific round, normally on the round winner. For this, you will have to decide on two things, which round and who will win that exact round. Sometimes you may bet on in which round the fight the end or even between which rounds it will end, you can decide 1 round or several, but with lower odds than if you choose just 1.

Prop betting: We also find prop bets about pretty much anything, it can be “How many punches will a fighter land?” or “Who will start bleeding first?” and similar bets. A little bit more fun for you with more exciting markets, though usually much harder to win.

As with all betting, we strongly advise you to read up on expert advice before fights, so you don’t miss out on any of the latest news regarding the fighters, you can find some pearls to help you pick your winner!

Things to keep in mind with boxing bets

If you are keen to place your boxing bet there are always a few things to keep in mind before doing so. As a fight is always between two individuals there aren’t as many factors playing in as there are in football for instance, sure boxers have their teams and so but in the end it’s a fight man against man, your corner can’t do that much to help once the fight has started.

Leading up to a boxing fight there is always a training camp where they prepare themselves for battle, this is where you can get some news regarding there camps and see how they are doing. It is a great way to know what type of fight you’re going to see and which style is the favorite. Because fighters have their own styles it can be to your advantage to know about your favorite’s style compared to the competitor’s. Maybe a fighter is very aggressive and explosive in the first few rounds and usually gets his wins by knocking opponents out early, then you know in advance that if he is competing against someone with a weak defense or jaw that this might be finished quickly. Then it might be a good time to have a look at Over/Under bets as well as Method of victory-bets.

Or we have a different type of fighter, one that usually chooses his punches and has a very strong defense, here we can expect to see a longer fight, maybe even all the way to the end. One famous fighter with this style was Floyd Mayweather, always dancing around his opponents and deciding when to take his shots. This made him one of the hardest targets for competitors and it’s not for no reason he was the world champion for so long, he even made more money than any other sportsman for many years due to his consecutive winning streak which has given him the nickname “Money” Mayweather. It also gives a good hint of the popularity of the sport in the world.

Another factor before a fight may be the weight, as some fighters drop a lot of weight before a fight this can be both to their advantage as well as to their disadvantage. Because if they make a good weight drop before the weigh-ins they will have more strength than a fighter who always stays at the same weight, muscles weigh more and give more power to the punches. But a big weight drop can also be stressful for the body and hard to recover from, and this is why you should have a look at fighters and follow them as they prepare for a bout.

We also want to give a warning about home judges. If a fighter is fighting in his home town or country there are high chances that referees might give them a little favoritism, more than one have we seen how boxers are almost robbed of a win due to biased judges. This is something that has gained a lot of critique from fans throughout the years because it makes it harder for underdogs to succeed and sometimes gives a faulty winner in the eyes of many people. Hopefully it is something that will disappear with the sport with more eyes on it, we all want to see a true champion who has won fair and square without any bias. An example would be the big previous fight between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder where a lot of people thought that Fury was the real winner in the draw fight. Hopefully in the rematch there will be a fair fight with no bias.

Boxing betting sites

We are many people who like to bet on a fight and of course the betting sites are not late to offer boxing bets. Boxing is one of the more traditional sports and because of this it is quite intriguing for people all around the world, bookies know this and almost all UK sport betting sites offer markets on both small and big boxing events in the world.

If you are new to the boxing game we would like to advice you to use one of the welcome bonuses we have on our site in order to get acquainted with the sport. By using one of these you get a little bit extra to gamble for so that you can learn and try out some different markets.

Boxing around the world

Around the world we find many boxing sites and betting opportunities. The biggest events take place all around the world, from the big scenes of Las Vegas to Europe, with full arenas and excited fans. In boxing we can find different belts for the champions, this is because there are some different organizations who have their own belts. The 4 most prestigious organizations are the WBO, WBA, WBC and IBF who all have their own belts for the world champions. Some of the most known belt holders at the moment are Deontay Wilder who hold 1 of the 4 heavyweight belts, the other 3 are held by Andy Ruiz Jr after his win against UK boxer Anthony Joshua. Another big player on the boxing scene is Canelo Alvarez who has held 3 belts now for several fights.

For the UK fans we can expect the former belt holder Anthony Joshua to try and reclaim his lost belts, he previously held them for a long time and was cruising through the division. Now we can get our hopes to Tyson Fury who after his depression looks stronger than ever. After his recent win he has now set aim for the WBC belt holder Deontay Wilder who he recently drawed with. Fury was previously the holder of all 4 belts and undefeated but vacated the belts when he hit depression, the fight is going to be one of the biggest boxing fights in history, both boxers are undefeated and have a really entertaining style of boxing which should make for a great boxing match up. Some people even believe the bout will bring in the highest Pay-per-view revenue in the history of boxing. Nothing you would want to miss.


Hopefully this guide has helped you out and given an idea about betting on boxing and everything surrounding the sport. Keep an eye out in the heavyweight division where the UK has two of the top 3 best boxers in the whole world, something really interesting to watch and bet on. With 4 belts to keep track of in several different weight classes it never gets boring. Get in on the action and start winning along with your favorite boxers today! Good luck.

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