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Betting on basketball

Betting on Basketball in the United Kingdom

Basketball is quickly becoming one of the most popular
sports in the world to bet money on, but us British punters aren’t exactly
known for our limitless basketball knowledge. Unfortunately, we can’t base our
basketball betting techniques on what we remember of Space Jam, but we can
learn enough about basketball to place educated bets.

Today, we are going to be taking a look at the world of
online basketball betting and offering some lucrative basketball betting advice
for you to build your own gambling techniques with.

An Introduction to Basketball


As a sport, basketball has grown from a tiny sport with just
a handful of teams playing for the NBA to a massive sport with thirty teams
across North America. Talent for these teams is sourced from around the world,
and 82 games are played each season by each team.

The basketball season takes place over a seven-month period,
meaning that punters don’t have to wait too long for the season to start again
when it ends. They can also make the most of the season, as matches are held on
a daily basis.

With basketball betting UK sites, you will often be betting
on matches that are held as part of the NBA. But, some bookmakers also offer
you the opportunity to bet on college basketball. If you can’t get enough of
the season, then you should take a look at college basketball because thousands
of games are played every season, with dozens of games being held on a nightly

Placing Basketball Bets

Placing basketball bets can be easy or difficult, depending
on the types of bets that you are going to place. The three main betting types

Line Betting

Line betting is one of the most popular forms of betting on
basketball that bookmakers offer. Easily recognised as a type of handicap
betting, Line betting works with a point system. You simply have to make sure
that you pick the right side of the bookmaker’s bet.

Money Line Betting

We would highly recommend that you start out with Money Line
betting if you are unfamiliar with the nature of basketball as a sport. When
you place a Money Line bet, you are betting on which team will win the game.

Totals Betting

Over under betting basketball is something that you will
hear about a lot, but it is also known as totals betting. With totals betting,
you are placing a bet that determines whether or not the points scored in a
basketball game will be higher or lower than a number that is set by the

Alternative Bets

If you are familiar with basketball and you feel like you
are ready to place bets that are slightly more advanced, then you could also
look into the following betting types that are offered by bookmakers in the
United Kingdom: 

Double Result Bet

When you are placing a double result bet, basketball games
can be full of possibilities. These are where bookmakers split the outcome of
the game into different sections, and you can place bets on any of the four
different game periods. Usually, one team won’t win each of the four quarters,
so you can earn some decent money by splitting the bets up.

Multiples Betting

Betting on multiples is the same as accumulated betting, as
you have to pick more than one winning bet. If you pick three winners, then you
could stand to win a lot of money, but only one of your teams has to lose for
you to lose the entire bet. If you are betting on teams who are firm favourites
to win, then you could stand to win more money than you would by betting on
each team separately.

The Sport

Basketball betting markets are incredibly lucrative because
of the sheer number of games that are held each year, but the sport can also be
quite difficult to follow because of that. If you are the type of person who
likes to watch each of the games that you bet on, then you could stand to lose
quite a lot of time.

We would advise that you take a look at the following
basketball areas to start with:


The National Basketball Association offers some of the best
games to place bets on and you can place bets on almost every NBA game with a
number of different British bookmakers. We would recommend that you start out
by betting on either teams or divisions that you are already aware of, as this
should enable you to slowly build on the teams that you recognise and the
statistics that you are aware of.

College Basketball

Some British bookmakers will also give you the opportunity
to bet on college basketball. College basketball events take place on a daily
basis and thousands are held each season, meaning that you will never run out
of options.

Placing Basketball Bets Online

You can easily place basketball bets online by using a
reputable bookmaker. Most of the bookmakers who are based in the United Kingdom
will let you bet on National Basketball Association games, and some will bet
you bet on college basketball games.

We would highly recommend that you shop around for the best
bets, as some bookmakers, will offer better odds than others.

Betting on Basketball Strategies

Now that you are familiar with the different types of
basketball bets that you can place, you should use some of our basketball
betting tips to develop your own strategy. When you find a strategy that works,
you should stick to it, as basketball betting tips and predictions can be quite
hard to come by. We would highly recommend that you:

Start out with teams that you recognise.

One of the best NBA basketball betting tips is to start by
betting for or against one of the teams that you are most familiar with. By
betting on a team that you know, you can give yourself the opportunity to learn
where their strengths and weaknesses lie. Once you have done this with one
team, you will find it much easier to do the same with another.

What do you know about the current basketball team that you
follow? Do you know who the players on their roster area? Do you know where
their skillsets offer the most benefits? Do you know what approach they take
during games? If you know all of these things, then you should be able to make
educated bets around that team. This is much better than diving in at the deep
end and betting on teams across the board, because you could potentially stand
to lose money by doing that.

Shop around before you place your bets.

If you are going to place a specific bet, then you should
shop around to see what odds different bookmakers are offering on your chosen
bet. No two bookmakers will offer exactly the same odds on every match, and you
need to treat basketball betting like a serious business. Even a difference of
3/1 and 4/1 is a difference that will add up over time.

You should also keep track of every bet that you place and
make sure that you write down what the outcome was. This can help you by
preventing you from making the same mistakes in the future, especially if you
use basketball betting tips today so that they stick in your head.

Learn how to analyse a team.

If you are going to be placing bets on a team that is part
of the National Basketball Association, then you need to learn how to analyse a
team and their statistics. By understanding how well a team could potentially
perform, you can improve your returns.

This is the same as what bookmakers do when they are
deciding what odds to offer punters, but they have a number of analytical minds
and tools that they can use to their advantage. Luckily, the minds belong to
humans and humans do occasionally make mistakes.

When you go to analyse a team, you should think about the

Where will the team be playing?

It’s a well-known fact that teams have an advantage when
they are playing at home. With the National Basketball Association, this is
expected to be an advantage of approximately 2 points. You should definitely
take this into consideration when you are placing your bets, as it can
determine the outcome of the entire game.

How well do the players work together as a team?

You could have a brilliant set of basketball players as a
team, but if they can’t play together as a team they won’t make much headway. Sometimes,
egos can run high among basketball teams and players can decide to do things
that simply don’t work. If you watch a few recent games, you should be able to
get a feel for the overall team dynamic.

Are all of the players healthy?

Unfortunately, injuries are quite common among NBA players.
We would highly recommend that you keep your eyes on social media to see
whether or not players are injured, and take a look at the roster to see
whether or not any substitutions look like they could upset the balance of the
entire match.

How much of an advantage will one team have?

The National Basketball Association is quite unique in that
the better team statistically won’t always have the upper hand. There are only
thirty teams who play for the NBA, and this means that they all know each other
intimately. A team might have what they think is a secret play, but it might be
predictable because of how well another team knows their tactical approaches.

The results of National Basketball Association games can
often be unpredictable, and at least several teams beat the bookmaker’s
expectations every season.

Create a betting system and stick to it.

We would highly recommend that you should develop a betting
system and stick to it if you are planning on betting on more than just a
handful of games. Most people make sure that their models include points,
shooting percentages and rebounds. By creating a model of your own to follow,
you can accurately work out whether or not a team is worth betting on without
putting in hours of research.


What does moneyline mean in basketball betting?

Money Line betting involves betting on who the winner of a basketball
match will be. We would highly recommend that people who are new to the field
of betting on basketball start off with Money Line bets.

What is a spread in bet in basketball?

A spread involves betting on a margin that is set by the
bookmaker. You can bet for it or against it, and you don’t have to bet on who
the actual winner of the basketball game will be.

How do you bet on basketball?

If you find yourself wondering how to bet on basketball, you
will be happy to hear that it is notoriously easy to do. Most British
bookmakers will give you the option to bet on National Basketball Association
games, and some will also allow you to place bets on smaller games, although
the odds that you are offered might be less favourable.

What are the best basketball betting sites?

When you are trying to find the best basketball betting
sites, we would recommend that you shop around for the best odds instead. Try
opening accounts with a number of different bookmakers. That way, you won’t
have to faff around too much if you see that one is offering better odds than


Before you place your first bets, make sure that you
understand the odds and understand how well the teams that you are betting on
are capable of performing. The NBA season is long and contains hundreds of
games, but it can often be unpredictable and dark horses can rise up and take
on the top teams at any given time.

Luckily, bookmakers are known to make quite a lot of
mistakes when they are setting their odds, and these could be quite profitable
for you if they are treated properly. Try to make sure that you follow all of
the advice that we have laid out in this guide and you should be in for a
profitable season.

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