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Betting on american football

Betting on American Football in the United Kingdom

As the sheer popularity of international sporting events
around the world continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, as does the number
of prestigious games that we can place bets on with bookmakers here in the
United Kingdom. It’s safe to say that American football is popular around the
world, but a lot of British sports lovers have yet to jump on the bandwagon.

Today, we are going to be taking a look at every aspect of
betting on American football, from the sport itself to how you can use specific
techniques to improve your own chances of winning. When it comes to American
football betting, UK bookmakers are quickly catching on. This means that
staying ahead of the game is imperative.

An Overview of American Football

As a sport, American football can be swiftly separated into
two main gambling categories. When you start to look at some of the many bets
that are offered by British bookmakers, you will be able to see both
professional leagues and college leagues that you can place bets on. There are
quite literally dozens of teams for you to choose from, as American football is
one of the most popular sports in North America, far surpassing the likes of
basketball and ice hockey.

When it comes to American football, gaining points isn’t always the most
important thing that a team has to do. Gaining territory whilst still being
able to defend your own territory is something that every player has to
consider. When a team has enough territory, scoring a touchdown or a field goal
and gaining points for doing so becomes easier.

The Team Dynamic

With the National Football League (NFL), each team is only
allowed a maximum of 53 players. Naturally, things would be manic if all of
these players were on the field at once, so only 11 different players are
allowed on the field at any one given time. In a team, there are several
different units, they include:


You might think that a team’s offensive team is the most
important, but their defensive team has to be of a skill level that perfectly
complements the offensive. Otherwise, the team simply won’t work well together.

If the other team has possession of the ball, then defensive
techniques need to be used, and players who specialise in them are the most
proficient at using them properly. Some of the most important defensive
positions include:

Defensive Linemen

Defensive linemen are very different from offensive linemen in
that they have to try and remove the ball from the other team’s Quarterback
before he has the chance to throw it to a Receiver or pass it to a Running
Back. This involves running around any tackles that are thrown into the ring by
the offensive team.


Linebackers are quite unique because they don’t have one
specific job. The Linebackers on a team can use their actions to support the
linemen, but they are also able to react to the actions of Running Backs and
Receivers to support their team. The ways in which they react often depends on
the specific play that is in progress.


Among the 53 players that can make up an American football team, there will be
a number of players who specialise in offensive manoeuvers. This mini-team is
in charge of carrying the ball towards the opponent’s end zone, where points
can be scored. Just like with rugby, you will see an offensive team throwing
the ball between players to try to carry it further. Some of the main offensive
positions that you need to be aware of to place smart bets include:


Perhaps the only member of an American football team that
most British people who don’t even follow the sport will have heard of, the
Quarterback is quite literally the leader on the field. His job is to throw the
ball to players who are receiving it, or to hand it off to running backs.

Offensive Linemen

Naturally, the Quarterback needs to be protected, and that
task is seamlessly handled by a team of Offensive Linemen. They provide
blocking and protect both their Quarterback and their Running Backs.


The Quarterback has to try to pass the ball to his
Receivers. They then have to run to catch the balls that are thrown by the
Quarterback and they can either specialise in catching long shots or short
ones. You can usually tell which someone specialises in based on their position
on the field.

Running Backs

The other team members who are protected by the Offensive
Linemen, the Running Backs have to take the ball from the Quarterback and
sprint up the field with it. If you have ever seen a video of an American
football player sprinting down the field with a ball, then you have more than
likely seen a Running Back in action.

It’s easy to see how
all of these offensive players can work together as a tactical unit, gaining
territory and improving their chances of scoring points as they do.

Special Teams

American football is more often than not referred to by British people by its lack
of actual foot contact, but a whole special team exists to handle a scenario
where the football does need to be kicked. This team includes:


The Placekicker has one of the most important jobs on the
field, as their job is to score points by kicking the ball through the
goalposts. They also have to kick the ball to the other team after points have
been scored, and the way that they do this can really make or break what
happens immediately after.


Naturally, sometimes the football can get stuck during an
American football match and a team can find it difficult to gain territory and
carry it further down the field. In this scenario, a Punter might kick the
ball, but this will be a free-kick and where it lands could be questionable.


Returners can kick footballs incredibly far, so it is only
natural that someone is on the field who can then return the ball to where it
needs to be. If a Returner plays his cards right, then a player can score a
touchdown on the same turn.

Gambling and the Team Dynamic

Understanding the team dynamic that is involved in American
football is incredibly important because you need to be able to research the
different players and some of the different plays that teams are known for.
This way, you can use your research to try and place bets that have been
carefully considered.  You can learn more
about betting on American football in the next section.

American Football Betting

You might have noticed bookmakers around the country
offering more and more American football bets. This is because the NFL season
is alive, and people are already starting to make money from both the
professional leagues and college leagues.

With British bookmakers, most of the bets that you can place
will fall into one of the following categories:

American Football Spread Betting

If you are new to the world of betting on American football,
then we would highly recommend that you start out with betting on the spread
market. This is a little bit harder to understand than some other kinds of
betting are, but it is also slightly less risky than some other types.

When you bet on the spread market, you are given a margin of
error that you can try to use to your advantage. This can give you some wiggle
room in games that you think could end up being a little bit too tight to call.

Money Line Betting

Money Line betting is perhaps the easiest kind of betting
that you can do, and it applies to a wide variety of sports. All you have to do
is choose who you think will win. You could stick to the same side as the
bookmakers and bet on the favourite, or you could bet on the underdog and see
if they can come out on top.

Game Lines

Game Lines are quite unique and they are usually offered by
some British bookmakers on a weekly basis. They involve lumping together a
number of different odds, and you can use these lump odds to your advantage
depending on the tactics that you use.

Totals Betting

Totals betting is slightly different because it involves
betting on the number of points that a team will score. This means that totals
betting is also slightly easier, as it is quite easy to research the statistics
and work out how to use your statistical knowledge to your advantage. Some
bookmakers will even lay out the stats for you.

American Football Betting Tips

It would be unfair to share the types of bets that you can
place with you without also sharing a little bit of information that should
help you on your way. Here are some of our favourite American football betting

Research, Research, Research

You should never make the mistake of underestimating the
amount of research that you should do before betting on sporting events. If you
know the game like the inside of your hand, then you are going to bet smarter
and your bets are bound to be more successful than they otherwise would be.

When you understand the game, you can start learning about
the odds that are offered by bookmakers and why those odds are offered. Is it a
smart idea to bet on the favourite? Not always. Sometimes a favourite performs
well at the bookmakers because of their following, and not because of their
previous scorecard. These are the sort of snippets of information that you will

Pick a Team

There are a lot of different teams and divisions out there,
so you should start by picking either a single team or a handful of teams to
bet on. This will enable you to hone in on your techniques without spending too
much money betting on lots of different games.

Eventually, you will be able to work your way up to placing
bets all over the place, but familiar teams and divisions will make the task
much easier initially. If you follow a team, you might already have an idea of
who they perform well against and who they perform terribly against. This
insight can help you to make sure you don’t place a bet at the wrong moment.

Is your chosen team playing at home? If they are, then you
should also take the home field advantage into account. Teams always play
better at home, and the teams operating under the NFL are no exception.

Make a Note

We believe that you should always make a note of every bet
that you make. This note should include the amount that was wagered, whether or
not there were any winnings and any specific comments that you have about the

By doing this, you can make sure that you don’t make the
same mistakes in the future. This will help you exponentially when you start to
bet on teams that you are less familiar with, and it will keep you alert
regarding your own spending.


Before you place a bet, make sure that you check out the
team. How are they performing? Are there any illnesses? Social media can be a
great place to start, as a lot of athletes share their illnesses in the hopes
of inspiring other athletes. Remember that one missing person can be enough to
throw a game.


What does Money line mean in American football betting?

Placing a Money Line bet involves betting on what the
overall outcome of a match will be. You simply have to predict who you think
will be the winner.

Can I bet on American football in the UK?

Yes, you can bet on American football in the UK. We would
highly recommend that you shop around to try and find a bookmaker that is
offering good odds.

Why is it a good thing to bet on the Spread Market?

Betting on the spread market simply gives you a little bit
more wiggle room than you would otherwise have.

What are Totals bets?

Totals bets involve betting above or below a points number
that is set by the bookmaker. You can usually use statistics to your advantage
when placing this type of bet.


There you have it, with a thorough understanding of American
football and the types of bets that you could potentially place, you are ready
to go and start betting on the legendary sport. Make sure that you enjoy
yourself, and perhaps take a look at college divisions if you ever grow tired
of betting on the NFL.

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