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Highest RTP Slots UK 2022 | Play with Best Odds

RTP is an acronym for the phrase “Return to Player”, and is expressed as a number that tells you what percentage of the money taken by a slot will be returned to players in the form of prizes. This is an average figure, calculated over millions of simulated spins, so don’t expect it to hold true for every gaming session. That said, the higher the RTP, the better it is for players. Here are some of the slots games currently available that have quite good RTP figures, and where you can play them.

Best RTP Games List [UK]

Mega Joker | RTP: 99.00%

With this slot, Greentube provides us with a Return to Player rate of up to 99%. But its RTP isn’t the only thing that has made it a big hit with players since its launch in 2013. One of the most striking aspects of this game is how it looks, sounds and plays. 

Mega Joker has been designed to replicate a classic slot machine and has two three-reel windows positioned vertically. Sound effects and symbols are just as traditional, so you’ll be hearing old-fashioned reels spinning as you try to line up cherries, lemons, watermelons, bells, and the Mega Joker himself. 

Gaming takes place on the lower set of reels by default, but if you get lucky the action will shift to the upper set, where the prizes are even bigger. Throw a progressive jackpot into the mix and this is a slot you’re sure to enjoy.

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Jackpot 6000 | RTP: 98.86%

Jackpot 6000 is another game that fans of class slots will love. This one has an RTP of 98.86% and gets its name from its top prize, which is worth 6,000 times your bet. It has a three-reel format and five pay lines.

Symbols in Joker 6000 are cherries, lemons, grapes, bells, and stars. Whenever you land a win, you’ll be given the chance to increase it (or lose it, if that’s the way the cards fall) via a special double-or-nothing Gamble feature

You can also transfer winnings to a Supermeter mode, where you’ll have the chance to land jokers and trigger a Mystery Win that can pay anything from 10 coins to the maximum of 6,000.

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1249 Uncharted Seas | RTP: 98.50%

This is a five-reel slot with a seafaring theme that was released by Thunderkick in 2014. It has an RTP of 98.5%. The game takes you back to a time when sailors often had little idea about where they were going and had to draw the map as they went along.

The reels are presented on a mostly blank map background, and symbols include the sun, moon, stars, a variety of sea monsters, a mermaid, as well as an expanding sea monster wild. A compass is a bonus symbol, and when you land three or more of them on the reels, you’ll trigger a Free Spins bonus round.
You’ll get 10, 20, or 50 free spins for 3, 4, or 5 bonus symbols, respectively. Land more compasses and you’ll get more free spins, up to a maximum of 50.

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Esqueleto Explosivo | RTP: 97.60%

Also released by Thunderkick in 2014 was Esqueleto Explosivo, and the fact that these games are still going strong is a testament to their quality. It has a Day of the Dead theme, so expect plenty of celebratory colour and mariachi music as you spin the reels to line up a variety of decorated skulls.

When you make a winning combination of skulls, the symbols involved will explode to make way for new ones. This means you can win multiple times with a single spin. Every win or exploding wild appearance will double an active multiplier value that starts at 1x and can go as high as 32x.
Those of you who play this game and enjoy it will also be interested to hear that a superb sequel called Esqueleto Explosivo 2 was released in 2020.

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Birds on a Wire | RTP: 97.20

Those of you who want to play a slot that looks and feels like something completely different should take a look at Birds on a Wire. This is technically a five reel slot with three rows, but the rows here are power lines. Press the spin button and the screen will pan to a set of empty power lines so that five birds can fly in and land on each one.

Get a winning combination of birds and they will be fried by the power line that they’re perched on. This will make room for other birds to take their place, giving you another chance to win a prize. Each subsequent win in the same spin will increase a multiplier, progressing from x1 to x2, x3, and x5.
If three or more bonus symbols land on the power lines, you’ll get ten free spins for the first three, plus an extra two free spins for every additional bonus symbol. The multiplier progression here is x4, x8, x12, and x20.

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Ooh Aah Dracula | RTP: 96.00 to 99.00%

The RTP of the Ooh Aah Dracula game from Barcrest varies, but it is never lower than 96% and it can go up to 99% in Hi-Roller mode, which is pretty impressive. As you’ve probably guessed, the star of this five-reel slot is Dracula, who is a higher-value symbol, along with his castle, a game logo, and more.

This game is packed with features that can be triggered, making it perfect for longer sessions. First up is a Free Spins round that will give you 15 free spins when you land three stake-through-the-heart scatter symbols. Get four or five scatter symbols and you’ll trigger a Stake It or Leave It free spins round instead.

Trigger Free Spins when playing in Hi-Roller mode and you’ll also guarantee yourself either a Graveyard Bonus or Super Graveyard Bonus. Here you need to select graves to find ghosts, and every ghost you find will increase your winnings.

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Jack Hammer 2 | RTP: 97.07%

We’re making it easy for you to find high RTP slot games, but if you want to do some private detective work of your own, play Jack Hammer 2 from NetEnt. Here you’ll try to solve a case called Fishy Business, and the whole game has a fantastic comic strip style.

Symbols on the five reels include a speakeasy microphone, a musical instrument case for a gun, a speedboat, and several different characters, including Goons, Don Crabby, Pearl, and Jack Hammer himself. You’ll find out all about those people as the game unfolds.

A winning combination of symbols will trigger a Sticky Win feature that holds them in place and respins the rest, giving you the chance to win even more. As long as the wins keep coming, so do the respins. Catch 5, 6, 7, or 8 fish symbols on the reels and you’ll get 10, 13, 16, or 20 free spins with random wilds and all wins doubled.

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White Rabbit | RTP: 97.72%

White Rabbit is a five-reel slot from Big Time Gaming that will give you up to 248,832 ways to win with every spin thanks to its Megaways mechanic. It has an Alice in Wonderland theme, with the White Rabbit taking centre stage as a scatter. Other symbols include the Mad Hatter, the Dodo, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, the Chesire Cat, and the Queen of Hearts.

A Caterpillar character can randomly add up to four bonus wilds to the screen on any spin, while a Bonus Wild can increase any win it assists by x2 or x3. Get three White Rabbit symbols on the reels and you’ll trigger a Free Spins round where cupcakes can appear before transforming themselves into other symbols and extending the reels they land on.

This is a superbly detailed game that’s as rich in features as it is in potential prize money. You can win up to 10,000 times your bet playing White Rabbit, so if you ever needed a reason to go down a rabbit hole, this is it.

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Money Train 2 | RTP: 96.40 to 98.00%

Money Train 2 is a brilliantly atmospheric Wild West slot from Relax Gaming where your job is to try and hold up a train containing stacks of cash. The game has five reels and the higher-value symbols portray four outlaw characters, while a skull serves as a wild.

You can trigger a Money Cart Bonus Round by getting three or more bonus symbols on the reels. Those bonus symbols will reveal a value and give you three free spins. Here you can land more special symbols to unlock reels and earn more free spins. If you’re a particularly lucky outlaw you could land yourself a maximum payout of 50,000 times your bet.

The regular RTP in this game is 96.4%, but if you use the Buy Feature option and pay to trigger the Money Cart Bonus Road, the RTP soars to 98%. However, if you find yourself only playing Money Train 2 for the bonus round, take a look at Money Cart 2, where it’s a lot more central to the game.

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Rainbow Riches Cluster Magic  | RTP: 96.34%

Barcrest has released a number of slots in the Rainbow Riches series, and all of them are great, but here we want to highlight Rainbow Riches Cluster Magic. This game is played on a grid and requires you to get clusters of five or more adjacent symbols to win prizes. Symbols include a variety of coloured gems, a toadstool, a lucky clover, a leprechaun, and a Wild pot of gold under a rainbow.

The visuals in this game are stunning, and there are plenty of features to match. Winning clusters are removed to allow new symbols to come into play (and another chance to win) on the same spin. Get six wins on the same spin and you’ll trigger a Free Spins round.

You’ll spin a bonus wheel at the beginning of the Free Spins game to determine whether it will be played with Persisting Wilds, Infinity Wilds, or Wild Rain. Whatever the case, keep your fingers crossed for the luck of the Irish as you pursue a top prize of 12,500 times your bet.

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What is RTP? Return to Player Explained

RTP is an acronym for ‘Return to Player’ which is essential to notice and consider when using slots machines. This value is calculated over time according to the number of bets the player plays, not according to the wagered amount.

For instance: a player can wager only £10 and still win £80, since slots have RNG technology making them random. Despite their RNG technology, RTP offers a good indication of the chances the player has in order to win.

RTP is basically the opposite of the ‘House Edge’.

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If a game has an RTP of 97%, it makes the House Edge to be 3%. Therefore, it is foreseen that the player would get 97% of the amount that they have wagered.

On the other hand, as fair and of an advantage as this may sound, it does not always work out that way and with good reason. If the player keeps on winning at that rate, then where is the risk of gambling?

Therefore, RTP is considered more of a theoretic concept. When developing a slot game, the creators programme the RTP into the slot.

Each spin is random and determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG). However, they are not truly random, or else there would never be any certainty of winnings and it would only make online gaming sites rich while emptying players’s pockets for nothing.

This is where RTP comes in: built into it is a code which creates the House Edge over an infinite number of spins. Therefore, the more spins the player bets, the closer they are in reaching the RTP percentage and win.

Developers are legally bound to make their RTP information easily accessible to the public before putting their games on the market, Thus, the player can easily find the RTP value of a game of their choice, which will most likely be found in the game’s settings.

The most common value of RTP vary between an average of 94% to 97% with some exceptions which go over or below. Common knowledge shows that the higher the RTP, the higher are the chances of earning a pay-out.

Although, this could also mean that winnings might be quite low. When a slot has an RTP of 95% or less, it does not mean that it is necessarily bad, it could mean that the developers intend to provide greater profits to the player instead of showering them with cheaper frequent winnings.

Factors That Influence RTP

  • The House Edge: the amount of money that the casino or site gets to keep on each machine.

It is the complete opposite of RTP since it is the rest of the percentage that is not returned to the player, hence, it can also be described as the amount of money which the player is certain to lose to the casino.

Therefore, if the house edge is 4%, that would determine the RTP to be 96%, while the casino enjoys the profit of that 4%.

  • Slot Volatility/Variance: indicates the frequency of pay-outs players have the chance for and how high or low that pay-out would be.

Nevertheless, two slots machines may have the same RTP, but one may have a high volatility whilst the other a low volatility.

High Volatility and Low Volatility Slots Explained

High Volatility: When a slots game has high volatility or variance, it means that the chances of a pay-out are slim, but when the player does win, the pay-out would be much bigger than those slots with low volatility.

Needless to say, in cases of high volatility slots, their RTP is usually on the lower side for obvious reasons, for instance a 92%, thus, resulting in a higher house edge.

So, the player can either go big or go home, they can keep betting hoping to win for quite some time before getting any winnings since the machine is storing all the bets to combine them into one big pay-out.

Low Volatility: Slots with low volatility offer players more frequent pay-outs which increases RTP.

Contrary to high volatility slots, these machines are not pooling all of the player’s money to give one huge amount, instead they provide the player with frequent small winnings thus, providing a higher return to player ratio.

Due to the increase in frequency of pay-outs, the players end up receiving low amounts of money if they win. Despite the small amount, it is a good way to go especially for beginner of casual players since it allows players to maintain a balance when betting and lessens the risk of losing all their money.

What Does It Mean To Have A High RTP?

A high RTP has various perspectives, depending on the casino or person. Some people might say that having a high RTP means anything above a 98% rate whilst anything below 94% is considered to be extremely bad.

However, the common variations and understanding of RTP can be categorised in 3 groups:

  1. Poor RTP: 90% – 93.99%
  2. Mid-Range / Acceptable RTP: 93% – 96.99%
  3. Excellent RTP: 97% – 99%

Note: There are very few slots that have a 99.1% – 100% return to player value.

Calculating RTP

While there are gambling commissions and auditing bodies to verify the RTP value which is claimed by the providers, players might still prefer to confirm their own RTP for their individual sessions.

In order to do this, the player needs to collect some information such as their total wagered amount and their total winnings derived from those sessions they want to calculate, including those won with free spins.

The next step would be to divide the total amount of winnings by the amount that was wagered, remove the decimal that it results in and the player can now confirm the RTP of that slot.

For example:

75 spins have been played at 50c each during the session. Therefore, the total amount that has been wagered is £37.50 and the total winnings amounted to £24.

Now all that is left is to divide those winnings by the wagered amount. That being the case, £21 divided by £37.50 equals 0.64 and after removing the decimal, the result comes down to 64 which is the RTP for that session.

RTP Tips

Gambling comes with a lot of risks, which makes it enjoyable for some. However, betting at the risk of losing money is not the only thing players should be concerned about.

Before logging into a casino, or entering personal and financial details, one should do a bit of research on the casino or site they are trusting their information with.

To avoid the risk of being scammed or have their information stolen, one should make sure that their casino is a licensed casino regulated by trusted governmental bodies such as the following well-known confederations:

  • MGA (Malta Gaming Authority)
  • UK Gambling Commission
  • Swedish Gambling Authority

This assures that the player is using a trusted and unambiguous casino.
Using any other unlicensed casinos is not suggested and they are not to be trusted.

More often than not, these casinos offer games that do not confirm their RTP or have a fake RTP value to adjust to a particular market especially those with high tax rates.

With that being said, enjoy playing safely and responsibly!


The RTP refers to Return to Player, which describes the percentage of your bankroll that you might assume to win back.

All game providers are required by law to make the information as accessible as possible to all users.

Most casinos present such information visibly but if you find it difficult to find out a slot’s RTP, make sure you check it with a customer service representative.

Yes. The higher the volatility of a slot is, the less frequent payouts you can expect.

However, once it does payout, you will also notice higher winnings. The rule works likewise the other way round – lower volatility gives you more frequent, yet lower in value payouts.

No. There aren’t any slots that guarantee winnings, mainly because the RTP of these games is always below 100%. However, the higher the RTP is, the better the chances of making a profit you will have when playing the slot.

When a player triggers the jackpot, the slot will have to pay a massive sum of money. For this reason, the game operator will have to put money aside to pay for this user’s windfall.

The slot developer will do so by lowering the RTP and stashing this money which later will be used to cover the prize’s value for the jackpot winner.