Win Great Prizes at Wink Bingo Weekend Wheel

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Updated Updated: January 3, 2020
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If you are already a member on Wink Bingo, then you have probably already heard of the Wink Bingo Weekend Wheel. This wheel is quite an innovative feature, offering users an extra benefit as they make deposits on the Wink Bingo website.

Playing Wink Bingo’s Weekend Wheel

If you would like the opportunity to spin Wink Bingo’s Weekend Wheel, then you just have to make sure that you deposit £10 and use the bonus code “SPINS” when you do. You don’t have to worry about adding this code to a specific deposit, it can be used whenever you make a deposit with Wink Bingo.

If you make more than one £10 deposit during the week, then you will still only be entitled to one spin on the Wink Bingo Weekend Wheel. Make sure that you use any spins that you do accumulate on the same Saturday, otherwise they will be forfeited and you won’t be able to use them.

Wink Bingo’s Weekend Wheel Prizes     

One of our favourite things about the Wink Bingo Weekend Wheel is the fact that it involves a guaranteed prize. There are 12 different sections on the wheel, and each section features a unique prize category. At the moment, those prize categories include bingo bonuses, bingo tickets, instant games bonuses, Wink Rewards, free spins and a bundle of both bingo bonuses and instant games bonuses.

You do have to make sure that you read the terms and conditions carefully. Some of the prizes that are present on the Wink Bingo Weekend Wheel do come with standard wagering requirements. It is worth noting that your odds of winning specific prizes are linked to your gaming activity. If you are a frequent Wink Bingo user, then you can expect to win slightly more than some people can.

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While some of the prizes that are available on the Wink Bingo Weekend Wheel are really good, others can be a little bit boring. The addition of a Wink Bingo Weekend Wheel that you can spin simply because you deposit money during the week really does add a unique layer to the site.

You can play as you usually would and benefit from this niche little feature, enabling you to earn extra bonuses during the week. Who doesn’t enjoy claiming bonuses?

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