Spring Loaded Giveaway at Betfred: £100,000 worth of prizes

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Updated Updated: September 14, 2020
betfred promotion spring loaded april 2020

BetFred has edged the pack in regards to this, with their very exciting looking Spring Loaded Giveaway which launched on Monday and is set to run across the month of April (Monday April 6th – Sunday May 3rd) and offers loads of prizes to their players. Accumulating during the competition time to a massive £100,000 worth of prizes being given away in total by the time it is concluded. 

The first thing to consider about these deals is that they are all-inclusive and all players are able to get themselves involved in this deal.

How to get involved

The best thing is that it is super simple to do.

  1. All you need to do is stake £5 on any products. It is a simple as that.
  2. Then, return at 17:30 to find the prize you have won for that day.
  3. You can participate each day from Monday April 6th to Sunday May 3rd

That is all there is to it.

What prizes are offered

Whether it is sports, live casino, classic casino, lottery or anything else you are a fan of, you can be eligible for prizes when you opt-in.

While furthermore, all the prizes available can benefit you in different ways too with the prizes being made up of useful prizes that can be used across their service.

Namely, Free Bets, Free Spins & Scratchcards but BetFred have confirmed that every qualifying customer will win something each and every day. Thus, from now until the end of the month prizes will be coming your way in some shape or form.

 If we take a look at the prizes on offer now then, there are separate rules for the prizes available based on whether it is cash that you win or the aforementioned gifts the casino are dishing out.

This is the number of each cash reward available each day:

  • £1,000 Cash x 1
  • £100.00 Cash x 10
  • £50.00 Cash x 15

£10.00 Cash x 45

£5.00 Cash x 75

All these prizes will be allocated based on a daily draw. Therefore, it may be the case that you miss out on these prizes on some of the days. This is not a problem though because as we have mentioned, there are daily prizes.

Second selection of prizes:

There is another selection of prizes if you aren’t in the lucky 146 cash prize winners. This will then be decided as a percentage based on the total number of players entering. They have proposed the following example for the case of there being 1000 players and so details the set-up for 854 prizes:

  • £10 in Free Bets: 1%
  • £5 in Free Bets: 1%
  • 50 x 10p Free Spins: 1%
  • £2 in Free bets: 2%
  • 20 x 10p Free spins: 2%
  • £1 in Free Bets: 3%
  • 10 x 10p Free Spins: 3%
  • 5 x 10p Free Spins: 5%
  • 5 x 10p Free Scratchcards: 5%
  • 3 x 10p Free Spins: 7%
  • 3 x 10p Free Scratchcards: 7%
  • 1 x 10p Free Scratchcards: 63%

You have the whole month to participate but naturally, the more times you enter, the better chance you have of getting these top prizes so don’t hesitate. Go to Betfred now to stake your £5 and get yourself involved now.

Good Luck & Have Fun!