Jackpots at Grosvenor Casino – Best Games for the Biggest Wins

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Updated Updated: December 13, 2020
jackpots at grosvenor

Grosvenor Casino is one of the biggest and most popular casino, famous for its impeccable variety of high quality and exciting games, and massive life-changing jackpots.

The operator offers sone of the best types of jackpots with some of the biggest payouts in the industry.

Have a look at the categories of the Jackpots offered at Grosvenor Casino.

Local Jackpot

local jackpots at grosvenor casino

This is a progressive type of jackpot game which uses a  portion of a player’s stake per spin to fund and increase the overall prize pool and the reserve jackpot.

In the cases where the game has more than one jackpot, the portion of stake per spin is used to fund all the jackpots. The jackpot can be won at any time provided the player is using real money. the chances of winning are proportionate to stakes per spin and a jackpot win is random. 

Jackpot King

jackpot king at grosvenor casino

The prize pool in Jackpot King jackpots is linked across a number of games. Participating games usually have the Jackpot King Logo. 

The seed value – starting prize pool, is funded only once per jackpot and each linked game contributes 1% of each stake per spin towards increasing jackpot prize pool and reserve jackpot.

Players can only win the jackpot when playing using real money.

Network Jackpots

network jackpots at grosvenor casino

This is a type of jackpot that is operated across multiple gaming provider sites. The jackpots have a seed value and a portion of stake per spin is used to increase the prize pool and fund the reserve jackpot, and also funds all jackpots in the case there is more than one. Any player contributing to the prize pool on any gaming provider website can win the progressive jackpot at any time. 

Daily Jackpots / Must Go Jackpot / Instant Cashpot

daily jackpots at grosvenor casino

Daily Jackpots

This is a promotional prize pool available daily to be awarded on top of standard wins.

The jackpot uses the regular progressive jackpot mechanism that grows each time cash is staked on the game. A lucky player gets to be awarded the wins each day.

Must Go Jackpot

This is a progressive jackpot promotional prize pool awarded on top of standard game winnings that is available in a number of games and is advertised alongside the game.

The jackpot is set to be won before it hits a certain amount on a per-game basis.

Instant Cashpot

This is a random mystery prize that on top of standard game prizes and can drop at any time of gameplay.   

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