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This campaign has expired!
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Updated Updated: September 15, 2020
2 up you win

2 Up, You Win! We pay out immediately if your team goes two goals up. Applies to all Premier League, La Liga and Champions League games!

Paddy Power is offering a special ‘instant payout’ deal on all Premier League, La Liga, and Champions League football bets until Wednesday 1st January 2020.

The rules are simple and the advantages are huge if you can pick out the right teams to bet on. Basically, Paddy is promising to pay out in full if your team goes 2 up at any point in the game, regardless if they then go on to lose or draw after 90 minutes.

We should point out that these bets are not available as part of your accumulators, but only in the single match 1×2 betting market.

For New and Existing Players

The ‘2 Up – You Win!’ offer is available to new and existing players at Paddy Power and it’s sure to attract the sports betting crowd in their masses.

Our tip for you is to do your research and look out for teams who have been known to throw away leads in recent matches.

A handful of teams in both the Premiership and La Liga are well-known for frustrating their fans by grabbing early goals and then letting their lead slip, either to then hold on for the draw or collapse and lose the game altogether.

Take the frustration out of backing this type of team by combining it with the ‘2 Up’ Paddy Power promotion. Essentially, this promotion means that you can get your hands on the winnings before the opposition has a chance to get back in the game.

Once you start to think about how this promotion works, you’ll start to notice that there is some good betting value to be made with a little bit of research and football knowledge.

You might have read articles about the risk of backing teams who are likely to throw away winning leads, it’s true that their unpredictability might disrupt your bets but when using Paddy’s ‘2 Up – You Win!’ offer, winning bets starts to look a lot more achievable.

Betting on teams who start quick and grab early goals can provide you with some instant wins, all without having to wait until the full 90 minutes is up to see if they can hold on to the win. You might even save a few fingernails along the way as you don’t need to worry about those nervous last few minutes in the game where one goal can change the outcome of your bet!

The fact that the promotion is only available until the start of 2020 means that you really should make the most of it now before it’s too late. 

Important Information for the Paddy Power ‘2 Up – You Win!’ Promotion

– Only bets on Premier League, La Liga, and Champions League are allowed

– Only single market ‘1×2’ bets qualify for the promotion

– Your bet will not be paid out twice if your team goes on to win the game after going 2 up!

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