April 2020: Daily Poker Tournaments at JackpotJoy

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Updated Updated: September 10, 2020
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All this month, you can experience perks of poker at Jackpot Joy for just 1p in this brand-new deal from the casino. While they are traditionally famous for their namesake- Jackpots – up until the end of April, there is a chance for players to explore another side of their service, poker, as there will be daily tournaments for players to get involved in until Sunday 26th April,

First tournament: Penny Tasy of Poker

There are two formats of these poker tournaments that you should be keen to get involved in. The first is the Penny Tasty of Poker Tournaments – these are, of course, the tournaments where you enter in for 1 penny but can turn that penny into significantly sized prizes.

Second tournament: Wild seat poker

However, the real prize money can be found in the other tournament this promotion covers – as Wild Seat® Taster Blitz tickets.

During these, you will need to invest slightly more, albeit only 19p more, in order to enter the Wild Seat® Taster Blitz tournaments.

This is a price worth paying when you consider that you could win as much as £2,000 for doing so if you manage to play your cards right during the tournaments.

If you are keen, these tournaments happen around the clock at 40 minutes past the hour so there are plenty of chances.

Once you have tried these poker games and seen whether or not you like them, you will have an insight into the Jackpot Joy poker options and perhaps may pull up a seat more regularly. Thus, it is a very cheap investment for you to pay in order to experience something new, while also being able to win yourself some very respectable prize sums for very little investment. As such, it is a win-win with very little on the line to lose.

Good luck & Have fun