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Updated Updated: May 26, 2020

Depending on the amount of points, players can earn up to £2,000!

Cash back promotions are very appealing to online bingo players. They offer some comfort by giving back players some of their own money. Most of the time, the cash back amount depends on the player’s losses. But there is one bingo website, Bingocams that has an interesting spin on this promotion. Here, the cash back amount depends on a player’s wins.

Bingocams is a reputable online bingo operator established in 2011. At first, its cash back promotion might seem less attractive than the classic ones where a player’s losses are considered, not their wins. But it can definitely rack up some nice cash back amounts and it is practical.

By taking part in this promotion, you also automatically become part of one of the most vibrant and active online bingo communities. You can also choose to use your webcam when you play bingo for a different experience.

Player Status Cash Back Promotion

Bingocams values and rewards the loyalty of its players with its Player Status Cash Back promotion. It runs on a points system that determines a player’s status and the cash back amount. It is an excellent incentive to keep its members playing and returning on their platform. Depending on the amount of points, players can earn up to £2,000!

How does it work?

  • You get status points when you win at bingo
  • You only get status points if there are at least 10 participating players in the room
  • According to the number of points you accumulate, your player status improves and so do the rewards

How many status points do you earn per win?

Win type90 Ball Bingo70 Ball Bingo
1 Line1 pt.1 pt.
2 Lines2 pts.1 pt.
3 Linesn/a1 pt.
4 Linesn/a2 pts.
Coveralln/a3 pts.
Full House5 pts.n/a
Room Jackpot50 pts.50 pts
Progressive Jackpot100 pts.100 pts

How much cash back do you get?

The amount of cash back you get depends on your player status (number of status points accumulated).

There are 24 different player statuses ranging from Bronze 1 to VIP 5. To activate the cash back, you have to accumulate at least 101 points for Bronze 2 status. You then get the minimum cash back of £2.50. This amount goes all the way up to £2,000 when you become VIP 5 with 35,001+ points.

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