31 Days Of Double Cashback for New Players at Target Slots

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Updated Updated: December 13, 2020
31 days of double cashback

Here’s an imaginary scenario – you register at a new, awesome casino, you play your favourite games and you score a double cashback at the end of the day. Well, you can stop imagining this extra-ordinary situation because it can now be your new reality.

Target Slots automatically offers to all new players a least 1% daily cashback which can quickly become a 20% daily cashback if you manage to reach the Legend loyalty level within the first month of playing.

How Does the Cashback Deal Work?

Below we’re presenting the table explaining the boosted cashback amount that concerns individual player levels:

  • Newbie – 1%
  • Expert – 2%
  • Pro – 6%
  • VIP – 10%
  • Legend – 20%

With the new deal, newbies enjoy 2x the advertised daily cashback% for the VIP level (see above). The deal is calculated as a percentage of your daily deposits with the deducted withdrawal and current balance amounts (00:00 – 23:59).

For example, if you reach a VIP loyalty level and deposit £100 during the day, withdraw £50 and then have £10 in your balance, your cashback will be calculated the following way: (£100 – £50 – £10) x 0.05.

How To Claim My Cashback?

To claim your cashback, simply go to “My Account” page, once you log in to the casino. Cashback generated for the previous day can be claimed only until 23:59 on the following day. Remember that if you fail to claim it in the given timeframe, it will be removed from your account. The money received via cashback deal will be added to your real funds – the best thing about it is that there are no wagering requirement or crazy terms attached!

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