Published Published: July 18, 2019 Updated Updated: July 18, 2019

Betting on World Politics

In the modern age, the political landscape is filled with more upsets and turmoil than any sports event could ever provide. This is why world political betting has become more popular than ever and people from across the globe are betting on the results of different political events, both within their own country and further afield too. Even those without an interest in politics should be enticed to give it a go as it is super easy to understand, while also providing lucrative payouts simultaneously. This page should help get you started with some world political betting today.

What Can You Bet On?

When the thought of political betting comes to mind, you might feel pretty limited in terms of scope when it comes to what can be bet on. This is because major political events only pop up once in every 4 or 5 years in most countries when elections roll around. However, across the world different political events are always occurring. This is the beauty of world political betting; there is always something going on. Here is a quick run-down of popular world political betting options you can access from anywhere.


While the Brexit vote is long done, the repercussions are still being felt in Britain. As a result, betting options are still open for different aspects related to the vote. The most popular one at the moment is the exact date of departure from the EU, which seems to constantly change, and whether or not they will leave at all. This aside though, there are numerous other options too. Others include the future of Scotland within the United Kingdom or if a United Ireland is on the cards now too. As long as Brexit is on the news, betting on it will also be on offer. with new ones likely to be added as the situation develops. 


Of course, it is not all about Brexit when it comes to the EU with their future also a hot betting topic. As well as their own elections, there are other pressing issues raised about the EU on sports betting sites. Most prominently about which, if any, country will leave next. The odds on favourite at the moment is Italy, who have their own betting section dedicated to them by some sites, but every country has its own odds. There is also the option for no country to leave, but you can be waiting a while for that payout.


This is naturally the biggest element of political betting and it is all about who will run the country. As mentioned, in your country this may only happen every 4-5  years, but across the world elections for national leadership occur at least once or twice a year. Given you ample opportunities to bet on elections. As well as this, betting on the next election in a country is another election bet, which can fruitful especially if the country is in turmoil. Even if not though, you can still place a bet on the next election being the scheduled time, which can be a fairly safe bet too. With this in mind, don’t limit your election betting to twice a decade when you can do it practically every year.


Whether or not an elected head of state is another topic for bettors to indulge in. Of course, it won’t take many guesses for which nation has a lot of bets surrounding this at the moment, with the US offering numerous different bets on the impeachment of Trump. Three popular ones are if he will be, when he will be and who will be his replacement. However, the USA is not alone and the option for impeachment can be found in any number of countries in turmoil at any given time.


While elections are important, who represents the bigger parties in the country battling it out for leadership is equally as important and as such, just as fertile ground for betting. Whenever a leader of a party steps down, bettors are chomping at the bit to place their bets on his predecessor. And with all the controversy seen among political circles, these types of bets pop up a lot more often than elections do. Don’t forget also, if a president, prime minister, chancellor or whatever else steps down, a leader bet will be the same as next person in that role, so always be ready with your leadership vote.


Depending on the political system in the country, regional votes are like the younger brother to national elections. While these happen the same frequency as national elections, they often happen on different years which means even more opportunities to bet. Naturally, these can be a lot tougher as there will be less coverage, but with online news, you can keep track quite easily still. 

Reasons to Bet On Politics

As you can see, world politics betting throws up a whole heap of different betting options, but why should you care? Here are our top reasons to partake in world political betting.


One of the biggest benefits of world political betting is that different political events are always happening across the world. This means that the variety of different bet is always changing. This is vastly different from sports betting where you will always get the same dynamic. Political betting can really evolve a wide spectrum of bets and so will keep you on your toes.

Less Predictable

If we have learnt anything over the last few years, it is that the political world throws up all manner of surprises. With this in mind, it can be very exciting to bet on. If we think back to two important votes of the modern age, whether or not you are a fan of Trump or of Brexit, the bookies favoured the other option. This just goes to show the upsets that can occur in political world betting and shows the excitement that can come as a result.

Good Odds

As a by-product of above, you can get very good results for betting on the outsiders in politics. Many nations have no clear winners in many of their political situations due to increased polarised opinions, this thus sends those odds right up, making them ideal for betting.


There is always a lot of different world politics betting to partake in, with all manner of different political events happening world-wide. Even if it is just a regional election or the leader of a new party, there is always fertile ground for political betting activity on the world stage. As such, if you get a taste for world political betting there is no need to ever be at a loss for ways to partake in it.

Easy to Track and Monitor

In this day and age with the ever-connected state of global news, it is super easy to stay on top of the world political betting. In the past, world political betting would be quite a feat as you wouldn’t have access to the public’s opinion easily. These days are now gone and you can find all you need to know to make an informed decision on other nations political results from a news agency, polls and even social media. All of which can help you make successful bets on politics from the other side of the world.

Boost Your Knowledge

While betting and making money is great, being knowledgeable about world political betting can often benefit you elsewhere. Whether that be making you a better raconteur in day-to-day life, giving yourself a new interest or merely helping to broaden your mind in terms of political opinion. Getting familiar with world political betting does much more for you than just help you win cash in a sportsbook.

Where to Bet on Politics?

Most sportsbook will offer political betting, whether that be within its own section or whether it is part of their specials betting page. However, some really go the extra step in terms of what they offer world political bettors and we have hand-picked our top three favourite political betting sites which are the ideal venue for you if you are getting started world political betting.


Unibet has one of the most diverse world betting politics options online with options for Australia,  France, Germany, Denmark Sweden and Austria, alongside the UK and the USA on their books. Within these sections, you will find ways to bet on the timing of their next elections, the outcome of these elections and different posts people will get. They also have betting options for the first minister to leave posts too. Alongside this, they also have some good options for EU betting with the fate of Italy, as well as who will leave the EU next all available on their site.


PaddyPower offer a wide diversity of betting options from all over the place, with the option to bet on leadership, elections and by-elections within the UK, Ireland, Spain and the USA to name just a few. One of the more interesting betting sections they have is completed dedicated to Trump and his future within the Oval office.  As well as a bet for “North and South Korea to reunify as a single sovereign state, as recognised by the UN, by the end of 2023”, which have a longer payout but currently has decent odds. They have several other political specials too which might be interesting to some of you with more specific tastes.

888 Sports

While these have a more English-language approached betting variety with options mainly for the US and UK, these are choc-filled with more niche betting options for players to choose from. The biggest ones right now are set for the American Election which you can pick the winner, representatives and more. While in the UK, you can bet on all the different elections that occur, leadership contests and future votes within the UK, such as a United Ireland referendum. You can also bet on laws and the option for in the spotlight gives you the top political picks.

Tips and Tricks For Betting on Politics

Before you get started at some of these great aforementioned sites, here are some top tips and tricks to consider before you get involved.

Follow The News

Without a doubt, the best way to get an insight into world political betting is to follow the news. Here you will hear about the different political situations, the public opinion and an all-around picture of the political landscape. Of course, don’t limit this to just one source and diversify your news consumption to get all sides of the stories.

Track Social Media

Once you think you have got to grips with the general overview of the politics, get on twitter and start seeing what people have to say. This is a great indicator of public opinion. This is also super easy to do as many political events will have their own hashtags which will bring up all the info you need to know from the public in once play. This is important as the news can often be biased and by following on twitter, you will get an insight into the publics thoughts.

Understand the Systems

Different countries have different political systems, which of course, means that the results can be varied. For example, in some countries, you vote for one head of state, but in others, you will elect parties for different regions and then who has the most regions will then be in power, while other countries there may be very little democratic infrastructure at all. You need to consider all this as it will greatly affect results.

Take Risks on Outsiders

Don’t be afraid to bet on the underdog. Plenty of upsets happen in politics on a regular basis and today, this is happening more often than ever before. Hence, why we would recommend not being afraid to bet on someone who may not be ahead in the polls or the bookies favourite as it is becoming clear the silent voter is having a larger impact than ever before.

Grab A Bonus

Much like any other elements of betting, bonuses are up for grabs for political betting. Many sportsbooks bonuses will also apply to their political betting sections, while on others, they may have special tailored bonuses for political betting. However, the latter is rare. Regardless of the situation, it is always worth getting a bonus in order to get off to a winning start.

 Summary Betting on World Politics

With all this considered, you should now be in the ideal position to know, what, why and how to bet on world political betting and can get off to the right start today. Remember, even if you aren’t a big fan of politics, there is still big money to be made and you shouldn’t underestimate its potential particularly in the modern age.

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