Updated Updated: June 19, 2020

Betting on Politics in the US: Donald Trump Specials

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If you have never heard of betting on politics before, then this article could come as quite the surprise to you. Today, we are going to be exploring the world of betting on politics with a focus on the US president, Donald Trump. In the United Kingdom, we can place a Trump bet on things like whether or not he will be impeached, the next election and even what he will say when he visits our own country.

Current Trump Betting Markets at Paddy Power

  • Trump to open Area 51 to the public during his first term in office
  • Any Mexican airport to be named after Trump
  • Trump and Putin to receive joint Nobel Peace Prize
  • To have a US navy ship named after him
  • Trump to Win a Nobel Peace Prize before the end of his 1st Term

An Introduction to Betting on Politics

Political betting markets are currently flourishing around the world and it comes as no great surprise that they are when we take a look at the media and how political events are presented. People can now really get a feel for what is happening in the political landscape, and both specialist bookmakers and high street bookmakers are more than happy to try to take advantage of that situation by offering a series of desirable bets.

In the United Kingdom, we have been able to place bets on everything from the outcome of the last election to the outcome of Brexit.

When you are betting on politics, there are three main types of bets that you can place: 

1. Betting on the Prediction Market

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When you are betting on the prediction market, you are usually betting on the official outcome of an event that has not happened yet. Ask yourself, will Donald Trump be the next Republican candidate? This question can only really have a yes or a no answer. Betting on a question like this would be betting on the prediction market.

Bookmakers can track trends and research public opinion in order to work out how popular individuals are to know where to hedge their bets when it comes to the outcome. Even when betting on political events was illegal in other countries, a lot of them still allowed prediction betting for future events. This is because researchers could then use the information collected to get an idea of what the public collective was thinking about specific candidates.

2. Placing Online Bets

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A lot of different online specialist bookmakers offer a number of political props that you can bet on. Some of these are ridiculous, and some will more than likely actually happen.

Right now, they include the odds on specific people winning the next presidential primary and presidential election, the outcome of the vote in specific states and what the candidates may or may not do during the election process. For example, you might be given the opportunity to bet on which phrases Donald Trump will use during the next election. Or, what tweets might be posted on his Twitter account.

3. Making a Novelty Bet

In the United Kingdom, you will also have the opportunity to place novelty bets. These should never be taken too seriously, as a lot of them are more for fun than winning money. For example, with the Betfair Exchange, you can currently bet on whether or not Donald Trump will win a Nobel Peace Prize this year, whether or not he will be impeached and what his official exit date will be.

Try to remember that these bets are about having fun, and not necessarily about winning money. Having said that, some people have won big on unpredictable specials bets in the past.

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Betting Markets: Donald Trump

Naturally, betting on the things that Donald Trump does and says is a little bit different to betting on the events of UK-based politics. Donald Trump is quite an unpredictable character, known for his Twitter outbursts and lewd comments.

It’s safe to say that, as British people, a lot of us struggle to understand how Donald Trump still holds the most coveted position in the United States and why people voted for him to be there. The novelty bets that we can place directly relate to this, as they are tied to our understanding of US politics and our viewpoint on the current situation.

Now that you know what types of bets you can place on Donald Trump and politics in general, we’re going to take a deeper look into some of the specific bets that you can place:

US Presidential Election 2020 Bet

If we take a look at the odds that are currently being offered on the US presidential election, we can see that Donald Trump is a firm favourite with the bookmakers. With Skybet, he has odds of 5/4 and is followed by Joe Biden at 6/5, Hillary Clinton at 40/1, and Andrew Cuomo at 50/1.

If you are thinking about betting on the outcome of the next election, then we would advise that you watch the bookmakers carefully. Note down all of the odds that they are offering, track how they change and make sure that you look at the odds that are also being offered by different bookmakers.

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Odds boost at Skybet

Where to Bet on US Presidential Election 2020?

Buzzword Bingo with Donald Trump

Every time Donald Trump visits the United Kingdom, Ladbrokes offer bets on what he will and won’t say during his press conferences in the form of “Buzzword Bingo”. With Buzzword Bingo, you have to pick the exact words or phrases Donald Trump will say during a press conference.

During his June visit this year, options included “fake news”, “witch hunt”, “Brexit”, “Sadiq Khan” and “Russia”. If you are thinking about placing this type of bet, then we would actually recommend you look at his Twitter account to see what words are on his mind. We all know that he shares whatever he wants to on there.

Novelty Trump Bets

There are also a number of different novelty bets that you can place on Donald Trump’s current term as president. Paddy Power is offering people the chance to bet with odds of 200/1 on the idea that Melania could potentially run for president against Donald Trump this year.

Increasing your Odds at Trump Betting


If you want to increase your own odds, then we would highly recommend that you do as much research as possible and keep your eye on the political landscape. If Republican followers start to visibly prefer another candidate to Donald Trump, then whether or not he will be named as the next Republican candidate could be quite hit and miss.

During your research, you should try to get a feel for the opinions of the general public, the things that Donald Trump is doing and whether or not he is doing anything that could ruin his future chances.

Picking a Bookmaker

Once you know what type of bet you want to place, we would highly recommend that you shop around to see which bookmaker is offering the best odds. If you are looking to place a novelty bet, then we would recommend that you take a look at Paddy Power as they are known for their list of fun novelty bets.

Sky Bet and Ladbrokes offer a number of “more serious” political bets and you could spend some time betting on the political events of our own country whilst you are waiting for things to happen over in the United States.


Yes, you can bet on Donald Trump winning the next presidential election. At this moment in time, he appears to be a firm favourite.

Yes, you can place novelty Trump bets. These range from Trump revealing the fact that aliens exist to him painting the exterior of the White House gold. Try to remember that these bets are usually just for fun, and it’s unlikely that you will win a lot of money from them.

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<p>If you are looking to make money by betting on Trump, then we would highly recommend that you do as much research as possible. Try to get a feel for public interest, as public interest is what often decides the outcomes of elections and who will be named as running candidates.<br></p>
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<p>At the time of writing, Donald Trump appears as though he is going to be named as the next Republican candidate and he is a firm favourite to win the next presidential election.<br></p>
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<p>No, there are no reputable bookmakers in the United Kingdom who will give you the opportunity to bet on whether or not Donald Trump will be assassinated during his presidential term. This is because reputable bookmakers know that placing a bet on whether or not someone will die simply isn’t good taste and they have both morals and standards.<br></p>
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<p>Unfortunately, these bets are offered by cryptocurrency market Augur. Augur is quite unique as it enables users to bet against other users.<br></p>
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