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Betting on Brexit, Odds and Bookies

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When it comes to political betting, there are millions of different betting markets that can be enjoyed by people from around the world. Today, we are going to be taking a look at Brexit and all of the different betting markets that the Brexit situation has opened up. We are also going to look at the odds that are being offered by bookmakers, and techniques that you can implement to improve your gambling game.

Where to bet on Brexit online from the UK:

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The Brexit Situation

If you have heard about Brexit in the news or read a story about Brexit, then you might not be fully aware of what is currently happening in the United Kingdom. We understand that because Brexit is a thing of many layers and most people don’t fully comprehend all of them. This section has been specially designed to give you an overview of Brexit, current opinions in the country and what will happen next.

What is Brexit?

To put it simply, Brexit is the phrase that has been coined for Britain exiting the European Union. Hence the term, Brexit. This is happening because of a referendum that was held on Thursday 23rd June 2016. The outcome of the referendum was a 51.9% vote that Britain should leave the European Union. The turnout for the referendum was 71.8%, one of the biggest turnouts in recent history.

What is the European Union?

European Union

Simply put, the European Union is an economic and political alliance involving multiple European countries. It was formed following the events of WWII, creating bonds with countries through trade. It is now a single market, meaning that it allows both goods and people to move around freely, like a giant country composed of more than two dozen smaller companies.

Is Brexit a definite?

At this moment in time, it does look like Brexit will definitely happen and the United Kingdom will leave the European Union. Having said that, the government could potentially cancel Brexit if they vote to do so.

What is Brexit?

This would require an actual law change, as it would mean going against the result of a legally binding referendum. At this moment in time, no UK-based political parties are looking to do this. However, the EU Court of Justice has stated that Britain can cancel the process of Brexit and remain a member on its existing terms.

It is worth noting that Brexit has been delayed twice so far, and the United Kingdom is now due to leave the European Union on the 31st of October. The two leading political parties, Conservative and Labour, were in talks to try and find a compromise that they could both back. This led to an official vote of No Confidence in Parliament and now a new Conservative leader will have to be picked.

Going Forward

There are a few different potential outcomes in the current Brexit landscape, including:

1. A “No Deal” Brexit

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If our politicians in Parliament can’t agree on a deal, then a no deal Brexit could take place. There are things that could be done to halt a no deal Brexit, especially if people in the Houses of Parliament agree with the decision. If politicians push, there may be another vote of No Confidence in the Houses of Parliament.

A no deal Brexit is risky business because it doesn’t guarantee the rights of any of the European citizens living in the United Kingdom. It could also impact businesses and the goods that are imported and exported from and to mainland Europe.

2. Renegotiating

There is every possibility that a new Prime Minister could try to renegotiate with the European Union. In the past, the European Union has refused every offer that we have drafted. If this were to happen again, it could potentially lead to further delays and problems.

3. Referendum


If talks with the European Union went sour, then there is a slight possibility that another referendum could be held in the United Kingdom. The general public could be given a choice on whether or not they accept a deal or no deal situation, or even whether or not the United Kingdom should actually remain in the European Union.

This is quite a touchy subject, as it would impact the way that British citizens see their vote and the way that they see the impact of voting, leading to a lack of respect for democracy. On the other hand, a lot of British citizens feel like they were lied to during the first referendum.

Political Betting: Brexit

Naturally, with the Brexit situation comes the introduction of Brexit betting. The bookmakers know that they can take advantage of the current political landscape, and they are not afraid to do so.

This can lead to them offering impressive odds that smart gamblers can really take advantage of. Try to remember that the bookmakers have the best minds in the business deciding what their odds will be, so you should always try to make sure that you do as much research as possible before placing your bets.

Brexit Betting Markets

Given that there are so many potential outcomes to the Brexit situation, there are a lot of different betting markets to match them. Some of the main betting markets that you may be interested in include:

A No Deal Brexit

When we take a look across the internet at some of the different available betting markets, a no deal Brexit bet is often available among them. Right now, William Hill is offering odds of 1/8 on the UK not remaining in the European Union following a decision made in this year’s second referendum, with 9/2 being offered on the UK remaining.

Brexit Betting Markets

The government will more than likely try to avoid a no deal Brexit, but if the European Union keep refusing to agree to the terms that are laid out by the British government then a no deal Brexit may end up being the only option.

A no deal Brexit could potentially mean re-introducing border checks within the European Union, trade and transport disruptions, no transitional period and European citizens living in the United Kingdom being unaware of what rights they will retain. Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour party, has sworn that his politicians will not allow a no deal Brexit to take place, whereas multiple other politicians have said that they will consider one should the European Union continue refusing our plans.

Betting on a Brexit Deal

Brexit deal betting is a little bit more simplistic than betting on a no deal Brexit. At the moment, it is widely believed among both British citizens and politicians that there will be a Brexit deal. With the leader of the Labour party stating that he will not allow a no deal Brexit to take place, his fellow politicians will more than likely be briefed on voting down any plans that refer to a no deal Brexit.

One of the main issues with this type of bet is the fact that the European Union has refused all of the previous deals that the United Kingdom has offered. They have also refused to move on certain areas, areas that are important to the United Kingdom and the things that British politicians want to change

Will Brexit happen?

If you would like to, then you could also bet against Brexit happening. When you bet that Brexit won’t happen, you are usually only presented with two different betting options to choose from. You will either be able to say that Brexit will happen, or that Brexit will not happen.

article 50

This is quite a tricky situation. When it comes to democracy, most people would love to believe that British politicians will make sure that Brexit happens. Unfortunately, the European Union has already said that British politicians can vote to remove Article 50 and that Britain can remain in the European Union under the previous terms and following the previous rules.

At this moment in time, it seems highly unlikely that Britain will remain in the European Union. Remaining would lead to normal British people questioning whether or not all of our future elections and referendums will be handled in the same way.

A Second Referendum

Referendum 2

You could also bet on another Brexit referendum if you think that one will take place. If a second referendum does take place, then you will also, have the opportunity to bet on what you think the British people will be voting for.

Will they be voting for what they want the deal to include? Will they be voting on whether or not we can leave with no deal? Will they be voting on whether or not we can remain in the European Union? There are a lot of different avenues that a second referendum could potentially cover, and it could be quite difficult to anticipate which it will be.

The Date

If you believe that Brexit will take place in the near future, then you could bet on what date you think the United Kingdom will leave the European Union. Given that this date has already changed more than once, we would advise that you exercise caution when placing a bet like this.

Improving your Chances

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If you would like to improve your chances when you are placing bets on Brexit, you should try to make sure that you do as much research as possible before you decide what you are betting on. If you do enough research, then you should be able to get a real feel for what will happen in the near future.

Unfortunately, anything further than the near future is quite difficult to predict when it comes to Brexit because of how turbulent the times are. We really don’t know whether or not Britain will remain in the United Kingdom, and we really don’t know whether or not a second referendum will take place. If you do as much research as possible, then you will simply be giving yourself a better edge and a better footing in the gambling world.

Now that Teresa May has received a No Confidence vote, a new Conservative party leader and Prime Minister will be elected. We would highly recommend voting on who you think the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom will be.

When we know who the Prime Minister will be, it might be easier for us to predict what will happen with Brexit. Different politicians have different views on Brexit and how it should be handled, and most of them are quite open and honest about their viewpoints. If a politician has been happy with a no-deal situation from the start, then a no-deal then becomes a very real possibility.


Yes! Placing a bet on Brexit could not be easier. For example, with a William Hill bet on Brexit, you might simply be betting on a Brexit deal and whether or not you think one will occur. With Brexit deal betting, we would advise that you do as much research as possible before placing your bets.

Yes, you can bet against Brexit. If you want to bet that Brexit won’t happen, then you just need to take a look at the odds that are being offered by different bookmakers and pick the odds that you like the look of the most.

Brexit should take place on the 31st of October 2019, but there is every possibility that Brexit will be delayed again should a deal not be reached by the British government and the European Union.

Hopefully, there won’t be a no deal Brexit. A number of different politicians disagree with the concept of a no deal Brexit, and there are a number of politicians who will do everything in their power to make sure that Britain leaves the European Union with a deal that works for everyone.

Brexit Betting Update  – The situation on 04th October 2019

With so much going on in recent weeks, it’s hard to keep up with developments. The bookies are as ever, on top of things. Let’s take a look where things stand if you fancy a Bet on Brexit! 

The Prospects of Boris Johnson 

With all the heated debate in parliament, the infighting with the Tory party and the controversies surrounding his advisor, Domonic Cummings, many people don’t expect Boris Johnson to be around much longer. 

Last weeks massive decision by the Supreme Court to rule that the suspension of the UK parliament was, in fact, illegal has given a massive boost to predictions of the demise of Boris as PM. 

If fact, the odds on him becoming the shortest-serving British Prime Minister ever have been drastically reduced. 

Paddy Power is currently offering tasty odds on Boris Johnson to be the shortest-serving PM ever (under 119 days) at 5/4. 

Betfair is offering up 3.45 for there to be a 2019 exit for Johnson and William Hill in roughly the same range for a change in No.10 Downing Street.

However, despite all the rumours swirling around Westminster village, Paddy Power is still giving odds of 1/4 for Boris Johnson to lead the Conservatives at the next General election. 

So, at this stage of the Brexit game, it’s hard to predict who will still have a job come Christmas, let alone who will be leading the country. 

Talking of which… 

When will there be a General Election? 

The current state of play sees Boris and his party in power but without a majority. This makes them overall, umm, well, pretty powerless right now. 

boris johnson prime minister
Prime Minister Boris Johnson

As Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has lost every single one of the votes which has taken place in the House of Commons. This is a record for any UK Prime Minister and not one that he’s going to be particularly proud of. 

Therefore, the situation we have arrived at is a Conservative government who are desperate to trigger a General Election.  

This situation is of his own making, having withdrawn the whip from over 20 of his own PMs who voted against him to enable legislation to block a No Deal Brexit. This has created a powerless government who are running out of options fast.

However, this idea is not supported by the leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn. He is holding out to ensure that Boris is forced to ask the EU for an extension to the Brexit deadline which helps to take a No Deal scenario off the table. 

It’s a crazy situation, as usual, the opposition parties would be very eager to make an election happen. They say it will but after a Brexit extension. Therefore, we could be looking at a UK General Election sometime in November. 

Who would triumph at the polls if one was called tomorrow? It’s close to call, but the opinion polls have the Tories with a 2 to 14 point lead over the other parties. Some polls even show Labour in 3rd place behind the Liberal Democrats. 

Paddy Power currently has 13/8 for there to be a November General Election with 13/8 on it being a pro-Brexit Conservative majority. 

Will there be another Referendum? 

Even if an election occurs, it might only change a few seats one way or another in Parliament. With a Tory majority, there’s still no guarantee of getting a Brexit deal through the house of commons if some PMs rebel as they have been on regular occasions.  

Many politicians and pundits alike see another referendum as the only way forward. Putting the deal vs remain back to the people for another vote may be a risky strategy but there are increasing calls for it to happen. 

Indeed, Labour has now made it an election pledge as have the Liberal Democrats. So, what do the bookies think are the chances of a second Brexit referendum happening? 

Betfair has it split pretty even at 1.03 for and 1.04 against, it couldn’t be much tighter.

Paddy Power has 1/100 against it happening and 1/12 in favour of it happing. So, it’s not looking as likely as some might think. 

Will Brexit still happen? 

It’s no surprise that, given all of the above occurrences, many are starting to doubt that Brexit will even happen at all. Let alone in 2019. It’s interesting how much the Brexit odds have moved on this now that the agreement hammered out by Theresa May feels like a distant memory.  

However, there’s now talk in recent weeks that the deal that was voted down by MPs 3 times in total could make a glorious 4th appearance if Boris manages to secure some tweaks to the backstop. 

Betfair has the odds of a 2019 successful Brexit at 3.00 and it happening sometime in 2020 at 4.20. 

William Hill has odds of 1.30 for no Brexit happening before the current leaving date of 31st October 2019. That’s compared to 3.40 odds of a Brexit of any sort before that date. 

Paddy Power is showing 6/1 for no Brexit, in any form, taking place before the end of 2019. With a 7/2 bet on Brexit for the UK to leave the EU with a withdrawal agreement before New Year’s day 2020.   

Snap Election in the UK? | Nov 2019

With Brexit coming closer and the pieces coming together we have now just recently learned about the three-month extension for our politicians to put the deal in place. EU agreed to the extra time to solve all surrounding issues before the final exit. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has raised voices regarding the need for a general election. And bookies are not late to respond, what do the odds have to say about a snap election in the UK?

Why would he want another election?

As the next formal election is not scheduled to be held until 2022, Boris is looking to restore the Conservative Party’s majority in the parliament to make it easier to get his Brexit deal through the books. But in order for him to have a snap election he would need to secure a 2/3 majority in the parliament’s vote, as of now this is not the case, he previously fell short as he only managed to get 299 votes of the 434 necessaries. As over a third of the MPs are opposing him and his politics this can prove to be very difficult, last time they didn’t even bother to submit their vote, what a way to represent the people.

BoJo has a lot to win from a general election, as his popularity has been increasing since he came to power he believes another vote would secure him larger margins to get his Brexit deal through. There is also another chance we get to see a general election and that is if a one-line bill is passed through the House of Commons regarding the election, this bill would only need over 50% majority of votes to be approved.

The third option for Johnson is to resign, if he did he would leave or call a no-confidence motion in himself to trigger a chance for election, first the MPs would get 14 days to form a new government. If not successful in these 14 days then a general election would be held at the earliest time possible.

What do bookmakers think regarding a snap election?

As we can see there are some ways for Boris to get to a general election, the question is if he will manage? Labour has more to lose if an election is held and we can expect them to keep working against the will of the PM. But what do our bookies say about everything, is there money to be made also for us?

You can find many different markets for an eventual upcoming general election. Such as “Most Seats”. You can decide on your winner.

If you feel like Nigel Farage and his Brexit Party will slide in and steal the votes odds are given at 50/1 with PaddyPower.

If you instead would like to vote on gets majority you also have some options. For no overall majority, William Hill offers odds of 5/6 and for a conservative majority, you find odds of 6/5!

As we see chances are high of a general election giving more seats to the conservatives if we are to listen to the bookies, take a look at what you think and make sure to place your bets before it is too late, good luck!  

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