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English Premier League Betting in NZ

The English Premier League (EPL) is the country’s top football competition for men’s professional clubs. We provide you bookies with best odds on the EPL, tips and a full guide on how to place a bet. Read More

During this annual competition, the top 20 teams in the country go head to head, providing spectacular moments and thrilling action to their fans. This championship is closely followed in NZ and this has led to numerous online sportsbooks offering English Premier League markets.

In this guide, we will cover:

  • tips to find the best betting sites and odds,
  • recommend top English Premier League NZ sportsbooks,
  • how to live stream your favourite football games online,
  • different markets you could wager on,
  • how to watch live games directly from your sportsbook account.

Picking the Best EPL News & Betting Sites

With an ever-greater number of Kiwis enjoying football betting, the number of online sportsbooks in NZ has never been higher. This is good news for you as it means that you can browse for the platforms which offer the most advantageous offers, greatest odds, and highest level of service. In addition, many of these bookmakers provide updated English Premier League live scores and EPL news to keep you up to date with all that’s happening.

Placing your first EPL wager on a reputable betting site should be fairly straightforward. Once you have registered and verified your account you would need to follow these general steps:

  1. Visit the sportsbook and click on the football section.

  2. Search for English Premier League Fixtures and markets.

  3. Select the match or market you wish to bet on and enter the value of your wager.

  4. Confirm your bet, ensuring you have sufficient funds in your account.

The sportsbook would normally confirm your bet instantly. The bet will remain active until the end of the match or specific market. Once over, you will receive any payout directly into your account. In some cases, it is possible to cash out early. We will explain what this entails further on in this English Premier League Betting guide.

Top 3 Recommended EPL Bookies for NZ

In order to help get you started choosing the best EPL sportsbooks in NZ, we have shortlisted a few recommendations.

  • Betway: Betway provides an extensive sportsbook with a comprehensive selection of sports and events. English Premier League fixtures feature prominently on the platform, with a variety of markets and special Betway Bonus deals to choose from. The sportsbook provides a sports-focused welcome offer as well as numerous ongoing promotions for existing players in NZ.
  • 888 Sport: It is difficult to think of an online sportsbook offering as many markets as 888Sport. Part of a global gambling powerhouse, this online platform lets you wager on EPL scores as well as English Premier League fantasy football. Players have access to 24/7 live chat support along with an extensive selection of payment methods and the possibility to pay in NZ$.
  • Bethard: Bethard is known for offering some of the more generous sports welcome bonuses to NZ players. The online sportsbook features a comprehensive selection of markets, including EPL results and transfer predictions. Moreover, punters can wager on a selection of EPL fantasy results together with other fantasy sports.

Understanding How EPL Betting Odds Work

If you are new to placing football bets you need to learn the basics of how odds are presented and how they impact potential payouts. There are several ways to show odds, but the most popular two are decimal and fractional. No matter which format you find them in, all odds show the probability of a particular occurrence taking place.


An example of an EPL odd of a particular team beating another team could be shown as 1.91 in decimal format and 10/11 in fractional format. If you were to place a wager of NZ$15 and win, you would receive NZ$28.65 (NZ$15 x 1.91).

Every online bookmaker is free to set its own odds. Events that are very likely to happen, such as a strong team beating a weak one, are offered with low odds. Simultaneously, unlikely events, such as a weak team beating a strong one, are offered with high odds to entice punters. When doing so, it normally includes a house edge in a similar way to online casinos.

EPL Standings Explained

The English Premier League takes place each year between August and May. It features 20 teams who each play two matches against each other. In each pair of matches, one game is played in the home stadium of one team and the second is played in the home stadium of the other team. As with most football championships around the world, three points are awarded to a winning team, and one point is awarded to each team that ties with another.

By the end of the tournament, the team that makes it to the top of the EPL standings is crowned the winner. If multiple teams have an equal number of points, the winner is determined based on the number of goals scored. In contrast, the bottom three teams are relegated to the secondary football club competition, known as the Championship.

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Understanding English Premier League Markets

By choosing one of the top-tier online bookmakers in NZ to place your EPL results bets you will be getting access to a variety of markets. The following is an explanation of some of the more popular ones.

  • Final Result: The final score market is easy to understand and consists of punters correctly predicting which team will win the match or if both teams will tie. Rather than just bet on a single match, some punters use this market to place bets on multiple matches using an accumulator bet which offers them better odds.
  • Double Chance: The double chance market allows punters to back two out of three possible occurrences of a match. By placing a double chance bet you can receive a payout both if the home or away team win, or if either the home or away teams win or both teams draw. Double Chance markets have lower odds than others, but also offer higher possibilities of a correct prediction.
  • Over/under Goals: Whilst it can be very difficult to correctly predict the exact final score of a match, the over/under goals market provides an easier alternative. Online bookmakers provide a selection of potential goal totals for an EPL match and punters need to predict whether the actual total will be higher or lower. There is no requirement to correctly guess the exact number of goals scored, just whether it is more or less than what the bookmaker has suggested.
  • Handicap: There are several versions of handicap markets but they all essentially provide the same effect. A handicap is added to a stronger team in order to level the playing field when it plays against a weaker team. When a handicap is added, the team must do more than just win in order for bets backing it to be paid out. Instead, it must score a certain number of goals more than the weaker team. Similarly, bets backing the losing team can still win as long as the winning team does not meet the minimum requirement of goal difference.
  • Both Teams to Score: This is a straightforward market that requires punters to bet on whether both teams will score during a particular game. Punters bet on either Yes or No and it doesn’t matter how many goals are ultimately scored or which team wins the match.

EPL Betting Tips

There are several ways to improve your overall betting performance when wagering on English Premier League matches. Here are a few tips to follow:

Explore alternative markets: If you’re new to betting on EPL in NZ, you might be tempted to stick to the most basic markets, such as final score. These markets feature higher odds for correct predictions but are much harder to predict. Try using alternative markets, such as handicaps, to improve the likelihood of a correct prediction.
Do your research: You will be amazed at the difference some research can have on your predictions. Before placing a wager, research the teams and check which one is playing home and which one is away. Home teams tend to play harder as they don’t want to disappoint their fans. Look out for injuries or key missing players and see what other punters are predicting.
Take advantage of free bets: By having accounts with multiple online sportsbooks in NZ you can take advantage of several free bets offered to new and existing players. Use these bets as part of your strategy, especially for riskier markets. Sign up for emails from bookmakers to be informed of the latest promotions, especially ones that feature the English Premier League markets. 

Watching the English Premier League Matches Live

There are several different ways to watch this football club competition live. Sky Sports NZ English Premier League broadcasts are a popular way for fans in the country to follow all the action.

It is also possible to watch a selection of live EPL results directly from your favourite online sportsbook. Betway, 888 Sport and LeoVegas are just some of the top bookmakers in NZ which offer live streaming of sporting events, including the EPL.

Before you can watch any live game on these bookmakers you must open and verify your account. In many cases, you must also fulfil certain requirements, such as having made a deposit in the last seven days or placing a wager on EPL fixtures.

Placing In-Play EPL Bets

In addition to watching live streams of English Premier League games, you can place in-play bets. These bets differ from pre-match bets since they feature continually updated odds based on the latest EPL scores and results.

In-play or live bets end when a particular match or tournament finishes. It is possible to close such bets earlier using the cash-out option. With this option, you can still receive a payout, based on the odds at the moment of cashing out. If the odds are higher at cash out than they were when you made the bet, then you should receive a payout.


You can watch live EPL matches in NZ directly from your sportsbook account. Several of the top online bookmakers offer this service on selected EPL fixtures.

England’s top-tier football club competition features a total of 20 teams in each season.

You can find the best odds on the EPL on Betway, 888Sport, and Bethard.

The EPL normally starts in August.

The EPL normally ends in May, after each team plays a minimum of 38 matches.

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