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Cricket Betting in New Zealand

This guide will provide you with everything you need to know about cricket betting in NZ. You will get not only the list of best online bookies to bet on cricket, but also tips, tricks, types of bets and more. Read More

New Zealand is a nation of sports-lovers and whilst rugby holds the top spot in the country, cricket is not far behind. Played around the world, primarily by nations in the Commonwealth, cricket is a complicated game to grasp at first. However, it’s a lot of fun, both to play and even more to watch. In fact, cricket betting in the country is on the rise, and this brings better odds and creative sportsbooks.

The game is played year-round, with England cricket betting heating up in the winter when the team travels to the Southern Hemisphere. England’s domestic teams compete amongst themselves between April and September. In New Zealand, the most popular domestic cricket competition is the Dream11 Super Smash. This is held between December and February and recently began featuring both men’s and women’s leagues.

Informally called the gentleman’s game, cricket is designed for odds betting. The game is split into so many sections and participants that you will find a great variety of markets to put your cricket betting prediction to good use. Whilst there is no way to guarantee how to bet on cricket and win, this guide will help you understand how to take advantage of the best odds and the best tips to follow.

How to bet on cricket

cricket betting

Cricket betting in New Zealand is not new. The sport has a long and treasured history in the country, having been first played here in 1832. There are several cricket clubs or informal pitches where the game is enjoyed, and kiwis enjoy watching the pros go at it whilst in the company of their friends.

Before you can place your first wager you need to understand the basics of the game and how to use an online bookmaker. It is important that you have a basic knowledge of the game since this can make a big difference in your cricket betting predictions. By continuing to read this guide you will learn how to bet on cricket and win, or at least, improve your performance.

How to go about cricket betting

Without a doubt, in order to start betting on cricket in New Zealand, you need to open an account with a reputable online bookmaker. This guide will help you choose the right platform for you, but before, we will explain the main types of bets you will come across.

Familiarise yourself with the basic cricket wagers first

As with any other sports when it comes to sports betting, cricket includes several different wagers which are based on the rules and structure of the game and teams. The following are the most basic types of wagers which you might place pre-game or as part of the live cricket betting options offered by your bookmaker.

  • Match betting (or match result): This is one of the most popular and simple bets in cricket. Here, your cricket betting prediction is based on whether you believe the home team will win, the away team will win or both teams will end in a tie.
  • Series winner: Unlike most other sports where teams rarely face off multiple times, in cricket, it is very common. This wager is based on such a series of games and requires you to pick the team you believe will win the series, not individual matches.
  • Outright winner: This bet is placed during cricket tournaments with numerous teams. In order to win, you must correctly predict the team that will win the competition, beating all other teams to victory.
  • Tied match: This wager requires no free cricket betting tips as you simple need to guess whether a team will end in a tie or not.
  • Top batsman: This is a player-specific wager which requires to predict which single batsman will score the most goals in a match or series. This bet allows you to pick a batsman from either team and, due to its low probability of success, offers a significantly higher payout than most other basic cricket bets.
  • Top bowler: This is another player-specific wager where you need to pick the player who you believe will take the most wickets in a single game or series.
  • Batsman contest: In this bet, the bookmaker identifies two batsmen, either from the same team or from opposing teams. Punters have an opportunity to predict which one will score the most runs or strike the most sixes.
  • Draw no bet: Similar to match betting, this bet removes the risk of a draw. You can only bet on either the home or away team to win. If the game ends in a tie you get your wager back.

Have a look at these advanced cricket wagers

Now that you have a good understanding of the basic cricket betting options it’s time to look at the more advanced bets. It’s a good idea to view some free cricket betting tips before using the following bets. Fortunately, this guide offers you free cricket betting tips and prediction assistance.

  • Batsman runs: This bet requires you to correctly predict the number of runs scored by a particular batsman in a single match, in a series, or in a tournament. Very often, this type of bet is offered as an over/under, where you don’t need to guess the exact number of runs but need to choose whether it is lower or higher than the figure presented by the bookmaker.
  • Handicap betting: This advanced cricket bet involves the bookmaker giving the underdog an advantage by setting a handicap on the team which is likely to win. As a result, there is a relatively level playing field where you can still win your underdog bet, even if your team loses. 

Enjoy live cricket betting

Live cricket betting is one of the great joys of wagering on cricket matches. Every game is completely random and anything can happen at any moment. This means that online bookmakers are constantly updating their odd markets, potentially giving those with better cricket betting predictions the edge they need for a good win.

Popular in-play proposition bets

Here are some of the cricket live streaming options offered by your online bookmaker:

  • Batsman runs: The odds of this bet change continually once the game has started and different batsmen start scoring runs.
  • Runs off delivery: This bets only counts Extras and Penalty runs assigned to a specific delivery for payout purposes.
  • Method of dismissal: Punters can wager on how a particular player will be dismissed from the game.
  • Over/under totals: A bookmaker offers a series of different total scores for both teams, giving punters an opportunity to wager on whether they believe the total will be higher or lower.

How to start live cricket betting and streaming

There are several top-rated online bookmakers in New Zealand which let you watch the game and place live bets with ease.

  • Betway is a world-class online bookmaker and casino which features great promotions and an intuitive interface. From the ICC Cricket World Cup to the local Super Smash competition, Betway hosts a wide variety of live-streamed cricket games. As a new player, you can get a welcome bonus to use on cricket bets of up to NZ$60 as well as an ongoing weekly Betway Free Bet Club with NZ$10 in free bets.
  • LeoVegas: For kiwis who enjoy live streaming on the go, LeoVegas offers an award-winning mobile experience that is second to none. Live cricket betting and streaming are available in the LeoVegas app available for download on Android and iOS devices. Moreover, the online sportsbook and casino provides detailed statistics and a helpful customer care team to help you learn how to bet on cricket and win.

Understanding cricket betting odds

As with any sport or event odds, cricket odds are set based on past performance and current realities. For example, a team with a track record of victories will have a high probability of winning the next match, especially if the opposing team has a string of losses. However, if the star batsman of the winning team is suddenly injured, perhaps during training, the probability of a win is lower. Understanding how cricket betting odds are calculated can help you develop a successful betting strategy.

Cricket betting odds in practice

The following example should help you better understand how betting odds work.

Imagine you wish to bet on the upcoming match between the England Legends and Bangladesh Legends. You believe that the England team will win so you check the odds offered by Betway and Bookmaker B. Betway’s odds are 1.06 whereas Bookmaker B’s are 1.01. Since you would get a better return from Betway, you decide to proceed with them.

By placing a NZ$10 bet, a correct prediction will pay out NZ$10.62.

Since the payout is not significant compared to your original wager, you decide to try a more advanced bet. You see that Betway is offering odds of 6.50 on the first dismissal being due to LBW. You set another NZ$10 which, if proven correct, will reward you with NZ$65.

If both bets are proven correct you will receive NZ$75.62 for a NZ$20 bet.

Free cricket betting tips

Here are some free cricket betting tips & prediction advice to help you improve the choice and result of your bets:

  • Start small: It is better to split your wager balance amongst different bets than play it all on a single wager. Like any sport, cricket is random so anything can happen to change the course of a game. A good rule of thumb for a cricket wager is NZ$10.
  • Get familiar with cricket: Before placing any wager make sure you understand how the game works. You notice that the more you learn about the game and specific teams, the better the results of your wagers.
  • Check the weather: The weather can have a surprising effect on the outcome of a cricket match. For example, England cricket betting is more intense when the team comes against a nation with relatively little experience playing in rain, such as India.
  • Stick to a handful of teams: It is impossible to analyze and study the performances of several different teams. You should focus on a handful of teams or, at first, even less, and grow your knowledge and cricket betting strategy gradually.

Examples of cricket leagues for NZ punters

Here are some of the more popular cricket competitions you can place wagers on:

  • Super Smash: The main domestic cricket championship in New Zealand.
  • IPL: India’s Cricket Premier League.
  • T20: Twenty20 games are organised around the world and feature matches where both teams have a single inning each.
  • Big Bash: Australia’s professional cricket league.
  • Cricket World Cup: A global championship of cricket held once every four years.
  • One Day International (ODI): This is a match between two international cricket teams with limited (50) overs.
  • Test Match: This is a type of match with the longest duration and is considered to be the most professional game of the sport.


Whilst there are several online bookmakers offering cricket odds in New Zealand, you will find the best odds at Betway and LeoVegas.

You must be at least 18 years old to bet on cricket or any other sports in the country. It is important to note that to play at online casinos in NZ you must be at least 20 years old.

Is it legal to bet on sports in New Zealand?

Several online bookmakers, including Betway and LeoVegas, offer you free gambling bets when you join as a new player. Moreover, you will be able to get a variety of free gambling bets by signing up for a VIP Club and participating in ongoing promotions.

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