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A-League Betting in NZ

The A-League is Australia’s top-level professional men’s soccer league which also features a team based in New Zealand. Betpal provides you best bookies to bet on the A-League, latest odds and a full guide on how to place a succesful bet. Read More

Unlike most top club competitions, the A-League was established quite recently, in 2004. It is a popular tournament that spans through the warmer months of the year and provides plenty of opportunities to place football bets.

Although both Australia and New Zealand are top rugby nations, the popularity of football has increased significantly in recent years. Online bookmakers offer fans in NZ the opportunity to place bets on a variety of markets with competitive odds and additional bonuses. The Australia A-League is one of the more popular tournaments and features in all of the top online sportsbooks.

In this guide, we will cover:

  • the most important elements of choosing suitable bookmakers and placing your first A-League bet,
  • the importance of checking A-League fixtures and different markets which are offered to Kiwi punters,
  • how to live stream your favourite football games online,
  • most common questions regarding A-League standings.

Finding the Best A-League Betting Sites

In order to make good use of your predictions regarding A League results and place a bet you need to have an account with an online bookmaker in NZ. There are numerous platforms to choose from, but not all provide the same range of features, user bonuses, and football markets. Before deciding which provider to use you should check the following attributes.


It is important that you choose an online bookmaker which is regulated by a competent jurisdiction. In most cases, you will find bookmakers regulated in the UK, Malta or Curacao. Holding a license is a sign that the online bookmaker takes your security seriously and offers services that are most likely in line with NZ regulations.


One of the greatest features of the best online bookmakers in New Zealand is that they offer a comprehensive range of A League fixtures markets. Rather than offering just a handful of basic markets, the best sportsbooks provide advanced and creative bets which add extra excitement to the game.


Everyone enjoys getting stuff for free, and the best online sportsbooks are offering a variety of free bets and other benefits to new and existing players. From match deposit bonuses to cashback and loyalty rewards, there are many different ways to benefit from placing bets on the A League standings and other football championships.

Placing an A League Bet

Once you have chosen which bookmaker to open an account with you’ll be eager to place your first A-League bet. As long as you’ve chosen one of the best online sportsbooks in NZ you should find this process to be fairly straightforward and simple. These are the main steps you should follow:

  1. Search for the A-League tournament in the football section of the sportsbook.

  2. Find the specific game or market in which you intend to place your bet.

  3. Select the specific option you would like to bet on.

  4. Enter the amount you intend to wager.

  5. Click confirm, or continue browsing other markets first.

Once you have confirmed your order, the bet would be automatically placed. When the market expires, such as at the end of the match or tournament, your bet will be automatically paid out to your sportsbook account.

How to Place a Bet on A League Live Scores

In addition to a selection of pre-match games, the top online bookmakers in NZ let you place live bets during the game. This type of bet adds an extra thrill to the game since it features continually changing odds that are based on the game’s progression. You would be able to close a live bet early using an option called Cash Out. 

When you use this option, you will be notified of the resulting payout, if any. You can decide whether to cash out anyway or whether to leave the bet untouched. It is important to note that not all bets allow the early cash out option so ensure that you check beforehand if this is allowed. When in doubt, you should ask the sportsbook’s customer care team.

Watching the A-League Matches Live

One of the better features available at the best online sportsbooks in New Zealand is the ability for registered players to watch live streams. In most cases, all you need is a verified account and a completed payment. Online sportsbooks broadcast live A League games as well as a selection of other sporting events.

Understanding How A League Betting Odds Work

Odds are presented in one of three ways, namely American, Fractional, or Decimal. Most top online bookmakers will allow you to format the way odds are presented to you according to your preference. No matter which way they are provided, odds represent the probability of an occurrence taking place, according to the bookmaker.

Calculating the potential payout based on the odds of a particular market is fairly simple. Let’s imagine that you will be placing a bet on the upcoming A League match between Perth Glory vs Sydney. At one bookmaker, the odds of Perth Glory winning are 3.10, the ones of Syndey winning are 2.15 and the odds of both teams tying are 3.60. This shows you that the bookmaker believes that it is most likely that Syndey will win, and least likely that both teams will draw by the end of the game.

Let’s imagine that you believe that Perth Glory will win, so you bet a NZ$10. As it turns out, you were right, and this means that you will get a payout of NZ$10 x 3.10 = NZ$31.

Learning the Top A League Ladders and Markets

As you will quickly realise, there is a wide choice of markets centred around the Australia A League championship. The simplest bets are the ones that require you to correctly predict the winner or the team or league, but these are also the hardest to get right. This is why you should consider placing alternative bets in addition to or instead of the harder bets. Doing this will give you better odds of success and will also make watching the entire game much more exciting.

Match Betting

Match betting is a popular sports betting technique that takes advantage of the bookmaker’s free bets to significantly increase the likelihood of a payout. In essence, you are covering all possible outcomes of a game. To carry out match betting you need to open an account with a betting exchange and with at least one online bookmaker. Start by placing the minimum qualifying wager in order to receive your free bet.

Find the game you wish to wager on or use a bookmaker’s oddsmatcher to help you out. It is important to remember that you need to place a bet in favour of an outcome (better known as a back bet) as well as a bet against that outcome (better known as a lay bet). By doing this, whilst you will lose one free bet you should automatically win the other bet, more than making up for the lost bet. If you plan to use match betting you should opt for markets with just two outcomes.

Correct Score

The correct score market is one of the simplest, but also one of the hardest to predict. As its name suggests, it involves correctly predicting the final outcome of the game by the end of the 90th minute.

Over/Under Total Goals

This market increases the likelihood of a correct guess by the punter by offering possible values of total goals scored. As the one placing the bet, you would be required to choose whether you believe the actual number will be higher or lower than the totals put forward by the bookmaker.

First Goalscorer

As its name indicates, this market requires punters to wager on the player whom they believe will score the game’s first goal. There are several variants to this market, including first goalscorer team and no goalscorer, which refers to players who will not score during a game.

Both Teams to Score

This is another fairly simple market where punters must wager on either yes or no. If both teams do score then the yes wagers win. On the flip side, if not both teams score at least one goal or if no goals are scored at all, then the no bet wins.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is a trick online bookmakers use in order to improve the odds of the underdog in a match where the outcome is easy to predict. With handicap betting, the bookmaker levels the playing field by giving the stronger team a handicap, requiring it to score a certain minimum amount of additional goals before bets backing it are paid out. At the same time, the weaker team is given an advantage, whereby it is sufficient for it to come within a certain number of goals of the stronger team for the bets backing it to win.

Premiership Betting

This is the market that requires players to correctly predict the team that will win the A League tournament. Until the competition reaches its final stages, it is one of the hardest bets to correctly predict.

Wooden Spoon

The wooden spoon award originates from the Rugby League and is given to the bottom six teams at the end of the competition. Betting on the wooden spoon market in the A-League consists of predicting which teams will form part of the bottom six. You will likely find different variations of this market at different bookmakers.

Top Goalscorer

The top goalscorer market requires punters to wager on the player who will top the A League fixtures for the highest number of goals.

A League’s History

The Hyundai A League, as it was known from its creation in 2004 till the car manufacturer was replaced in 2021 by the home improvement store, Bunnings Warehouse, is a relatively new football championship. It replaced the National Soccer League and brings together 12 teams, 11 from Australia and one from New Zealand. The A League’s current champions are Sydney FC, a team that has topped the A League ladder a total of five times so far.


TeamChampionsYears won
Sydney FC52006, 2010, 2017, 2019, 2020
Melbourne Victory42007, 2009, 2015, 2018
Brisbane Roar32011, 2012, 2014
Adelaide United12016
Central Coast Mariners12013
Newcastle Jets12008

Useful Tips to Wagering on the A League

Although football is a random game whose outcome cannot be guaranteed, there are several actions you can take to improve your overall wagering performance. Here are a few A League betting tips you should follow.

  • Place small bets – If you’re just starting out, you should limit yourself to small bets of around NZ$10 – 25 so that you won’t put too much pressure on yourself to pick the correct outcome. Placing smaller bets on a variety of markets allows you to reduce the risk of an overall negative outcome.
  • Do some research – Whilst you certainly don’t need to be a football ace to bet on the A League, you should spend some time researching the teams you are betting on and the basics of betting on football.
betzest team information

Betzest provides full information on each A-League game, including an analysis of previous games, player statistics, league position, fixtures and many more. When signing up, you also get a free $5 no deposit sports bonus eligible to use on live and pre-live odds.


Betway is the best online bookie to access a variety of A League markets and bonuses.

There are 12 teams participating in this football competition.

Several top online bookmakers, including LeoVegas and Betway, let you watch live games after you have registered an account and placed a qualifying deposit.

Sydney FC is currently the most successful team. They are the winners of the latest edition and hold a total of five championship winner titles.

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