Weekly lottery and tons of prizes at Frank and Fred

This campaign has expired!
Updated Updated: September 15, 2020
frank and fred weekly lottery

Are you feeling lucky? If so, then the Frank and Fred Lottery are absolutely the place to test out your luck. This can be done by participating in the Frank and Fred NZ Lottery which promises users some very impressive prizes simply by playing your favourite games.

Each week, these lotteries happen so there is always a chance to get involved in them and potentially benefit from the prizes that the Lottery offers players of Frank and Fred.

These include such goodies as gold nuggets, dream vacations, and exclusive watches. Not to mention, big cash prizes to boot that can in the thousands of NZD. All of which can be earned simply by playing the wonderful games that Frank and Fred NZ offer their players.

How to claim this promotion

When it comes to making sure you are eligible to participate in this deal, there are few deals as easy to participate in at this Frank and Fred one.

To get involved it is merely a matter of making just one deposit latest 23.59 CET Monday.

That is literally all there is to it. This is then guaranteeing that you will be in with a chance of winning some of the prizes that are up for grabs on a weekly basis.

Important Terms & Conditions

There are very few terms and conditions to consider here

  • This lottery happens every Tuesday and you will need to make at least one deposit at least one day prior to the draw, with the exact time of the draw happening at 19:00.
  • You can see the countdown to the draw on their website and also check out a full list of winners on their platform.

Who are Frank and Fred?

logo frank and fred nz

Frank and Fred are a casino that promises to always have you, the player, in mind and much of their service reflects this. Not only does this bonus act as an example of them giving something back to players, but also via their loyalty scheme and other promotions that will see the player frequently rewarded.

They have plenty of experience ensuring this happens and you could be the latest beneficiary of their awesome service by signing up and getting involved in this lottery today.

Good Luck & Have Fun!

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