Land-Based Casinos: A Futuristic Outlook

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Updated Updated: July 15, 2021
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The online casino industry has evolved a lot in recent years and the overall population and revenues have exploded. But how does this affect land-based casinos in the coming years?

The bingo halls, resorts, and those sleek brick-and-mortar casinos seem to have experienced some form of decline in recent times and it has left people with questions about what is in store for the future. Only an in-depth understanding and a multi-perspective view can help in making future projections and this is what you are about to find out.

How Did We Get Here?

Land-based casinos were trendy in the ’80s. It was all charm and magic and those years have often been referred to as “the good old days”. People were floored by the thrilling experience enjoyed as remarked by JJ Woods, Director of Atlantic Casino Consultants and casino expert of about four decades. However, those days seem to be long gone as more and more people are turning to online casinos but let’s see what could happen.

1. Incorporation of land-based technology

We are in the era of sleek mobile devices and this has caused a shift from traditional land-based playing to online play. Many players now enjoy playing from the comfort of their homes or on the go as there are multiple $1 deposit casino options.

However, this same technology could be vital in making brick-and-mortar casinos more relevant. For instance, with the latest tech innovations like Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Non-Obvious Relationship Analysis, or NORA, improved camera quality, and more sophisticated houses, it goes without saying that we cannot count physical casinos out. 

Golf clubs, resorts, luxury tables, hotels, and nightclubs will always add value to casinos when incorporated. Still, due to the unprecedented world health situation, large casinos with over 40 tables might struggle since people do not want to be in a crowded place.

If anything, the future is likely to be more competitive than ever and only the most innovative operators will come out unscathed.

2. A change in attitude

One of the best attributes of physical casinos is the personality of the people you meet there. In the old days, it was all about the spark and curiosity rather than the draw itself. 

With online casinos not likely to replace this attribute, there is a chance that major corporates remember this area of strength and bring it back to the limelight. If this happens, then the future is likely to get brighter.

3. The online experience

As JJ Woods highlighted, many land-based casinos are simply reluctant about including online activities in their policy and he attributed this behaviour to the fear of failure.

However, this might be the trick to making their casinos remain relevant for a long time because then, the casino can provide a more holistic experience for the player. There are anticipations that if land-based casinos adopt this idea, a lot is likely to change in the dynamics.

Final Thoughts

There remains a lot of enthusiasm about land-based casinos. They have their place in gaming history and there is a great chance of the same in the future. Innovation is at the centre of the future and how this unfolds is yet to be seen.

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