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Meet BetPal – a bettor’s best friend

You might be sitting there thinking what does a dog know about betting? Well, as we all know dogs are helpful, loyal and safe, which represents all the features you get when you are using our site. BetPal the dog is simply the manifestation of all the great features our site offers, as well as being super cute to boot. All in all, our team of online gaming veterans have a wealth of knowledge to guide you every step of the way to success online. Most of you know that dogs are a man’s best friend, but BetPal is a bettors best friend.

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All in one!

One of the key ways by which we help our users is providing your education on your betting. This means that we can provide you with tips, tricks and strategies in order to monopolise your gameplay in a more effective way. While, yes, you may have played many casino games in the past, it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks, and what better way to teach them then via another dog? As such, you will find loads of informative information on our site on all things betting which you can take away with you and make more of your casino gameplay with. As part of this service, we pride customer experiences very highly and want our customers to enjoy friendly and safe experiences.

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Safe betting!

The world of online betting is hugely diverse but via BetPal you can follow it all and get an edge on others simply by reading what we have to offer. Whether that is betting on reality tv, betting on politics, or betting on top sporting events, such as international football or the Olympics, our site will have your back every step of the way. You can find everything you need here, with reviews of bookmakers and the aspects of their service, which include bonus offers and markets. As well as in-depth guides that can detail to you the ins and outs of betting on the numerous different options you will find to bet on online.

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Fun and fun only!

Of course, the whole point of gambling is to have fun, let off some stream and win some money. To ensure that these three missions are always being accomplished, you need to make sure you have your gambling under control. This is why you need to prioritise responsible gaming very highly, but you are not alone. On our site, you will find plenty of tools and services that can help you always stay on track and never let gambling get on top of you, and so you always are in control of your playing and as a result, your health too. No matter what you like to bet on, it is always more fun when you stay in control, with the most important rule being…when the fun stops, stop!

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Age makes a difference!

In our role as a responsible member of the online betting environment and to maintain our goal of ensuring responsible gambling is practised by our users, one of the most pressing concerns is that you are not under the legal age to gamble. With this considered, we must remind that all the features, including tips and strategies, are not be used by anyone below the age of 18. Before you enter, you will already have verified your age but if you are under 18 then you are forbidden to use our site. If you are of the legal age yourself and use our services, then we would also kindly remind you to help users safeguard those who are underage by never promoting gambling to them or by giving them access to our site’s content.

Learn More – your ultimate guide to all things betting! 

There is plenty that you can bet on online, including on sports, politics, tv shows, classic games and loads more.
Due to the wide selection, it is impossible to know the best ways to utilize all of them. Which is exactly where we can help, as the BetPal team of casino experts have spent years in the industry learning all there is know about the industry and then feeding it back to our users.

We know how hard it is to find advice you can trust, which is exactly why we do what we do and provide information on the best places to bet, with the best odds and best bonuses, as well as loads of tips and tricks to get you playing more effectively in the betting world.


Now in our 10th year, we were there with the rise of online gamblings and are now the go-to for many. Nothing since then has changed and our goal to provide the most up to date and useful information for NZ gamblers, with the low-down on the top NZ Bookmakers and information that New Zealanders can use.

Our hope is that that we break the world of online betting down so you can find everything you need to be effective, while avoiding all the fake news, scams, and anything else can slow down that cash flow and instead, provide a safe and reliable betting environment. In Short, Fear no more! is here to save the (betting!) world.



Betpal Project Lead

The overseers of all things BetPal, Maria is what ensures the ship runs smoothly with her keen eye for business, marketing and betting all rolled into one. She is the guvnor and the leader of the pack when it comes to BetPal.

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betpal dog mascot Frasier The Master

He might look cute and cuddly by Fraiser is one of the keenest minds in the world of online betting. Born in Barking, London in 2012, his presence and knowledge of the gambling is unmatched and he passes this on to his adoring public via his guides.

patrycja Patrycja SEO Expert

Google is Patrycja ‘s middle name and she ensures that BetPal is just a search click away and connects the general public with the rich source of information our site contains. Opting for strategy over magic, she has rankings down to a fine art.

najim Najim Betting Expert

What Najim doesn’t know about sports isn’t worth knowing and he is the BetPal in-house sports betting expert. With an encyclopedic level of knowledge in all manners of sports, he knows where the smart money goes and will share that knowledge with you.

niklas Niklas Sales Guru

The resident Sales Guru, Niklas is your go-to if you are interested in working my closely with the BetPal team and being part of our website.

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