Updated Updated: June 19, 2020

Non-Sticky Bonus Casinos 2020

Recommended casinos with non-sticky bonuses for the UK players

Non-Sticky Bonus – What is it?

The non-sticky bonus separates the bonus funds from the player’s own funds that they deposited in order to get the bonus. In this case, the wagering requirements apply only to the bonus funds, and the actual deposited funds can be withdrawn by the players if, and whenever they wish to do so.

Non-sticky bonus separates your own funds from the wagering requirements attached to the bonus deal.

When it comes to bonuses, a “sticky bonus” is the most common you will find at online casinos. In the case of these, it will mean you have to play with your bonus and bonus winnings a set amount of times.

While this is fair enough as it keeps things fair between the player and the casino, the issue is that in most cases, your own deposited money will be attached to the wagering requirements too.

Non-Sticky Bonus – Quick Facts

  • No bonus terms are applied to your own deposited funds in the case of a non-sticky bonus.
  • Another term for non-sticky bonus is Parachute bonus or Life-line bonus
  • In general, bonuses increase the player’s EV (Expected Value) and in long-term can increase the chance of winning.
  • The non-sticky bonus allows you to withdraw from your cash balance, however, to be able to do so, the bonus balance must be forfeited.
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Non-Sticky Bonus vs Sticky Bonus

Let’s say that you have joined a new casino and want to claim the welcome bonus.  To do this, unless it is a no deposit bonus, you will need to make a deposit.

This welcome bonus is a sticky bonus and would be described more or lesst as follows: “Get a 100% Bonus up to £100”. Of course, this means that you will get your money matched by 100% up to £100, so if you want to claim the full bonus then you need to deposit £100.

Sticky Bonus

In the case of a sticky bonus, when you make this deposit, you will essentially have forfeited that £100 from being withdrawn as and when you please and it will now be part of the welcome bonus.

This means that when the wagering requirements come into effect, it will mean you have to wager both the bonus sum you have earnt and the deposit amount that set amount of times before you withdraw any of the money – both the bonus and the deposit.

Non-Sticky Bonus

A non-sticky bonus will remove the need to wager the deposit. Only the bonus amount will be subject to the conditions laid out by the casino in terms of wagering requirements.

Your deposited £100 money remains completely autonomous and you can do with it what you will – within reason as you will likely have to wager it still at least once as per many casinos AML procedures. 

The no-sticky deals are, of course, preferred as they stop you from being tied into a casino due to the deposit you made as opposed to just the bonus.

It also gives you free roam to do with that deposit amount what you want as opposed to having to adhere strictly to the wagering requirements.

Many casinos might have different rules and T&Cs for their deposit amounts and a non-sticky bonus removes these too. It is a cracking idea as deposits are pretty unavoidable when it comes to claiming most bonuses and so it makes the deal fairer between player and casino.

How Do I Know if the Bonus is Sticky or Not?

Whether a bonus is sticky or not will not be entirely clear when you look at the bonus deal and its T&Cs.

IMPORTANT: As a result of this, sticky bonuses will tend to catch a lot of players out who will claim the bonus without realizing that it is sticky and by then it will be too late and they will be locked in.

This is yet another reason why, if you don’t do it already, you always need to read T&Cs before claiming as the casino MUST detail this before you enter into the bonus.

However, even if a casino bonus is non-sticky and you know this for a fact, it is still necessary that you ensure you read T&Cs as there will still be the wagering requirements to consider ahead of claiming the bonus.

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When to Choose Non-Sticky Bonus Over Sticky Bonus?

In most situations, the non-sticky bonus will be one that is a beneficial move for you for all the reasons we have so far mentioned i.e. it gives you more freedom than you would typically get when it comes to a sticky bonus.

However, there are levels to its prominence and it all comes down to the percentage and your intentions for longitude at the casino.

If the percentage is especially high and you are planning to be in the casino game for a longer time, then you might not be compelled to claim one. This would be the case of a 300% bonus up to £300, for example.

This is because, yes, while you are forfeiting freedom with your money you will also get an extra £300 funds for that deposit and so it is worth the sacrifice, to an extent. However, as casino fans will well know, deals of this value are fairly rare.

And so if we go back to our previous example of 100% bonus up to £100, one of the most common, then we would say that in this case that, yes, you should ensure it is non-sticky as you will be essentially risking the reward anyway so if things don’t go your way then the deal would end up costing you money.

Anything lower than an exact match bonus as we mentioned here, we definitely would say it is a no-go. As if you are getting a 50% bonus up to £100, then you would be losing even more money as you would have to forfeit the freedom of £200 for the sake of just £100.

As such, the percentages and the amount are a significant factor in what you should or shouldn’t claim.

All of this is arbitrary though if you think that the money you are depositing for the bonus would be spent regardless. In that, if you think that you would end up playing with the deposit and bonus the same amount of times anyway then you may as well stay with the sticky bonus if it is a good deal. If you don’t think you would though, play it safe with a non-stick deal.

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A wagering requirement is the number of times you neeed to play with funds that are part of a bonus before you can withdraw. In a sticky bonus, these would include your deposit, in a non-sticky bonus it wouldn’t.

Yes, it would detach all the T&Cs in most cases. This means there would be no restriction on games you choose to play, the amount you can bet or anything else typically associated with a bonus’ T&Cs.

This is not a question easy to answer due to the large number of casinos on the market.

However, it would be fair to say that they and sticky bonuses are pretty equal but in terms of frequency, sticky bonuses may be slightly more common.

It would usually be a positive as it ensures that the casino is a providing a fairer deal and not misleading you with what is on offer. This is, of course, a great sign of a casino you are trusting with your time and money.

The best possible alternative would be a no wager deal which removes wagering requirements altogether. However, failing this would be a no-deposit deal as this removes the need for a deposit anyway.