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LottoKings Review and Bonuses

Who wouldn’t want to feel like royalty? And, luckily for you lotto fans, we have just the thing! LottoKings seem to be the new kids on the block, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth! LottoKings is a rebranding of CongaLotto, which started out in 2007 and made quite the name for itself. Since, 2010, however, CongaLotto became known as LottoKings.

LottoKings proves itself to be a worthy successor of the CongaLotto name by providing its players with a fantastic selection of lotteries, including the world famous Mega Millions and Powerball, great bonuses, 0% commissions on winnings, and more! So, without further ado, let’s dive together into our LottoKings review!

Before we start this review, you might be wondering to yourself: “is LottoKings safe?” We’re here to tell you that they’re totally the real deal! LottoKings has everything that a legitimate gaming operator should have! We’ll elaborate on this further down in our LottoKings review, specifically in the Security & Trust section.

  1. Great Range of Lotteries: LottoKings boasts a fantastic selection of lotteries from around the world to choose from! There are 19 lotteries in total, each with a massive jackpot waiting to be won!
  2. No Commission on Winnings: LottoKings seems to be made up of a group of very generous people as they don’t take any commissions from your winnings! So, when you win a prize, you get the entire prize to yourself!
  3. Loads of Fantastic Promotions: as if they couldn’t be any more generous, LottoKings goes and proves us wrong by offering a wide array of amazing bonuses and promotions!
  1. No 24/7 Live Chat: sadly, LottoKings doesn’t offer 24/7 live chat customer support, which is a big shame as having a 24/7 live chat option is something that any online gaming operator worth its salt should have.
  2. Limited Payment Methods: although LottoKingsoffers quite a few payment methods, it doesn’t offer some of the most common payment methods about like Neteller, paysafecard or even PayPal.

Bonuses & Promotions

Of course, everybody’s favourite section! And, you’ll be happy to hear that LottoKings makes sure you’ll get your bang for your buck with its bonuses! LottoKings will email you LottoKing promo codes every now and again to claim bonuses, so be sure to look in your inbox often! These bonuses can be anywhere from discounts on tickets, to two-for-one offers, to free tickets! 

Loyalty & VIP

Sadly, nothing is perfect. LottoKings, at the time of writing this review at least, don’t offer any loyalty programmes or VIP privileges, so continuously placing bets on LottoKings won’t get you any extras on top of the enjoyment of gaming. This isn’t too bad, but this might discourage certain high rollers from placing larger bets. 

Lotto Betting, Scratch Cards & Games

If the previous section disappointed some of you, then this section will lift your spirits once again! LottoKings is chock-full of exciting games and lotteries from around the world. LottoKings offer scratch cards, a couple of card games, raffles and a small selection of slots, for those of you who wish to change it up from constantly playing lotteries. 


But, obviously, you’ve come to our LottoKings review to read about the great selection of lotteries that they provide! LottoKings offer a total of 19 lotteries to choose from! These range from the extremely famous Mega Millions and Powerball, to lesser known lotteries like the SuperEnaLotto and the Euro Millions. 

LottoKings also offers the option to play in syndicates. Syndicates are groups of people who decide to play lottery draws together, meaning that they share the expenses involved in playing the draws, and also the prizes. This increases the chances of winning, but conversely decreases the amount you can win. However, it also means that you can play alongside your friends, or make new ones!

Slot Games + Card Games

Some of the games available at LottoKing include Blackjack, Baccarat and slot games such as Nordic Quest, Precious Stones and other.

lottokings games

Is There Anything Special About LottoKings?

It seems that LottoKings don’t bring anything unique to the table, which is a bit of a disappointment, given how everything else about this online gaming operator is pretty good. However, does that mean that you shouldn’t play at LottoKings? Absolutely not! The lack of unique features shouldn’t be a deterrent from playing at this fantastic operator!

Payments Methods

An obviously important section for equally obvious reasons. In this section of our LottoKings review, we will be discussing the payment methods available on LottoKings, deposit and withdrawal limits, and the time it takes for these to be affected. We’ll also discuss the procedure LottoKings uses for paying jackpots. 

Supported Payment Types

LottoKings offers a few common payment methods and others which are less common. In total, LottoKings offer 9 payment methods, which is rather average.

Deposits via:

Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, JCB, American Express, EntroPay, Ukash, Checks, and bank transfers. 

It’s a bit odd how LottoKings doesn’t support some very common payment methods like PayPal and Paysafecard. This can be rather limiting to certain users, especially those punters who regularly use PayPal. Also, the irony of the matter is that they’re now accepting less payment methods than they did when they were still under the CongaLotto brand. 

Deposit Limits

LottoKings doesn’t make any mention of limits on your deposits, either of maximum or minimum amounts. The minimum amount that you need to spend seems to be the cost of the bet and a service fee taken by LottoKings for handling the bets, etc. Other than that, there doesn’t seem to be any mention of deposit limits that you can fix yourself.

However, instead of a deposit limit, they offer you the option to opt out of a subscription. A subscription is an option where LottoKings will automatically buy you in in every future draw of the particular lottery you subscribed to. This means that LottoKings will charge you from your credit card for each upcoming draw. You can choose to opt out of this system at any time you wish for a nominal fee of $10. 

Withdrawal Limits

There aren’t any actual limits on your withdrawals, but there a few catches when it comes to payouts. Prizes below $600 are instantly credited to your account by LottoKings, as these prizes are paid by LottoKings themselves without taking any commission. This makes these payouts instantaneous and whole, as you’ll be getting 100% of your prize money!

However, the ‘problem’ occurs for prizes over 600$: when players win prizes over $600, LottoKings states that they will be dealt with “on a case by case basis according to the rules of the individual lottery or raffle”. There are 2 ways in which this can be resolved: firstly, there is a chance that LottoKings might be able to claim the prize for you and transfer the money to your account.

Secondly, when the prize money is of a large amount, such as a jackpot, the prize needs to be claimed in person, and LottoKings will generally forward you the physical ticket from the actual lottery. However, this depends on whether LottoKings decides that your bet was an official ticket in the lottery, or merely a bet on its outcome. LottoKings reserves the right to do so at its discretion. 

This matters because depending on the nature of your bet, different entities will pay your prize money. Bets on lottery outcomes are paid for by hedging providers, that is, third parties that provide insurance on the eventuality that someone will win. Official tickets, on the other hand, are paid for by the official lottery operators, and if they only have one registered winner, even if multiple players placed bets and won, you need to share your prize with other people who also won.

Deposit & Withdrawal Times

Deposits will generally be instantaneous, although this largely depends on the payment method you used. Some payment methods take longer than others simply because of the nature of the transaction. For example, this is typical with bank transfers, when the gaming operator is waiting on your bank for confirmation of the transfer, and so on.

Withdrawals are also dependent on the payment methods used, and it seems that LottoKings only provides 2 options of withdrawal: cheques and bank transfers. Bank transfers will generally take up between 2-3 working days, but might take somewhat longer. There is no estimated time for cheques to arrive listed on LottoKings’ website, so it would probably depend on your postal service. 

Security & Trust

Another important section in view of the fact that you will be disclosing very sensitive information (your identity, credit card number, etc.) to LottoKings for the purposes of gaming. This information is necessary for online gaming, but it also makes it possible for certain unscrupulous individuals and entities to scam you! Or, even worse!

This is why it’s generally suggested to read casino reviews before depositing any money! Which is probably why you came to our LottoKings review! Thankfully, LottoKings are totally authentic, and they’ve taken various measures to protect your information and make everything on the site absolutely legal. This includes an e-gaming licence from the Curaçao government and 256-bit SSL encryption to protect your information!

Furthermore, if you’re wondering who the owners of LottoKings are, and how legitimate they are, you’ll be pleased to know that the company who runs LottoKings is Legacy Eight! That’s right! They’re the same company who also run WinTrillions, another fantastic online lotto betting operator! With such a well-established company as its head honcho, you know that LottoKings are absolutely legit!

Customer Service

LottoKings offers the whole shebang when it comes to customer service: they offer a basic FAQ section that should answer most queries, and a glossary of terms that explains the technical terms the site uses, in case you’re new to the whole lotto betting or e-gaming thing. Moreover, they offer all the customer service methods you’d need: email, phone and live chat! You won’t have any problems getting in touch with LottoKings!

The live chat is available daily from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Uruguay Standard Time. This means that the live chat is only available for 11 hours a day, which is on the low end for an online gaming operator. This seems to be the only downside to the customer service aspect of LottoKings, as otherwise, they have everything you could ever ask for. 

Once you have subscribed to a lottery, which can be easily done by clicking the subscription option when you make your bet, all you have to do is wait for the results and check if you’ve won!

Because checking on every draw of, say, Powerball is tedious! Instead, LottoKings would do that for you, and all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy!

That’s easy! LottoKings will notify you of any prizes that you would have won!

This is due the prices set by the official lottery organisers. LottoKings will only charge you service fees, and these are also dependent on the prices set by the official lottery organisers.

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