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Over the past several years, we have seen a number of different revelations taking place within the gaming industry. One such revelation was Blizzard Entertainment deciding to make Starcraft 2 a free-to-play game and opening it up so that it could be received by a broader audience than it had ever been received by before. This played out well for Blizzard, as Starcraft 2 is now one of the most popular eSport games to place bets on.

Today, we are going to be exploring the world of betting on eSports, the gameplay mechanics behind Starcraft 2 and how you can improve your own chances when you are betting on the outcomes of Starcraft 2 competitions and tournaments.

 eSports and Gambling

 When we take a look at eSports betting, Starcraft 2 has clearly made a rather large name for itself amongst the games that people are willing to place their bets on. This game has actually had a lot of influence on eSports competitions and tournaments as a whole, and it still stands as a well-established competitive game.

 That’s the trick that works so well with eSports, they pit player against player and team against team in a way that people love to both partake in and witness. Nowadays, eSports competitions are regularly live-streamed by millions of people around the world, and hundreds of thousands of people are regularly in attendance at the most popular events.

 We can see that Starcraft 2 once held the top spot in the world of eSports, but it has since lost said spot to ever-growing games like League of Legends. That does not mean that you shouldn’t place your bets on Starcraft 2, as there are still plenty of betting options and some wonderful wagering opportunities if you know where to find them.

An Introduction to Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2 is quite a unique eSports game because of the way that it is played. Generally speaking, the competitive matches are player against player and not team against team. This is enough to make it stand out  because most of the games that are played among eSports feature teams of approximately five players going head-to-head against each other.

In Starcraft, teams of two will occasionally play against each other, but this is quite rare. In order to place the best bets you can, you should try to become as familiar with the game as possible. When a Starcraft 2 match starts, each player has to choose a faction. The factions that are available include:

The Protoss

The Protoss are the aliens in Starcraft 2. Their race is incredibly advanced, and players who choose the Protoss as their faction will have to micromanage a limited number of units. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. When playing as the Protoss you can’t overwhelm your opponent with numbers, you have to think tactically. 

The Terran 

The Terran are the humans in Starcraft 2. The best thing about playing as the Terran is the fact that you can really manoeuvre them so that they represent what you want them to, making them adapt to your own playing style. 

The Zerg 

The Zerg are quite literally the opposite of the Protoss because they are a swarm of alien-like insects. They can be used by players who wish to overwhelm their opponents with numbers, and they don’t require as much micromanaging as the Terran or the Protoss do.

Starcraft 2 is quite unique because you also need to think about the economy whilst playing it. You can harvest patches of minerals and patches of gas. You can also build structures that improve your overall rate of supply. Harvesting these precious resources enables you to support an infrastructure that will enable you to win. 

Building a Strategy

If you would like to play Starcraft 2, then you will need to have a basic understanding of macro and micromanaging. Macro involves maintaining and supporting your economy and micromanaging involves managing all of the finer details that can be found within the game. For example, micromanaging might involve handling a single fighting unit in your army and setting them a specific task.

When you are playing Starcraft 2, you need to make sure that you balance both macro and micromanaging well. If you don’t collect enough vital resources, then rebuilding after a battle could be difficult. If you spend too much time building, then you might not be able to defend your area against your opponent’s attacks. 

We would highly recommend that you create a series of unique build orders before you begin. These are simple production plans that you stick to during the early stages of Starcraft 2. They should include all of the different things that you plan on building and when you plan on building them. This helps to ensure that you do everything right, and it can give you a solid advantage against your opponent. 

Gaming Techniques 

One of the most important gaming techniques that you could utilise when playing Starcraft 2 would be to make the most of hotkeys. Hotkeys can be used to assign units to a shortcut so that you can easily take control of everything that is happening on the screen. If you have to start selecting everything with your mouse, your game will suffer exponentially because of it.

We would also highly recommend that you start by playing with real-life opponents. Going head-to-head against the AI can be a good way of learning the basics, but you will learn what techniques to use much quicker when you are playing against real people.

Betting on Starcraft 2 

When we take a look at Starcraft betting and the odds that are offered by both specialist bookmakers and high street bookmakers, we can see that there are a few different betting options available. These usually include: 

Betting on the Winner 

Whenever you are betting on an eSports competition or tournament, you will usually be presented with the option to place a bet on who you think the winner or winners of an individual event or the entire competition/tournament will be. Generally speaking, the odds will tell you a lot about which player is most likely to win based on their statistics, but bookmakers are often poor at predicting the outcomes of eSports events.

You may also have the opportunity to bet on which player you believe will win on each of the individual maps that are played in the Starcraft 2 match.

Specials Betting 

If you are new to betting on Starcraft 2, then we would highly recommend that you stick to betting on who you believe the winner will be to start with. Once you are more familiar with the game, you might also want to consider doing a little bit of specials betting.

A lot of specials bets are available, with one of our favourites involving betting on what you think the match score will be. Now, it can be a little bit harder to predict who will win and what you should wager on the scoreboard, so you should do a lot of research before placing a bet like this.

Starcraft 2: Betting Odds

Whenever you are betting on an eSport, you should make sure that you pay a lot of attention to the odds. The odds that are being offered can tell you a lot about the potential outcome of a match, competition or tournament. This is because they are based purely on statistics. If one player has already beat another, several times in the past, then he is naturally going to be the safer bet to go with. 

The only real problem with this is the fact that eSports are much harder to predict than sporting events. The tables can quickly turn and one wrong move or misplaced calculation can turn what appears to be a winning match into a losing one.

Starcraft 2: Betting Sites

When you go to place a bet on Starcraft, you need to make sure that you are using a reputable Starcraft 2 betting site. You can place bets on Starcraft 2 with both reputable specialist bookmakers and high street bookmakers, including Betway – one of the best reviewed eSports betting sites in the world. 

Starcraft 2: Betting Advice 

The difficulty with betting on eSports is really taking in all of the information that is available to you so that you can place bets that have been carefully considered. Some things that you can do to improve your chances include:


We would always recommend that you do as much research as possible before you place a bet on an eSport of any kind. You need to know who you are betting on, what their statistics are and what techniques they use when they play.

The best way to understand the techniques that are being used would be to immerse yourself in the world of Starcraft 2. By playing the game, you can work out which techniques have to be used against specific players and which techniques can be utilised to quickly turn a game around.

If you can clearly see that one player has a technique that is foolproof against that of the other player, then that could be a smart bet to place. But, chances are the other player will have worked that out too and they may change their standard approach for the match that you are betting on.

As a lot of competitions and tournaments are live-streamed, you should be able to find footage of their previous matches. This could present you with a lot of research opportunities, as well as the chance to see whether or not the players cope with pressure. 

Beat the Bookmaker 

Bookmakers make a lot of mistakes when it comes to the ways that they predict the outcomes of eSports competitions and tournaments. Most notably, the odds are usually based on the recent matches that the players have been involved in. 

This is problematic because their recent matches may have been in smaller leagues against weaker players. Naturally, this means nothing when it comes to tournaments that attract the best of the best. Make sure that you take the odds that you can see with a pinch of salt and try not to place your bets purely based on who the bookmakers are favouring. 

Watch the Leagues

If you can see yourself betting on Starcraft 2 a lot, then we would recommend that you keep an eye on as many leagues as possible. You might be able to spot skilled players who the bookmakers don’t know a lot about, and that could enable you to take advantage of the odds that are offered by bookmakers.


What is the Starcraft 2 betting scandal?

The Starcraft 2 betting scandal is something that you really should be aware of before you place a bet on Starcraft 2. Unfortunately, Starcraft 2 has been in the news because of the match-fixing that has taken place at past tournaments and competitions.

The match-fixing itself involved a number of professional players who stood to gain financially because of it, and said players have since been banned from professional gaming for life.

It is believed that match-fixing isn’t taking place anymore, and both Starcraft 2 and the local authorities dealt with the situation swiftly. 

Which Starcraft 2 betting tips work?

Like most eSports betting situations, research really does work. The more you know, the better the bets that you place will be and the more money you will win.

What should I consider when placing Starcraft 2 money bets?

We would advise that you consider the fact that anything can happen. Just because one player appears to have the upper hand does not necessarily mean that he or she will win. The world of Starcraft 2 is full of innovation and new faces are appearing on the scene constantly.

Can I bet on Starcraft 2 in the United Kingdom?

Yes, you can legally bet on Starcraft 2 in the United Kingdom. You will just have to make sure that you are using a reputable specialist bookmaker or a high street bookmaker to do so. Try to remember that high street bookmakers will only usually offer bets on the biggest tournaments and competitions, whereas specialists will also offer bets on local events and small leagues. 

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