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At the moment, it is quite difficult to even look at video games on the internet without seeing Overwatch all over the place. When you play the game, it is easy to see why this first-person shooter has become so popular. Today, we’re going to be taking a look at Overwatch as an eSport, and exploring how you can bet on the teams playing the game. 

Placing Bets and eSports 

When it comes to the storied world of eSports betting, Overwatch is quickly earning a prestigious name for itself. Overwatch betting is both complex and simple, with the game having earned legions of fans from around the world.

If you have never before placed a bet on an eSport, then you might be wondering why eSports betting is becoming so popular. The truth be told, eSports betting enables bookmakers to access a target demographic that might not be interested in traditional gambling sports.

This is a win-win situation for everyone. It enables the bookmakers (both online and high street) to offer a wider variety of bets and unique odds. It also enables us to bet on our favourite games, teams and events. When you are placing a bet on an eSport, you might be betting on the winner of a single match, or you might be betting on the overall winner of a tournament. You will also be presented with the option to place specials bets.

An Introduction to Overwatch

When it comes to eSports competitions and tournaments, Blizzard Entertainment is known for the games that they have available and the events that they hold. Overwatch is a welcome addition to their roster, standing proudly alongside games like World of Warcraft and Starcraft 2, both of which you can also place bets on.

Before you can even think about betting on Overwatch, you need to really understand how the game is played at a competitive level.

The Inner Dynamics

When you play Overwatch yourself, there are a few different ways in which you can play inside of the giant battle arena featured in the game. When it comes to Overwatch tournaments and competitions, players usually play in teams of six.

Before the game begins, each player on said team has to choose their character. Just as we can see in other Blizzard Entertainment games, the type of character that is picked is incredibly important as statistics vary. The main classes on Overwatch include:


 As with any game like Overwatch, you need to look at it from both an offensive and a defensive point of view. The heroes that come under this sub-category place mines and offer the other heroes on the field support.


 If a team has a decent defensive play, then they will also need to consider their offence. The heroes that come under this sub-category inflict damage on the opposing heroes. To do this efficiently, they have both high strength and agility statistics.


 When offensive and defensive techniques are co-existing in harmony, support heroes have to be drafted in. These heroes are unique as they simply support the other heroes on the field. Generally speaking, they spend most of their time healing defensive and offensive heroes.


 Every battlefield needs a wall. Tank heroes stand as that wall and they absorb some of the damage that is inflicted by the opposing team’s offensive heroes.

 Side note: One thing that you need to be very aware of is the fact that teams can change their heroes whilst matches are in play in official Overwatch tournaments and competitions. This is quite unique and stands as an important factor that you need to consider whenever you are placing bets. With other eSports games, characters can usually only be picked once.

Gaming Modes

 Now that you understand the characters, you also have to understand the different modes that are available at a competitive level. These include:


 If a team is going to be playing in Assault mode, they need to act as a unit. Each team gains points when an area is captured and defended. This means that they have to utilise offensive tactics to gain ground and defensive tactics to remain inside of the capture point. Several capture points may be present, making the task at hand even harder for a small group.


 Control mode is quite similar to Assault mode, but the challenge itself is best-of-three. In each of the three rounds, a new objective area has to be captured.


 Escort mode is perhaps the easiest of the four modes to understand. The offensive team has to move something to a delivery point, while the defensive team has to try to prevent that from happening.


 If you understand the modes listed above, then Hybrid mode will be easy to understand. It essentially starts off in Assault mode and shifts to Escort mode. This combination can be fun for audiences to watch, and it takes place a lot at gaming events.

 Overwatch eSports Betting

 One of the best things about Overwatch eSports betting is the fact that it is still a relatively new area of gambling. Overwatch is quickly becoming one of the most popular games in the world to play, and we can see it growing exponentially as an eSport over the coming years.

 Betting Modes

 At this moment in time, there are several different bets that you could place on Overwatch events. They include:

 Betting on the Winner

 A number of reputable specialist bookmakers and online bookmakers are currently only offering the option to bet on who the winner of each match will be. We would highly advise that you spend some time researching each of the teams involved before you place a bet like this.

 Try to remember that the world of eSports betting is still relatively new. This means that the odds that are offered by bookmakers might not be as accurate as you might think, especially if they are taking the team’s recent behaviour into consideration when they are working out their statistics. Just because a team performs incredibly in small leagues does not mean they will stand up against international competition, but the books don’t always reflect this.

 If you are betting on a tournament, then you will also have the option to bet on who you think the tournament winner will be.

 Handicap Betting

 If a match does have a clear winner, then you might want to consider handicap betting. Handicap betting gives one team an advantage over the other, and you have to decide whether or not they can win with said advantage.

 Overwatch Live Betting

 If you are going to bet on the Overwatch League or a similar event, then you may be given the opportunity to place live bets, depending on the bookmaker that you decide to go with. Betting whilst a match is in play can pay off well, especially when you consider the fact that you will be able to see the form of each team. During a tournament, you may wish to bet on individual Overwatch matches using this technique.

 Betting on Overwatch Events

 Overwatch’s storied popularity is one of the many reasons for the number of matches and competitions that take place annually. Some of the most iconic competitions include:

 Overwatch Contenders Betting

 If you are looking to bet on Overwatch, then you might want to start by looking at the Overwatch Contenders. This series of professional tournaments take place around the world, standing just below the Overwatch League. A lot of the players who appear in the Overwatch League start out by playing in the Contenders.

 World Cup Betting: Overwatch League

The Overwatch World Cup takes place at BlizzCon in November every year. Betting on the outcome of the World Cup could be relatively easy, especially when you consider the fact that South Korea has won every World Cup since the event started. The event itself is live-streamed by millions of people around the world, and even Disney cover some of the Overwatch eSports events. This alone is enough to show us just how popular Overwatch is.

 Try to remember to do your research before partaking in Overwatch League betting. You might just find that some players are better suited to playing certain opponents, and that might influence the way that you bet and your betting strategy for the tournament.

 Overwatch Betting Techniques

Now that you understand what bets you can place, you need to hone in on your own Overwatch betting techniques. You should always aim to have a strategy when you place a bet, and you should try to avoid betting with your heart unless you have sentimental reasons for doing so. Our favourite techniques that you can utilise include:

1.     Make the most of the odds that are available.

eSports are still incredibly young, and that means that the bookmakers still have a lot to learn. When we take a look at the odds that are available on sporting events, they are the product of years and years of expertise. Overwatch has only been around for several years, and there isn’t enough information available to make accurate predictions just yet.

Naturally, this means that you can do your research and make sure that you know more about the competitive scene than the bookmakers do.

2.     Research the players and the teams.

Whenever you are going to place a bet on an eSport, we would always recommend that you do as much research as possible. Research the team, watch their previous matches and inspect their statistics. Do they have specific techniques that they like to use? Are they better at handling certain opponents than they are at handling others? Do they tend to win in the smaller leagues and lose at big competitions? The answers to all of these questions will help you to place a smart bet.

We would also recommend that you take a look at each individual and their own rankings. Have any of the players only recently joined the team? Are any of them substitutes? A single substitute can change an entire team dynamic and it can change the course of a match.

3.     Play the game.

You might be wondering why you should play the game, but playing the game is actually the best way to familiarise yourself with the gameplay and techniques that are used by different players. This might sound counterproductive, but it will actually enable you to spot things that you would otherwise struggle to spot.

4.     Indulge in a little bit of fantasy betting.

Some of you will already be familiar with the fantasy betting scene, and others might not be. You can also bet on fantasy Overwatch. When you do this, you get to choose a team that only exists in fiction. While fantasy Overwatch is still in its infancy, we are expecting Vulcun to give it a proper introduction soon.


Can I bet on Overwatch in the United Kingdom?

Yes, you can bet on Overwatch in the United Kingdom. We would recommend that you go with a specialist online bookmaker or a reputable high street bookmaker. As Overwatch is growing in popularity, we are expecting the number of bookmakers offering Overwatch bets to increase over the coming months and years.

How popular is Overwatch?

Overwatch is growing in popularity at a rapid pace. Right now, the competitions that take place around the world are still relatively young, but more and more are appearing annually and prize pools are starting to grow.

What types of bets can be placed on Overwatch?

With Overwatch, you can bet on the winner or you can indulge in a little bit of handicap betting. Try to make sure that you do as much research as possible before you place any bet. If you do your research, then you will improve your chances of winning exponentially.

Can I live-stream Overwatch competitions and tournaments?

Yes, you can live stream Overwatch competitions and tournaments. You can do this using official gaming websites and using streaming platforms like Twitch. If you place a bet with a reputable bookmaker, then you may also be able to live-stream events through their website. We are expecting more and more bookmakers to offer this service as live bets become available.

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