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You might already be aware of Hearthstone and what it is, but did you know that Hearthstone betting is a very real thing? Hearthstone is one of the most popular digital card games in the world, and users can collect both new cards and old cards as they are rotated out by Blizzard.

Today, we are going to be looking at this ridiculously fast-growing online game and working out how you can bet on it, just as you can with other eSports.

An Introduction to Hearthstone

Hearthstone is one of the most unique card games in the world because it capitalises on the fact that things exist digitally that simply cannot exist in real life. You can purchase a series of complex cards that would simply never fit in on a tabletop game. The digital artwork is breath-taking and all of the interactive boards are fun to use.

Betting on Hearthstone is a phenomenal way to make your money back when you build a competitive deck. The game is relatively simple to play, but building a deck that can stand out from the crowd can be expensive, and you can’t simply sell cards on that you don’t need because they exist as digital entities.

Hearthstone’s Worldwide Popularity

One of the primary reasons why Hearthstone has become so popular is the fact that it has been developed by Blizzard, and the game itself is largely based on their World of Warcraft game. This enables people who play World of Warcraft to really delve into the deep lore of the game itself.

With every Hearthstone expansion pack that is released, a new corner of World of Warcraft’s gaming lore is usually uncovered. The new cards also add an extra element of fun, with impressive artwork, voice lines and new mechanics.

Playing Hearthstone

There are several different ways in which Hearthstone players can play Hearthstone. They include:


Perhaps the simplest way of playing Hearthstone in the digital world. If you go for a casual play option, then you will be able to work your way up a simple ladder that takes you from Rank One to Legend. Don’t expect to work between those two categories in one afternoon, it will take time. This form of playing is great for testing out new decks and trying out new techniques.

When playing casually, you get the opportunity to choose which of the nine different classes you would like to be. You can then go on to build unique decks of thirty cards. Each of the nine classes has a series of unique cards. If you would like to try out the game before you start placing bets on it, then we would recommend that you research this side of the game.

Tavern Brawl

Before we begin, it is worth noting that the Tavern Brawl on Hearthstone is only available once a week. The rules of the game change, and sometimes you will have to build your own deck. By playing in the weekly Tavern Brawl you will have the opportunity to win a pack of Hearthstone cards.


If you don’t want to play casually with other Hearthstone users (and occasionally bots), then you can instead choose to go against a Hearthstone AI. There are several different modes for you to choose from, and each one introduces something new.

We would highly recommend that anyone who is new to playing Hearthstone starts out by playing solo. You will receive an award when you complete the different runs for the first time, and you don’t need an existing collection to play. 


If you are looking to both hone in on your skills as a player and build your Hearthstone collection, then you should think about playing in the arena. You do have to pay a minuscule entry fee, and you will have the opportunity to draft your own deck. If you are new to the game, then this could be quite difficult to start with. It is worth noting that there are new gaming tools that can teach you how to draft successfully.

If you win seven times in the same arena run, then you will get 150 gold and a pack of Hearthstone cards. 150 gold is the same as the entry fee, so you could theoretically use this loop to really expand your collection. This is something that will save you money in the long run. 

Betting on eSports

When it comes to eSports betting, Hearthstone is a relatively unique area. Right now, eSports betting is quickly gaining popularity and the fan base for eSports betting is continuing to grow at a rapid pace on an annual basis. Naturally, this fan base isn’t as big as the sports betting fan base, but it still consists of millions of people from around the world.

When you are betting on eSports, you are betting on a form of competitive video gaming. This covers everything from digital card games to popular sporting games like FIFA. eSports have gotten that big that millions of fans from every corner of the world now stream professional eSports events that attract crowds of hundreds of people.

Betting on Hearthstone

When you bet on Hearthstone games, there are a few different things that you need to take into consideration. They include: 

The Game Itself

In order to place a smart bet on a game like Hearthstone, you need to be able to truly understand the game so that you can place bets that are actually strategic. When you bet on any form of digital card game, you need to keep up to date on the latest advancements, otherwise, you will have a lower chance of winning the bets that you place.

Whenever you place a bet on anything with a bookmaker, you can usually see what the actual outcome of an event will be because of the odds. Try to remember that underdogs do occasionally turn the tables in Hearthstone and they can do so at the strangest moments.

The Classes

One of the ways in which you can really give yourself an edge when betting on Hearthstone is to understand the different classes and their individual strengths and weaknesses. These include:


The Druid class is the one that you should pay the most attention to, as it is often considered to be one of the most reliable classes in the game when it comes to tournaments. It is worth noting that not drawing certain cards mean that you won’t be able to establish board control early on in the game, something that is essential to winning with this class. 


For those who like to play an aggressive game, the Hunter class is one of the most aggressive available. It offers excellent minion efficiency and quickly establishes control of the board. 


Mages in Hearthstone have some of the best minions that can be found in the game, with elemental powers being the main focus point. Establishing a board presence can be difficult to start with. 


The Paladin class offers the user excellent board control, but it suffers greatly if it loses control of the board. 


Some people rely on healing when they are playing games like Hearthstone and the Mage class is perfect for those people. Unfortunately, the spells that Priest cards can play are not known for their reliability.


Perfect for people who like playing combos, the Rogue class is wonderful when it comes to minion removal. You do have to be careful, as not drawing enough cards could destroy a Rogue deck.


If you are new to the world of Hearthstone, then we would recommend that you avoid the Shaman class to start with. This risky class doesn’t stand up well to burst decks, nor is it very good at counteracting the plays of opponents.


One of the most impressive heroes in Hearthstone can be found in the Warlock class. But, using the Warlock class can be quite difficult. If pressure is placed on you early, you might not be able to withstand it.


If you like to play a defensive game, then the Warriors class might be the best option for you. Warriors win when their opponents are all dead, but they struggle to handle rough early pressure from opponents.

Hearthstone World Championship Betting

When you bet money on Hearthstone, you might want to consider making a bet Hearthstone World Championship. If this is something that you are interested in, then we would recommend that you use Pinnacle to place your bets.

Most of the time, you should use a fixed-staking method when you are betting on the Hearthstone World Championships. This would naturally involve looking for favourable odds and placing low wagers as you become more knowledgeable about Hearthstone. 

Hearthstone Global Games Betting

As with the rest of the booming eSports world, betting on digital card games like Hearthstone is something that has really grown in popularity. There are quite literally tournaments all around the world that you can place bets on.

Some of these are small, local events and others are large, regional events. If you are interested in earning money whilst playing Hearthstone, then you will be happy to hear that there are cash prizes for a lot of tournaments.

Hearthstone Betting Odds

The odds that are available when you place bets on Hearthstone tournaments and events can fluctuate massively. Most of the time, the odds are right, but sometimes underdogs come in and surprise bookmakers. We would recommend that you do your research and stick to your gut when you are placing Hearthstone bets.

Regular Winners

One thing that you should be aware of is the fact that luck plays a major role in Hearthstone tournaments. Having said that, there are a few players who seem to pop up again and again, offering smart gamblers a dependable level of consistency. They include:

Tom60229 – Chen Wei-Lin

Betting on the Hearthstone World Championships is a lot of fun, and Tom is the current defending champion. He is known for his unique plays.

Fr0zen – Frank Zhang

One of the competitors who had to play against Chen Wei-Lin, Frank Zhang is known for being one of the best American players. The actual match that was played between Tom and Frank was incredibly close.

Hearthstone Betting Sites

Hearthstone is an incredibly popular digital game and, as such, commands a number of different betting sites. Our personal favourites would have to be Pinnacle and ArcaneBet.

Pinnacle is a great option for people who are new to betting on Hearthstone because it offers wonderful odds that would never be found with a traditional bookmaker. It also gives users the opportunity to bet on the Hearthstone World Championship.

ArcaneBet is slightly different as it offers live streaming bets. These are really good because they give you the opportunity to bet as matches advance.


Where can you bet on Hearthstone?

If you are looking for a Hearthstone betting site in the United Kingdom, then you will be happy to hear that there are a few different options for you. We would recommend that you start out with Pinnacle and ArcaneBet.

Is it difficult to bet on Hearthstone?

No, betting on Hearthstone is not difficult. We would highly recommend that you familiarise yourself with the game before you start placing bets.

Why is Hearthstone so popular?

Hearthstone’s popularity can be accredited to a number of things. It has been created by Blizzard, it sits aside World of Warcraft and it is known for its innovative approach to online gaming.

How many different cards are available?

Don’t try to learn about all of the different Hearthstone cards straight away. There are quite literally thousands of them and new expansion packs are released regularly.

Is it legal to bet on Hearthstone?

Yes, betting on Hearthstone and other eSports in the United Kingdom is completely legal. We would recommend that you stick with a regulated site when placing your bets.

Betting on Digital Games

There you have it, betting on a game like Hearthstone is incredibly easy to do and you can have a lot of fun whilst doing so. We would recommend that you get stuck into the game and try to learn everything you can. That way, you will be more likely to place smart bets and win money.

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