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Betting on eSports is something that has rapidly grown in popularity over the past few years, with more and more people turning to place their bets on the internet. This is usually done amongst friends, through official websites or through the same bookmakers that they place things like sporting bets and novelty bets with.

Today, we are going to be delving into the world of Fortnite and gambling. If you have a child or you are of a certain age, then you have probably either seen a Fortnite dance or possibly even done one yourself. But, can this popular game really be used to make money?


An Introduction to Fortnite

If you are new to the world of Fortnite, then you might be wondering what it is that makes this game so popular. To put it simply, Fortnite is an apocalyptic survival game in which quite a large number of players have to fight against each other. It has also gained a legion of attentive fans from all of the corners of the world.

Fortnite can be played on a number of different devices, from modern gaming consoles to both Windows and Mac. If you decide to give the game a try, then you will have to fight amongst a group of one hundred players, trying to survive the violence that occurs in every “last man standing” type event. Luckily, the graphics are child-friendly, but concerns about the game’s violence have been raised in the past.

The Two Versions

Fortnite as a game has two different versions. If you want to play the main game, then you will have to pay for it and then download it on a device of your choice. Fortnite: Battle Royale can be downloaded for free and it makes money in the form of in-game purchases. If you download the latter, then you will have the opportunity to purchase unique outfits and strong weapons, as well as a number of different items that can be used during the in-game battles.

If you would like to give Fortnite a try to see whether or not it is right for you, then we would recommend downloading Fortnite: Battle Royale to start with. Your main aim will be to survive, either on your own against everyone else or as part of a team. If you decide to go with a team, then you will have to fight off monsters, build a base and even defend computer generated people. This type of play lasts for as long as you can survive, or it ends after twenty minutes if you manage to survive each wave of monsters.

Fortnite Fans

In our opinion, one of the best things about Fortnite as a game is the fact that people from a number of different demographics enjoy playing it. From children who enjoy mimicking the dances to celebrities who use it to bond with their peers. Given the number of people who are recognised by the public who are playing the game, it is easy to see why it has attracted so much media attention.

As with anything, when a game of this calibre reaches this level of popularity people start to play it at a professional level. With Fortnite, that professional level is where we can find a number of different betting options.

Betting on Fortnite

Your First Fortnite Bet: Understanding Fortnite

If you are going to bet money on Fortnite, then you should make sure that you know absolutely everything that there is to know about the game and its gameplay first. In order to bet on Fortnite successfully, you need an understanding of the actual game mechanics, betting odds and even eSport betting as a whole, as Fortnite is officially classed as an eSport in the gambling world.

Today, we are going to be concentrating solely on Fortnite: Battle Royale, because most of the official bets that can be placed with bookmakers are made on this version of the game. In the game, you will be put against ninety-nine other players.

Before each fight begins, you will have the opportunity to quickly collect a series of weapons and different resources that can be used to help you survive. You get to choose exactly where you land on the Fortnite island where the brawl takes place, as you get to pick where you parachute to from the comfort of the giant flying bus that takes you and your fellow competitors to the fight zone.

If you want to, you will also have the opportunity to build a structure or stronghold on the Fortnite island, although this is something that is usually only done by high-level players who understand every aspect of the game. Naturally, everything that takes place on the island is quite fast paced, so you will need to have quick reaction times to be successful.

You will be able to find more items or “loot” as each match progresses, so we would recommend that you split your time evenly between searching for loot and killing other players. Don’t try to spend all of your time finding loot because the playable zone will get closer as time progresses.

Your First Fortnite Bet: The Betting Zone

When compared to some of the other eSports games that gamblers love, Fortnite: Battle Royale is considered to be one of the biggest newcomers that gamblers should set their sights on. Naturally, its position on the field is still relatively young, but the game’s creators have massive plans for the very near future. The prize pool for its first competitive season sits at £100,000,000. This alone is enough to make it stand out from the crowd.

We don’t actually know how Fortnite competitions will look yet, given the number of people who are involved in each round. Will all of the players be at an event? Will we only see the world’s best players at an event? Will each round involve a smaller number of players?

We have seen one Fortnite event in the past, in which a major player called Tyler “Ninja” Blevins tried to win ten Fortnite games consecutively. He won only one of the ten games. For the competition, every player at the event who managed to beat Tyler was promised $2,500. While this was a number of awe-inspiring matches and quite unlike an official tournament, its traction does give us an idea of just how popular official tournaments will be.

Even though Fortnite is relatively young when compared to other eSports, you can still bet on show matches and local tournaments. When the official tournaments do take off, more and more bookmakers will pick up Fortnite as an official sport that is worth paying attention to.

Fortnite Betting Sites

Already, some bookmakers are offering users bets on local tournaments and large show matches between celebrities and world-famous influencers. In the future, we are anticipating that other bookmakers will pick up Fortnite as an official sport and begin to offer more bets on the platform.

As more and more bookmakers pick up Fortnite, it will more than likely be picked up by Betway eSports, Pinnacle eSports and even Sky Bet. Fortnite will easily capture the attention of gamblers, especially as the first official event and its large prize pot gets closer and closer.

Fortnite Tournament Betting

Given that a major Fortnite tournament has yet to be held, it is quite difficult for us to predict what will happen during the tournament. We don’t even know what sort of format the competition will be held in yet, and whether or not all of the competitors will by physically present at the event.

What we do know is that Fortnite looks like it is set to stand up against the competition and take the gambling world by storm. It is worth noting that the statistics of each player will more than likely be visible when betting odds are made available, and you should be able to use them to place an educated bet.

We would highly recommend that you research each player as much as possible when the tournament statistics are released. Does your player of choice perform well under pressure? Do they act as an individual or a team? Do they always use the same tactics and techniques? Do they win more than they lose or is it split down the middle? If you can answer all of these questions in a favourable way, then you might have found yourself a safe bet.

Fortnite Betting Advice

If you would like to start betting on Fortnite as soon as bets are made available, then you should try to learn as much about the game as possible. We would advise that you do this by downloading Fortnite: Battle Royale and learning how to play the game yourself.

An alternative option would be to watch other players playing Fortnite: Battle Royale. You could potentially do this on YouTube or Twitch, a platform where gamers stream their content. This will give you the opportunity to learn about how top-tier players win and the techniques that they use to stand out from the crowd.

Before you do place your first Fortnite bet, we would highly recommend that you learn about the statistics of the player who you are wanting to bet on. There is a Fortnite Tracker that details all of the different leaderboards and player statistics, and you can use it to learn about who the best Fortnite players are.

Try to remember that players are matched at random on Fortnite, meaning that advanced players and newcomers will play against each other. This might seem unfair, but it actually gives people ample opportunities to learn how to play the game successfully.


Can I bet on Fortnite?

You can currently bet on small local tournaments, but large tournaments have yet to take place. In the near future, an official Fortnite tournament will be held. We believe that different bookmakers will pick up on the tournament and begin to offer odds. It is worth noting that the bookmakers might not get their odds right because this is the first official Fortnite tournament, meaning that you could use their odds to make a lot of money.

Is Fortnite betting UK friendly?

Fortnite betting is UK friendly. We believe that most of Britain’s official bookmakers will begin offering Fortnite bets as soon as more information is released about the first official Fortnite tournament.

Where can I place a bet on Fortnite?

In the future, Fortnite bets will be offered by many of Britain’s largest bookmakers. Right now, you will have to shop around to bet on smaller local tournaments. Please note, you might not be able to bet on some of these tournaments unless you live in a specific region.

How easy is it to bet on Fortnite?

Betting on Fortnite could be quite difficult. Given the sheer number of people who are involved in each round of Fortnite: Battle Royale, it will be quite difficult to research detailed statistics for each player. We would highly recommend that you find out who the best players are and focus your attention on them, essentially drawing a line through each newcomer.

There is a chance that a dark horse could rise up and win a Fortnite: Battle Royale match, but you will have to take a risk if you are planning on betting on the first official competition.

Can I bet on other eSports?

Of course. Bets on other eSports are available in the United Kingdom, including bets on League of Legends and Hearthstone. If you would like to learn more about betting on these platforms, then you can do so by clicking here.

Playing Fortnite

If you know that you are going to be placing bets on Fortnite matches and tournaments, then you should start playing Fortnite now. The more you know about the game, the better. If you understand the game dynamics, the different tactics that players use and the way that individual weapons affect the game, then you will be able to place a thoughtful bet.

We would highly recommend that you ignore the odds that are offered by the bookmakers when the first official competition arrives. Given that it is the first competition; it will be difficult for bookmakers to accurately predict who the favourite to win will be. 

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