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FIFA as an eSport

eSports is one of the fastest-growing industries in the gambling world right now and within eSports FIFA is starting to become a big player. Gone are the days when FIFA was just a game where you play your friends in kick-off mode or build a career while playing against the computer in career mode. Just like most other games, online play has become a key component to FIFA’s popularity. Lately, the ultimate team feature has really taken over and it’s here that the best FIFA players have made their mark 

Football teams are not oblivious to this, some of them have noticed the rise of eGaming and starting to invest in their own FIFA players to represent their club. Back in 2015 German Bundesliga club, Wolfsburg was one of the first teams to sign a professional FIFA player to their club after the FIFA interactive world cup and since then many of followed suit including Man city who last year completed the signing of Marcus ‘ExpectSporting’ Jorgensen. He joined Kieran ‘Kez’ Brown who had earlier become their first-ever professional eSports player.

 It’s not just football teams that have noticed the emergence of FIFA in the egaming market either. Betting sites have started to sit up and get involved in it too. FIFA betting is still in its early days and so punters must be wise in who they choose and what sites to visit for the best markets and values. This article will discuss some of the better FIFA 19 betting sites later on.

 What is competitive FIFA?

Competitive FIFA is where some of the best players go head to head in competitions. These events are normally streamed on Twitch or YouTube and the most well-known one is the FIFA interactive world cup. The world cup is an eSports tournament held by FIFA and its presenting partner EA Sports. Each tournament has players competing in games of the latest incarnation of the FIFA video game series. The open qualifying format allows millions to compete in the initial online stages, which has resulted in the FIWC being recognized as the largest online eSports game by Guinness World Records. The most recent champion is Mosaad “Msdossary” Aldossary of Saudi Arabia. The success of the world cup and other such tournaments is so big that matches have been streamed on Fox digital platforms, garnering support from players across the globe who tune in to support their local talent or even just to watch how the professionals play.

 How to be a good FIFA gambler

FIFA betting is an interesting concept as you can look at it the same way you look at playing FIFA. even though there is competitive FIFA where players play for money most people just play for fun and betting on FIFA can be looked at the same way. Sure you can be in it for the money but just like the players, it should also be looked at as a way of having fun. It’s just like real football a bet or two on your favourite team or on a game you’re watching with your friends can make things more exciting and fun for all involved. When you get into watching competitive FIFA you will surely have a favourite player or two and once you know the ins and outs of the player’s games then a bet could make things more interesting for your enjoyment and your bank account.

 Of course, fun is all well and good but if you are in it to make some cash then the best thing to do is do a bit of your own research before placing a bet. Here are some things to look out for.

  • Form: How has the player been performing in his or her recent matches. Look at the most immediate match and if you want to get a good sense of the form they are in check out the last 5 results.
  • Statistics: Just like in real football sometimes the results don’t tell the whole story. Check the players most recent game. Maybe this is a good way to get ahead of the market as perhaps one player had more shots and possession and still lost. If this is the case they could be in good form but were just unlucky in their last outing, if this is the case they might be worth taking a risk on.
  • Head to head form: Again just like in real life FIFA players and have bogey players. One player may seem better than the other in previous results but perhaps they have a bad record against they seemingly inferior opponent. This is another way you might be able to beat the market and back an underdog to victory.
  • Style: This is maybe for gamblers that want to be more advanced with their research and have watched a lot of matches. From looking at the matches you can see what style of play the players prefer, from this you can see what styles and tactics work best against others. Then when you see who goes up against who you can give yourself an advantage in the betting markets by having a good idea who you will think will prevail.

In the end, you’re up against the Oddsmaker. If you as a gambler do your research and know your stuff then you will have a better chance of winning. By looking into some of the above factors you can give yourself advantages. Finding these gives you an opportunity to make use of them, getting an edge and making a profit in the long run. By following the FIFA scene closely, knowing previous match history, the players and the current form, you can use this knowledge to your advantage and will then have a fair chance to nail some really good FIFA bets. 

Gambling on FIFA is just like gambling on anything and the risks have to be noted. There is no such thing as a sure thing in sports gambling and the exact same can be said for FIFA betting. Make sure to never bet outside your means and start off with small stakes. Wait until you are familiar with the markets before raising your stakes. The best way to gamble is to set out a point system for yourself based on how much you can afford to bet and how confident you are in a bet. For example, 1 point might equal 2 pounds that would mean if you are relatively confident of a bet you might bet 1 point which is again 2 pounds. Then, for something that might be a bit more of an outsider or underdog you might bet 0.5 points which is 1 pound and so on. This way of determining your stakes and bets is safe and will make sure you are careful with how much you gamble. Last but surely not least is to make sure that you never chase your losses. If you lose take a breath, step away and think about it for a moment and make sure that the next bet you place isn’t just trying to win back what you lost and that you are actually confident in your selection.

What should I bet on?

As I have already said Betting on competitive FIFA is very similar to betting on football. Football betting isn’t easy and to be good at it you have to know your stuff and this is similar to FIFA betting. As already outlined you should do your research and focus on certain factors that will give you an edge over the odd makers. I have already given you homework on what to study when looking at FIFA games so next up I will outline the main betting markets. 

  • Money line: Money line betting is the most simple and most popular betting market. The odds that are given are for each player to win and a draw (if applicable). From these odds, you’ll be able to see who the oddsmakers think is most likely to win. The favorite will have weaker odds so you will win less if you bet on them while its opposite for the player they think is least likely to win.
  • Outright/future betting: This type of betting is for someone that is willing to be patient and ride a bet out. The selections available here will be a list of all the players playing in a tournament. If you are betting you must choose a player who you think will win the overall tournament. The odds will be set so the favorite will have the worst odds and its a chance to win big as you will receive much better odds on players before the tournament starts than during. You can still bet on this market throughout a tournament but the odds will change to reflect who the Oddsmaker thinks has the best chance of winning.
  • Accumulator bets: This one is for the ambitious gamblers who want to win big on multiple selections. An Accumulator refers to a single bet that involves at least four selections, but possibly many more than four. The most important difference that separates accumulator bets from other bet types is that all selections must come true in order for the bet to payout. So at the group stage or knockout rounds of a tournament if you fancy a few players to win you can put them all into one bet and if they all win you’re in the money.
  • Special bets: Special bets is a broad term here but unfortunately it isn’t possible to go into every market right now. When I say special bets I mean bets that refer to a specific event happening. This can be a number of things but an example of one is to choose a specific player to score over a certain amount of goals to be scored in a game. Perhaps you have done your research and feel that there is a mismatch in a game involving a player you know is prolific in front of goal, if this is the case you can back this player to score more than 2, 3, 4 goals, etc. The result of the match won’t affect your bet you just need that player to score over the number of goals you have selected.
  • In-play bets. For some of the more astute gamblers out there in-play betting is where they make the big bucks and it can be the same if you want to FIFA live bet. In-play betting is exactly what it sounds like, it’s betting on a game as it is in progress. A lot of bookmakers now offer this feature. They may not have all the markets that were available before kick-off but generally, they have the main ones available for you. How it works is the odds constantly change as the game is in progress and they will reflect how the Oddsmaker think it is going. In-play markets can be profitable as you can have a much truer sense of how the game will pan out once you have seen a portion of it.

FIFA betting is the future

Considering how prize money has been growing, how the e-sport industry is breaking new records every year and how professional football clubs are now recruiting players to represent them in the game, FIFA as an eSport only seems to be heading one way and that is up. Real-life football gambling is a tough mistress and the unknown factor of human error can always make consistency difficult but with FIFA betting a lot of this eliminated so whether it’s for fun or profit FIFA betting could well be the wave of the future. It is true that the industry and markets are new but they are growing and whatever your needs, there is sure to be a site that suits you.

With all that considered, it is time to head out into the online world and find yourself a site for betting on FIFA online. Thanks to its growing popularity, the majority of sportsbook will also offer the option of FIFA betting already. All you need to do is find a top sportsbook, claim a sign-up bonus there to give yourself a head start and then navigate to their e-sports section to start betting today!

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