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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Betting Guide

For the connoisseurs of eSports betting, the choices are numerous across betting sites. But one game that stands tall just as it does for regular multiplayer sports tournament scenario is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, affectionately called CS GO. The Counter-Strike games have been a staple of the multiplayer scenario since almost 2 decades now and with its latest iteration, the stakes and competition is higher than ever. In today’s piece, we want to make you familiar with the title, how it came about, how to bet on it, how it is played and so on and so forth. We hope that this CS: GO betting guide will help you in turning a handsome profit from your CS: GO bets.

Brief History of Counter-Strike

The Counter-Strike game franchise is owned by Valve. After the release of its ever-popular Half-Life video game, two students came up with a mod for the game which featured set maps and two teams known as terrorists and counter-terrorists. The object of the game was to blow up the map for terrorists and to stop them for counter-terrorists. The mod proved immensely popular which led to Valve buying the rights to this game. The original version of Counter-Strike 1.6 was played for 5 years before Valve came out with Counter-Strike: Source in 2004.

Since the release of Source, both the new version and original version were featured in tournaments and often played with the same zeal, vigour and enthusiasm. The CS fraternity stayed divided this way for close to seven years until the latest version, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was introduced. This marked a new era in Counter-Strike gaming as this release united the two fraternities and CS: GO has been ever-present in the eSports circuit since. With hundreds of teams vying for the global top spot each year, the ranks of CS: GO players are more volatile than any other traditional sport. The game requires a mixture of skills, mastery of the weapons provided, complete knowledge of the varied maps and even out of the box thinking.

How CS: GO Works?

CS: GO is essentially a team game comprising of two teams, terrorists and counter-terrorists. Players are allowed to buy weapons and other essential equipment within the first few seconds of a new round. At the beginning of each round, players get money from kills in the previous round. Killing opponent team players add money allowing for better weapons and equipment. However, the game always makes provision for a player to buy some weapon even if they are not getting enough kills.

The games are played on developer or community designed maps. Each map has bombsites where the terrorist team tries to plant/explode the bomb. Terrorists can win the round by killing all counter-terrorists or exploding the bomb. Counter-terrorists win by either defusing the bomb or killing all terrorists. If all terrorists are killed after the bomb has been planted, the bomb must be defused for a win. During a tournament match, teams usually have to take turns between terrorist and counter-terrorist objectives. During the matches, each team can veto one map meaning in a 3 round game, both teams can force each other to play in a map they are least comfortable with. This leaves the third map to be a neutral choice. In this game, there are no special items involved but the maps play a pivotal role. Certain teams are better at navigating certain maps than others making them favourites for those rounds.

Apart from these straight forward rules of the game, tournaments often introduce a knife round as a tiebreaker or a knife match. During such events, all players are allowed to use only knives as weapons and nothing else.

Current Top Teams

As we just mentioned, the baton of CS: GO changes hands very fast and the team that is ruling this year might not even be in the top 5 next year. However, here is a list of current top teams to watch out for: 

  • Team Liquid
  • Cloud9
  • Vitality
  • ENCE
  • FaZe
  • Na’Vi
  • Astralis

The teams go up and down in ranking but currently, Team Liquid is deemed to be the team to beat as they managed to reach the finals of all tournaments they participated in 2019 except one. Apart from these teams, there will be many other formidable factions playing in the regional tournaments. All in all, these are the best teams to bet on CS: GO.

CS: GO Tournaments

There are countless CS: GO tournaments that are held around the world throughout the year at local, national and international levels. The tournaments that are backed by Valve are called Majors due to the heavy prize money associated with them. Majors have a prize pool of 1 million USD with the winner bagging 500,000 USD. Hence it comes as no surprise that Majors usually draw the most competitors and betting attention. For the purposes of this piece, following are the best cs go betting tournaments you can find.

  • ECS
  • ESL Pro League
  • ESL One
  • IEM
  • Blast Pro Series
  • Valve Majors

Apart from these, at any bookmaker, you will find tons of other tournaments and events featuring a plethora of teams. Hence at no time, you should be in a dearth of CS: GO betting action.

How CS: GO Differs from Other eSports?

One of the prime reasons behind CS: GO’s popularity was the realism that was introduced. Video games have been following the formula of special items, killstreaks, healing objects, health regeneration that are fantastic concepts but do not mesh with the real world. But in CS: GO, people found a game that is as close to reality as possible with one-shot kills, head shots being fatal, no re-spawn, no health regeneration and no special skills.


  • No special items.
  • No special weapons, everyone gets the chance to play with the same weapons.
  • No healing.
  • No health regeneration.
  • Wounds are realistic.
  • No kill streak.

Due to these factors, the games of CS: GO end pretty fast, usually under 2 minutes. And as a bettor, you do not have to take into account the special class of players, their special abilities or other extraneous factors. It pretty much comes down to a player’s skills, his mastery of the weapons within the game and how well the team gel with each other. A good team may not have the most talented players but is sure to have better communication amongst themselves. Also unlike many other games, the performance of a player or a team in CS: GO relies heavily on the maps.

CS: GO Betting

The following are the betting options you may expect to get at a bookmaker for CS: GO.

1)  Match Winner: Cs go is essentially a team sport and like any other sporting events you can expect one of the teams to win and others to lose. There is a possibility in CS: GO for a draw as well but usually, such situations are extremely rare and handled by playing tiebreaker maps. Like traditional betting, you wager your money in favour of one team to win over the other based on the odds and/or handicaps placed by the bookmaker.

2)  Round Winner: CS: GO matches usually feature different maps for different rounds. For example, if a match is set as best of 3 rounds, the 3 rounds will be played on 3 different maps. Hence one can bet on a team to win a particular round as well instead of the whole match. In cs go maps usually play a pivotal role in the outcome hence such bets can differ vastly from the outright bets.

3)  Kills: Although rare, some bookmakers have been known to offer wagering options on total kills scored by an individual player during matches and/or maps. These bets are usually placed on top players with a knack for accumulating a large number of kills.

How to Prepare for CS: GO Betting?

The best thing one can do to prepare for CS: GO betting is to play the game. It is available worldwide and will run on most PCs, Macs or Linux powered machines. Once you get a hang of what the game is about, you can easily learn the rules and identify which teams are performing well during tournaments. Not only that, having firsthand experience with the game will allow you to gauge a team’s performance throughout the year leading up to the tournament you are eyeing.

Each major team usually has its own social media channels. Go through the content on there to find out their playing style, historical performance, latest performance and their rivals. When it comes to eSports bets CS: GO is always a good option but if it is your first time, it always pays well to go through a CS: GO match betting cycle without wagering any money. Just follow the tournament and the odds and start with an imaginary bet of say 100 USD. Then run through the whole cycle calculating your payouts and see if at the end of the tournament you emerge in profit or not. In case there is a loss, you can always go back to the drawing board and identify what went wrong where. Such exercises will increase your knowledge about the game and also the betting process.

Cs go Betting Sites List

If the CS: GO betting tips provided so far have you raring to go and you are wondering what the best betting sites CS: GO can be bet on are, you can simply search top 10 CS: GO betting sites UK and you will get tons of information about the best CS: GO match betting sites. You can pick any of those because all of them cater to UK bettors and usually have packed CS: GO events for you to bet on. Betway, William Hill and Bet365 are just a few of many where you can get high-quality CS: GO betting action. At most of these sites you also get the option of CS: GO live betting along with live streaming which is definitely the icing on an already very tasty cake.


Not any more than any of the regular sports you bet on or are planning to bet on. Like traditional sports, you need to understand the game, scoring system and the rules pretty well before you dive in. There is a ton of information online on Counter-Strike, the teams, tournaments and eSports in general. Go through the relevant content and also the betting options and you should be fine.

Not any more than any of the regular sports you bet on or are planning to bet on. Like traditional sports, you need to understand the game, scoring system and the rules pretty well before you dive in. There is a ton of information online on Counter-Strike, the teams, tournaments and eSports in general. Go through the relevant content and also the betting options and you should be fine.

As a matter of fact, yes. In fact, the whole eSports betting scene has been bustling off late and by 2020 wagers are expected to touch some 30 billion USD. Hence you can expect to see good competition.

Most, if not all major bookmakers provide an option to bet on eSports and by extension, CS: GO. Hence you will never be short of UK betting sites with CS: GO betting options. In fact, you will be able to bet on CS: GO at many betting exchanges as well. Most of these websites usually support live betting for eSports hence you can enjoy live streaming of the tournaments as you get ready for in-play betting. Apart from the UK establishments, there are countless other betting websites from around the globe which present CS: GO betting along with local and regional tournaments that are not available on many international bookmakers’.

That completely depends on your appetite for risk. The UK bookmakers are always deemed safer for UK citizens due to the strong regulations and audits they have to pass through. But there are ample Asian bookmakers as well which are well regulated and properly licensed. But every once in a while you will come across Asian bookmakers that have a dodgy license but are well-reputed. In such cases, you have to make a decision on whether to risk wagering your money with these sites. But on Asian bookmakers, you might find events that are not listed on UK betting sites or anywhere else.

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