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X Factor UK | Bookies, Odds, Betting Strategy

We present you a complete X Factor betting guide with strategy and tips that can add some profit to the already exciting TV watching experience. Read More

A longtime favourite in UK television, the X Factor 2019 edition is set to come in a completely new format.

Watching the X Factor show is an exciting and intense experience, to begin with. The opportunity to make some money betting on it only adds to that experience. Before you begin your X Factor betting journey, familiarize yourself with the show, its format and some betting tips.

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X-Factor 2019 Format

Amid record-low rating levels and countries such as the US cancelling their adapted versions of the show, X-Factor needs to bring back some fanfare in its 2019 series edition. It is understandable that after 15 years, the public grows bored and tired of the format of the show.

As confirmed by its producer, Simon Cowell, this year’s format of the X-Factor will be entirely different than previous editions.

The X Factor 2019 comes in two separate series:

1. Celebrity format – this will be a charity event that will see a host of UK and Irish celebrities. It will be a list of well-known celebrities from TV show hosts to sportspeople taking part in the competition. It is not entirely new as in 2006 the X Factor hosted the ‘Battle of the Stars’ version with a similar idea.

2. X Factor’s all-star contestants – in this version, previous winners and contestants of the X Factor series will compete against each other to win the competition. This will also be a charity version of the X Factor.

x factor jury

What about the jury?

Another major change coming to X Factor in 2019 is the new panel of judges. Previous judges Robbie Williams and his wife Ayda will not return and the replacement judges have not yet been confirmed.

Bet on who will be the next judge

However, you can bet on who will be the next judge on X Factor 2019 at various bookies, such as Paddy Power who has as favourites Sharon Osbourne at 1/2 odds and Cheryl at 4/6 odds.

X Factor Background

X-Factor is a British television music competition broadcasted on ITV network since 2004 and produced by Simon Cowell. Since its release in the UK in 2004, the X Factor has expanded in over 50 countries, a true reflection of its success.

X Factor in the UK

In the UK, the X-Factor has constantly been the household favourite reality show, drawing in audiences of 17 million viewers at its peak times in 2010.

It has since lost some of its success and momentum. The 2018 UK X-Factor drew in an average of 5 million viewers, making it the lowest ranking in the show’s history.

While most shows would be cancelled following that trend, ITV has confirmed X-Factor will be returning in 2019. Rightfully so, while viewing audience numbers may vary season after season, the amount of talent and interest among participants has been unwavering.

Thousands of participants hope to get a chance to be on the X-Factor and win or go very deep into the competition. Besides the winning £1 million music recording contract prize, there is the priceless exposure of these competitors if they get through the show’s later stages that make X Factor so appealing for them.

The UK format of the show

The show’s format is similar to other UK talent shows:

●       Auditions – contestants come in and audition in front of a panel of judges

●       Bootcamp – successful auditionees receive additional training

●       Judges’ houses – each judge dwindles down the list of candidates and groups them into 4 different categories

●       Live shows – each contestant performs in front of the judges and the audition. Each week the public vote determines which contestants will be eliminated and which will move forward. The winner is also chosen by public vote

The four categories of contestants in X-Factor are:

  • Boys
  • Girls
  • Over 25s
  • Groups

American Idol or Britain’s Got Talent are only a couple of similar talent shows. What sets X-Factor apart though is the fact that the judges get to mentor their chosen candidates and have a say in their song choice and performance.

In its 15 years of history, X-Factor has given to the world of music the following winners:

Year Winner Category
2018 Dalton Harris Boys
2017 Rac-Su Groups
2016 Matt Terry Boys
2015 Louisa Johnson Girls
2014 Ben Haenow Over 25s
2013 Sam Bailey Over 25s
2012 James Arthur Boys
2011 Little Mix Groups
2010 Matt Cradle Boys
2009 Joe McElderry Boys
2008 Alexandra Burke Girls
2007 Leon Jackson Boys
2006 Leona Lewis 16-24s (Girls) *
2005 Shayne Ward 16-24s (Boys) *
2004 Steve Brookstein Over 25s

* at the beginning, the X-Factor had only 3 categories: groups, 16-24s and over 25s. In brackets is the category they won under today’s format.

The above list of winners provides insightful information on betting on X-Factor:

Category % of winners
Girls 20%
Boys 46.66%
Over 25s 20%
Groups 13.33%

How to Bet on X-Factor

There is no need to ask yourself if you can bet on X Factor considering today’s betting industry. Betting on TV reality shows is a growing market for bookmakers, where there is a high demand on shows like X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, Eurovision and many more.

X Factor betting odds will be listed under the novelty and special bets section of most reputable UK bookmakers. You can place bets in person in land-based bookies, online or by phone as long as you have a registered account with the bookie.

X Factor’s most popular betting market

The most popular X Factor betting market is by far to bet on the X Factor winner. In this market, you select who you think will the competition, and if they do, your bet is a winner.

Betting TIP! The best odds come in the early stages of the competition, where there is more value to make some profit.

If you particularly like a certain contestant who had a strong first performance, even though it didn’t leave the judges with their jaws opened, it might be worth backing them.

As the X Factor progresses through its stages and more and more contestants are eliminated, the odds will drop accordingly.

Live betting

During the live stages of the show, you can also, bet on which contestant will make it through the next round.

Alternatively, you can bet on which one will get eliminated.

Particularly in live-betting, you can identify some value odds. You can get a feel for the judges’ and audiences’ perception of the performance and bet accordingly.

Always stay vigilant!

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Betting on the mentor

Another popular betting choice is on who is the mentor of the X Factor’s winner.

As previously discussed, X Factor contestants who make it past the early stages are put into four different categories. Each judge is a mentor to a category, which can have up to six different acts.

For example, let’s assume Simon Cowell is a mentor to the Over 25s category which includes Susan Boyle, Paul Potts and Sam Bailey as the contestants. If you place a bet on Simon Cowell to be the winner’s mentor in the X Factor, your bet will be settled a winner as long as either one of the 3 contenders in the over 25s category win.

Betting Tips and Strategy

If you want to try and make some money and add some excitement to the X Factor watching experience, you should keep in mind the following tips to better form a betting strategy:

●       Best odds early on – it is very important to watch the first auditions to form your perception of a contestant.

You might find contestant B to be charming with an excellent voice, while the judges find contestant B to be good, but not very good. The potential you see in that contestant who may not be a judges’ favourite after their first performance, can provide some nice value bets

●       Judges’ feedback – Simon Cowell is well-known for being very up-front and not very good at holding back his feelings. While in the later stages it is the public who votes on who will move on and who will be eliminated, until eventually voting a winner, the judges’ feedback does influence the public.

It is important to listen and take into context what each judge says about a contestant’s performance and how much weight that opinion carries in the public’s eye.

●       Social media – the internet can be a powerful tool when used right. When it comes to the X Factor, it is the public who votes and determines the winner.

The public also votes each week which opponents get eliminated and which move on in the show. It is, therefore, of utmost importance to understand the public’s perception of a contestant before you place a bet.

For example, you might think contestant C just had a wonderful performance and are willing to wager some high stakes on C to win the X Factor. But then you take a quick look at Twitter and you discover a completely different picture. Most people found contestant C’s performance to be dreadful and painful to listen to.

While only a fraction of the X Factor’s audience is on Twitter, it does give you an accurate image and trend into the public’s perception of a contestant. This can be taken a step further by looking at Facebook, Instagram and so forth.

X Factor 2019 Betting Odds

Awaiting Odds…..

X-Factor 2019 Start Date

ITV has not officially released the airing dates for the 16th X-Factor edition. But it has been confirmed that there will be an X Factor competition in 2019. Looking at the previous dates of the show, it is easy to speculate that the X-Factor 2019 will be first broadcasted at the very end of August or the first Saturday and Sunday in September. Applications are open until the end of June 2019 to get involved in the show’s 16th edition.

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