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WWE Betting | Odds, Bookies, Strategy

Betting on WWE is unpredictable and high-risk but with the right betting tips and tricks you can be prepared for anything. Read More

What is WWE?

World Wrestling Entertainment, WWE, is the world’s largest professional wrestling company, founded in 1952 in the USA.

Throughout its history, it has changed its name and added and removed some events. It has also successfully captivated a large worldwide audience that regularly tunes in for its events.

WWE has expanded its brand into several divisions to better separate its talented roster. As recent as 2017, WWE launched NXT UK which is a brand based in the UK.

The Most Popular Brands or Divisions in WWE:

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●       Raw – this is the flagship brand of WWE. It premiered in 1993 as an innovation to televised professional wrestling. Before RAW, televised professional wrestling events were pre-recorded with studio voice overs and taped conversations.

Raw broke new ground with its live televised wrestling event in front of a live audience. It became an instant hit and decades later it is still seen by the majority fan base as the face of WWE. Raw is a three-hour long event is broadcasted Mondays on the USA Network from 8 PM – 11 PM Eastern Time.

●       SmackDown Live – it debuted in 1999 as a solution to better divide WWE’s talented roster and complement the Raw brand. At the beginning, it was taped but it has since moved to live format as well.

SmackDown grew its own following fan base having been broadcasted from 160 different arenas in 7 different countries. It is a two-hour long event and is broadcasted Tuesdays on USA Network from 8 PM – 10 PM Eastern Time.

●       NXT – the newest WWE brand, NXT first began in 2010. It is the minor, or rookie division of WWE seeking to discover the next big wrestling star. It has high viewership and it is appreciated for its quality of wrestling and its gripping storylines.

WWE NXT airs every Wednesday from 8 PM Eastern Time on the WWE Network. The length of each episode varies anywhere from under an hour up to three hours.

Betting on WWE [Full Guide 2021]

WWE is undeniably a very successful company with events that attract tens of thousands of fans in the arenas and millions in front of their TVs. Despite all this, WWE betting is not very popular among bookies and bettors alike.

The main reason WWE betting in the UK is not preferred by many is that it goes against the very nature of betting: the results are fixed! WWE matches are not legitimate contests.

Each WWE show is purely based on entertainment, with captivating storylines and scripted and choreographed matches.

The winners of these matches are predetermined and planned, while obviously kept in high secrecy.

More Like Entertainment Betting than Sports Betting

Therefore, when you bet on WWE, you don’t bet on wrestler “A” to win against wrestler “B” because “A” is the faster, stronger and more talented wrestler. Instead, you bet on wrestler “A” to win the match because following the storyline leading up to the fight, you think he is the one that was selected to win.

It is similar to betting on reality shows like Britain’s Got Talent, where the winner is chosen by the public and you try to anticipate who the public will pick. As such, there is an opportunity to make a profit when betting on WWE, as long as you completely understand it and follow a solid strategy.

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Betting Types

Depending on the bookmaker and the WWE show, different betting types will be available. Some common ones are:

●       Straight Bet – the most common type of bet in WWE, you have to select the winner of a match.

●       First-time winner – if a wrestler competes in an event that he or she has never won, you can bet on them to win it for the first time.

●       Longest ring time – you simply bet on the wrestler who will spend the most time in the ring during a match.

●       First to appear – this is very similar to the coin toss or odds/even markets available in various sports. You bet on who will be the first wrestler to enter the ring.

●       Appearance bet – an exciting feature, particularly common on WWE Royal Rumble betting. You bet on a person, usually a celebrity or retired wrestler to make an appearance or even enter a WWE event. For example, at the Royal Rumble in 2017, Barack Obama had 1000/1 odds of making an appearance compared to 2000/1 for Donald Trump.

●       Most eliminations – in a WWE event that features more players, like the Royal Rumble, you can bet on the wrestler who will get the most opponents eliminated.

●       Bout outcome – you can bet on how a match will end instead of who will win. You can bet on tap-out or disqualification for example.

Tyson Fury Specials example - PaddyPower
Tyson Fury Specials example – PaddyPower


You need to use the right approach when you take on WWE betting, especially since you are using your hard earned money to hopefully make some profit.

●       WWE betting is different – matches are choreographed, manoeuvres rehearsed, winners predetermined. Don’t waste your time looking up wrestlers’ skills levels in different areas because they are not actually competing against one another.

Each time a WWE wrestler enters the ring, he or she knows who will be the winner before the match starts. It’s not based on skills, attitude or strength, it is just based on a script.

●       Find a pattern – looking up head to head stats and recent results is not as insightful as in other sports. Instead, you should look up patterns in the storyline and see where a wrestler pops up.

For example, John Cena doesn’t lose often in the weekly WWE Raw or SmackDown shows. He does, however, lose more frequently in Pay-Per-View events.

●       Low Stakes – it is well known that WWE shows are staged and the winners are predetermined. They are not trying to be sneaky about it, it’s in their name: the World Wrestling Entertainment company with its roots based in sports and dramatic theatre.

It is high-risk betting and as such, you should not stake your month’s rent on a single bet. Use low stakes and value odds to make it entertaining and increase your chances of making a profit.

Betting Tips

Each betting strategy is based on tips and tricks to make it successful. Some tips that apply to WWE betting are:

●       Follow the storyline – WWE wrestlers do not win or lose because of their skills or performances. They win or lose based on the script of a storyline. Each weekly episode of Raw or SmackDown is a story that builds up to the main event between two or more wrestlers.

This story is based on a script from some writers who decide the winner of a WWE match before it even begins. Their motive in the storyline is to bring as much interest and attention to WWE as possible because that translates into financial profit for them. As such, pay attention to the development of the storyline.

More often than not, one wrestler will be portrayed as the bad guy with the other being the good guy. But the favourite, most liked wrestler will not necessarily be the winner as predictability is not always good for the ratings.

●       Ignore leaked stories – the outcomes of WWE matches are predetermined by a select few people who know choose who the winning wrestler will be before the wrestler himself does. Which he does, even before stepping in the ring because he has to rehearse for it. These scriptwriters keep everything in total secrecy.

However, there is always that tipster who will claim to have inside information from the storyline writers and is willing to share that with you in exchange for money. It is very likely a scam where the ‘secret’ is either a guess or a prediction. You can do that on your own without having to pay money for it.

●       Research and analyze – recent results and head-to-head stats might not be as useful in WWE betting as in other sports. However, a look at the big picture of WWE and a closer look at each particular storyline can provide some insightful information.

You should also take a look at previous data from WWE and see in which way outcomes of different storylines affected the company in terms of viewership and feedback.

For example, if a portrayed villain wrestler wins against the favourite, well-liked one, the audience ratings might increase following the shocking upset. So it would be in WWE’s interest to build up a villain and then turn him or her into a hero.

Recommended UK Bookmakers for WWE Betting

Thanks to the ever-growing interest in the novelty and special bets markets, you can bet on WWE at most reputable land-based or online bookies in the UK.

You can bet on WWE by going to the novelty and special bets section of your chosen bookmaker.

The Most Popular WWE Events

On top of having weekly shows and its own broadcasting network, WWE also has some major events throughout the year. These are usually available on Pay-per-View and draw in high viewership numbers. This is where you will find a large selection of WWE betting odds with value in them.

Some of these main events are:

  • Royal Rumble
  • Wrestlemania
  • Elimination Chamber (Raw)
  • Fastlane (SmackDown)
  • Money in the Bank
  • Hell in a Cell
  • Summer Slam

WWE Lingo

There is definitely some lingo being used in WWE and it is best to know their meaning to fully understand what the wrestlers are saying and the context it plays in the storyline.

Some examples are:

WWE LingoMeaning
AngleA non-wrestling fragment that moves forward the storyline
FaceA wrestling hero or favourite among the public
GimmickThe way a wrestler calls his or her character
HeatAudience booing
HeelThe bad guy or villain
JobbingA wrestler losing a match
MarksTerm used to describe wrestling fans
PopAudience cheering
SellingWord used to describe a wrestler who acts hurt or injured
TweenerA wrestler who is neither a villain or a hero


Yes, it is staged, choreographed and rehearsed. The winners are selected before they step into the ring.

Opportunity. When done right, WWE betting can be profitable. Just because it’s staged, WWE should not be ignored.

It’s similar to betting on other special bets like Britain’s Got Talent, where the winner is voted by the public and you predict who that will be.

Most bookmakers offer WWE betting for entertainment and to bring in new members.

Because it is not a popular betting market, they do not spend much time and effort on setting the odds and updating them. That is where you will identify some value odds.